Top Startups to Watch in LA Shaping the Next Wave of Innovation

This blog features 50 innovative startups born in Los Angeles that are making their marks across a wide variety of industries.

November 16, 2021
17 mins read
Last Updated February 05, 2024
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Top Startups to Watch in LA Shaping the Next Wave of Innovation

There’s more to Los Angeles than just Hollywood glitz, glamour, and tech giants like Google, Apple, and Netflix. LA is always bustling with young, innovative, and exciting startups in all kinds of industries, from FinTech to manufacturing and more.

LA’s surging startup scene has been a boon for small startups as venture capitals pour record amounts of money into LA’s tech despite the pandemic. Seed deals have made new highs in the first half of 2021, topping $330 million in 116 startups, according to Amplify’s latest LA Seed Report

Undoubtedly, the city has attracted a vibrant network of entrepreneurs, investors, and incubators with its beach lifestyle. LA’s startup scene is also powered by a readily available talent pool from top universities and robust infrastructure. As a result, LA ranks as the fourth-best startup ecosystem in the world.

As the startup scene in LA continues to rise, we bring you a curated list of 50 incredible Los Angeles startups you must watch out for in 2022.

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List of Top Startups in Los Angeles

1. Sidecar Health

Sidecar Health is an Insurtech startup providing personalized health insurance for Americans. It aims to ease buying insurance by offering customizable plans based on consumers’ budget and coverage needs. The platform’s flexibility and facility to allow the policyholders to pay for medical care on the spot with a benefit card make it a popular choice. Sidecar’s app also provides geo-located, real-time pricing information on nearby consultations, medical procedures, drugs, etc., allowing users to get the best deals.

Currently, Sidecar covers around 170,000 medical conditions and procedures. It operates in 16 states, intending to expand to the whole country in the future.

Industry: Insurance

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $163 million

2. Ordermark

Ordermark is an online orders management platform for restaurants. It allows restaurants to aggregate all mobile orders from multiple online ordering services and stream them to an independent system. The system consists of a printer and tablet with robust software. Ordermark’s solution helps restaurants manage their online orders and operations efficiently. It also enables restaurants to service increased online orders and maximize revenue.

Ordermark is trusted by the most successful restaurants worldwide. And after the coronavirus pandemic, the increase in online food ordering has made Ordermark a popular service. Ordermark also powers Nextbite, an early pioneer in the virtual restaurant industry that helps under-utilized kitchens.

Industry: Restaurant

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $150.9 million

3. InStride

InStride is a public-benefit, strategic education provider for enterprises globally. It enables organizations to provide career-boosting education and degrees to their employees through leading academic institutions and universities across the USA, Europe, Mexico, and Australia. InStride uses best-in-class technology to provide valuable analytics to companies and get employees enrolled online quickly. Their platform also provides a single gateway to their network of academic partners, simplifying management for administrators.

Headquartered in LA, InStride is a pioneer to the new approach of workforce education. It has also been entitled as one of Fortune’s inaugural Impact 20 award honorees.

Industry: Edtech

Founded in: 2019

4. PlayVS

PlayVS is an eSports platform that helps organize competitions in online sports for high schools and collegiate eSports. It powers competition by organizing online tournaments and wagers for cash, titles, and other prizes. 

Headquartered in LA, it is the world’s first full-stack sports platform. It works with game publishers and high school governing bodies to organize and operate sanctioned leagues across the USA. It allows high schools to stay up-to-date and play against teams from other schools for state championships. It also allows players and gamers to battle with rival dorms, schools, or new opponents across the USA and Canada.

Industry: eSports, Gaming

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $106.2 million

5. AirVet

AirVet provides a telehealth platform, offering continuity of pet care between pet parents and veterinarians. It supports and strengthens existing or new relationships between pet owners and veterinarians via video, real-time chat, and online consultation facilities. 

The platform has over 3000 veterinarians, and 5,000 veterinary professionals approved through a rigorous vetting process to ascertain only the best doctors are available. It enables the vets to organize workflows and drive clinic revenue. Simultaneously, it allows pet parents to save costs, avoid hassles of unnecessary or emergency visits to clinics and have peace of mind. AirVet operates across all over the USA and Canada.

Industry: Pet Healthcare  

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $14 million

6. UNest

UNest is a digital investing platform that helps parents save, invest, and grow their money for a better financial future for their children. It enables parents to start saving early for their child’s education, first car, house, or even a wedding. You can open an account and access advisor-guided investment plans with no paperwork using their robust digital platform within a few minutes. It has simple, affordable, and transparent plans with tax advantages. You can manage your account with the UNest mobile app from anywhere, control spendings, track savings, and even set up automatic contributions. UNest uses bank-level security and is a registered investment advisor (RIA) with the SEC.

Industry: Financial Services

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $12.8 million

7. Metropolis

Metropolis is an AI-powered, automated parking lot management platform built to modernize parking. It reduces the time people spend parking, eliminates hassles of tickets and pay machines, thus, empowering the future of mobility. It supports people, property owners, mobility companies, and cities with an integrated network of parking infrastructure. Their computer vision technology automatically starts your visit as you drive in and closes it when you exit. With real-time pricing, it allows direct payment from the app and emails the receipts. It also offers elevated valet parking solutions for offices and busy locations. Metropolis aims to expand to 600+ locations in the USA over the next year.

Industry: Vehicle parking

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $61 million

8. Endpoint Closing

Endpoint Closing is a digital Title and Escrow platform developed to radically improve the deal closing experience for real estate agents, sellers, and buyers. Built from the ground up, it makes deal closing simple, fast, and transparent. 

It leverages technology, digital documentation, and top-tier customer service to streamline the process for clients and brokers and eliminate redundancies. It keeps everyone in the know effortlessly and securely from start to finish of a real estate transaction. Currently, Endpoint has operations in California, Washington, and Arizona.

Industry: Real Estate

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $37 million

9. Tapcart

Tapcart is a SaaS platform that enables online e-commerce merchants to launch and manage mobile apps for their brands. The platform integrates directly with Shopify, allowing the merchants to build native mobile apps. 

Merchants can build custom apps with different product grids, search functionality, a custom set of push notifications, layouts, the addition of other branded content, and a lot more. Tapcart syncs everything directly with Shopify in real-time, so the merchant’s inventories are kept up-to-date. The platform can build apps in a few weeks with a low monthly fee compared to custom mobile app development that can take up to a year. It powers major brands like Fashion Nova, Chubbies, Urban Planet, and thousands more.

Industry: E-commerce mobile app development

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $65.1 million

10. First Resonance

First Resonance offers a manufacturing software platform for next-generation, quality-critical modern manufacturers. Ion, its Factory Operating System, is used by companies of every size, from startups to large-scale manufacturers. It accelerates manufacturing, tracks parts and processes throughout the product lifecycle from prototype to full-scale production. It’s software products allow manufacturers to coordinate workflow processes, make informed decisions with collected information, handle remote monitoring, and reduce waste.

Founded by former SpaceX engineers, their team consists of engineers from top manufacturing companies like SpaceX, Lexus, Toyota, and NASA.

Industry: Manufacturing

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $5.3 million

11. Avantstay

AvantStay is a technology-first hospitality platform providing short-term rental accommodations. It aims to redefine people’s travel experiences by giving beautiful and spacious vacation homes. The platform uses a proprietary tech suite to assure highly curated experiences customized to the travel guests’ needs. In addition, it offers seamless bookings, operationalizes in-field and remote management, and activates authentic and elevated customer touchpoints. 

AvantStay currently operates vacation homes in over 60 cities with a diversified portfolio of 450+ premier properties. And it is also one of the initial 12 partners of Homes & Villas by Marriott International.

Industry: Hospitality

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $26 million

12. Nacelle

Nacelle has developed a headless e-commerce platform that turns slow e-commerce sites into fast progressive web apps (PWA). The solution is built for e-commerce retailers who are dissatisfied with slow-loading pages and lower conversion rates. Nacelle dramatically improves webstore performances with faster page loading, lower bounce rates, and increased conversion rates. It also delivers PWA storefronts that are SEO-friendly and optimized for all devices. Nacelle is a fully remote company headquartered in LA, California.

Industry: Technology

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $72.8 million

13. AlgoPay

AlgoPay is an e-wallet designed to make money transfers quick, secure, and easy for users in cash economies. Primarily catering to emerging markets in the Middle East, it enables the underserved, unbanked populations to store money online and access it in any country. It also issues a virtual card allowing users to shop instantly, anywhere, and globally using their AlgoPay balance. It will enable online transfers, purchases, and even local cash-out transactions without a bank account. In addition, it partners with local businesses to operate as human ATMs to emphasize accessibility. Currently, it works in Jordan and Iraq.

Industry: FinTech

Founded in: 2019 

Funding: $425 K

14. Fernish

Fernish is a furniture rental company, making it effortless for customers to create a home they love, especially in a mobile lifestyle. It offers a premium, curated selection of furniture essentials, knick-knacks, and other decors against monthly payments. Fernish aims to redefine the furniture rental industry using technology where people can furnish their homes with just a few clicks. Users can subscribe furniture for an entire room or specific pieces and even swap out ones they want to change at any point. Fernish also offers a rent-to-own program, which allows users to buy the rental furniture at the end of their subscription.

Industry: Furniture, Lifestyle

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $45 million

15. Flip

Flip is a social commerce app connecting real customers to improve the shopping experience through video reviews. It lets users buy, post reviews of beauty products, and scroll through reviews of other users. Flip aims to streamline the beauty shopping experience and become the first truly honest commerce platform. It also handles all back-end logistics, including shipping, returns, rewards, and other customer service operations. 

Today, Flip is signing new brands every week and has already partnered with the likes of Unilever, CoverGirl, Kate Somerville, and hourglass.

Industry: E-commerce, Social media

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $31.8 million

16. Boulevard

With its business management platform, Boulevard is helping maximize the potential of the salon and spa industry that is traditionally underserved by technology. It is an all-in-one platform that includes CRM, client self-scheduling, integrated payment processing, custom reporting, and marketing. Boulevard offers a modern SaaS solution developed in collaboration with industry-leading owners and operators to streamline operations and sales of the appointment-based business.

Boulevard helps businesses in the industry drive revenue and make personal care convenient for the customers. Brands like TONI&GUY, Chris McMillan, Heyday, and MèCHE Salon use Boulevard’s software.

Industry: Salon and Spa management

Founded in: 2016

Funding: $38 million

17. Papaya

Papaya is an online bill payment app designed to simplify and ease financial transactions. The app offers multiple payment options, including debit or credit cards and directly from bank accounts. Papaya maintains bank-level security with PCI and HIPAA compliance. It is a free and easy-to-use app where the users just have to take a snap of any bill and choose the payment method. Papaya then extracts the bill information and completes the transaction using secure, automated payment technology. Through faster payments, it also benefits merchants and businesses with increased efficiency and productivity.

Industry: Financial services

Founded in: 2016

Funding: $25.1 million

18. Modern Animal

Modern Animal is a next-generation veterinary care platform designed to better meet the needs of pets, pet owners, and veterinary professionals. The platform provides 24/7 virtual pet care, unlimited exams, in-app prescription requests, delivery, and more. It offers a membership model for pet owners charging an annual fee per pet which covers 24/7 telemedicine and all examination fees. It allows the development of quality relationships between doctors, pets, and owners to achieve the highest level of personalized care. It helps pet owners save time and money while streamlining the system for veterinarians.

Industry: Pet Healthcare

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $89 million

19. Scanwell Health

Scanwell Health is a urine-testing application and the only company to receive FDA clearance for OTC diagnostic smartphone app. It enables anyone with a smartphone to urine test from the comfort of their home with a home-delivered kit. The Scanwell app scans the in-home test sample and gives easy-to-read results without shipping samples to a lab. It enables clinical-grade testing, accurate and instant results, along with access to professionals- all from the safety of your home. It also provides same-day prescriptions after guidance from a medical professional. As a result, Scanwell accelerates diagnosis and treatment of any illnesses or diseases with just an app.

Industry: Healthcare 

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $3.6 million

20. Sugar

Sugar, formerly known as Jetpack, is a startup that aims to transform apartment buildings into interactive communities. Leveraging technology and design thinking, it powers modern buildings and delivers unique living experiences to the residents. 

The Sugar app allows the residents to interact with each other and enables them to unlock doors without keys, pay rent and submit maintenance requests. The other app component provides property managers and owners with a web-based dashboard to monitor resident engagement, online ratings, and property reviews. The startup serves residential communities of varying sizes, real estate groups, Airbnb, and hotels globally.

Industry: Real Estate

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $3.5 million

21. Quilt

Quilt is a women-founded audio social network that focuses on self-care, wellness, and community. It is a platform for women or anyone who wants to grow, connect, share and learn with others through daily conversations. 

It allows anyone to host, join or start a room for conversation by dropping a short text describing what they want to talk about. It also enables women to host meetups in each other’s homes and discuss a range of topics from spirituality to careers to love and relationships. Thus, Quilt has created a new social wellness space, allowing users to connect with others and build community.

Industry: Social wellness

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $8.3 million

22. Flowspace

Flowspace is a cloud-based software platform that provides on-demand warehousing and order fulfillment services. It has redefined the way e-commerce companies store and ship their products. Their modern software powers the entire journey from storage to transportation and delivery after an online order. 

Flowspace is an easy-to-use platform that integrates directly into online storefronts of e-commerce retailers. It removes all the hassle of traditional warehousing and fulfillment and accelerates growth. Businesses can gain immediate access to over 1000 certified warehouses and fulfillment centers placed strategically throughout the USA.

Industry: Warehousing and Logistics

Founded in: 2017

23. WeeCare

WeeCare is an app that provides a trusted child care marketplace for connecting parents to caregivers, educators, and parentpreneurs nearby. It allows parents to find quality child care and the best daycare providers that meet their unique needs without stress. Parents can search, tour, and enroll- all from a mobile app. 

WeeCare also enables caregivers to create sustainable and affordable child care accessible to all families. It helps providers start a licensed home daycare, fill capacity and manage operations efficiently with built-in tools to run the business successfully.

Industry: Education management

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $5 million

24. RepairSmith

RepairSmith provides a fully digital solution for car repair and maintenance. It delivers convenient auto repair for car owners with online booking, instant price quotes, after-hours support, and a full warranty. In addition, their certified technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art mobile service vans and will repair your car in your driveway with no-contact, best-in-class services.

RepairSmith also delivers on-location repair services and scheduled maintenance to fleet operators, dealership customers, and car rental companies. It serves 650+ cities across six states in the USA.

Industry: Auto repair and maintenance

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $42 million

25. Blue Fever

Blue Fever is a social platform that provides a judgment-free, journaling space allowing Gen Z to support each other emotionally. It evolves the teenage diary into a non-toxic, collaborative app where teens can anonymously share feelings, relate to each other, and release stress. It offers a safe and supportive alternative to the generally toxic social media content on popular platforms. Blue Fever avoids using publicly accessible API and storing PII (personal identifiable information) alongside user-generated content to ensure their users’ data privacy and security.

Industry: Social Media

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $4.2 million

26. Aircam

Aircam is a photo-sharing platform for professional and consumer photos that delivers event photos in real-time. It allows anyone to get instant access to photos taken by professional photographers for business purposes or at events like weddings, parties, and more.

Aircam also makes life easier for photographers with its AI-enabled, automated real-time photo editing feature. With minor editing to do, photographers can focus on increasing their revenue with more events. Aircam has also launched its marketplace where professional photographers can be booked with the Aircam service included in the package.

Industry: Photography

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $6.5 million

27. BadVR

BadVR uses AR and VR for immersive data visualization. It helps organizations “step into their data” and discover actionable insights faster for making data-driven decisions. With just a headset, BadVR helps businesses thrive by significantly increasing the value of their data with minimal effort.

BadVR can make complex data sets easily understandable and help businesses identify hidden problems or opportunities. It can take all kinds of data and integrate it into a relevant environment to make it easier to see. BadVR’s tech is already being used by government and commercial applications, big telecoms, the public safety sector, and more.

Industry: Data Analytics

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $3.3 million

28. Brace

Brace provides an innovative technology solution to modernize the mortgage servicing industry. It allows mortgage borrowers, investors, and servicers to work together seamlessly and streamline the default process. 

Brace allows homeowners to understand their options clearly and get faster support. It offers the investors transparency, greater asset control, and reduced risks. As for the servicers, it allows them to manage delinquent borrowers with loss mitigation strategies. It drives operational efficiency with real-time data, increased engagement, and lower servicing costs.

Industry: FinTech

Founded in: 2017 

Funding: $30.5 million

29. BuildOps

BuildOps is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution built for modern commercial contractors. It eliminates the need for multiple systems for managing business by merging everything from service to projects under one roof. 

A single platform enables contractors to manage billing, scheduling, payments, estimates, workflows, reporting, and more. Thereby, it helps in improving operations, efficiency and driving profitability. It also allows contractors to understand the current market trends and stay ahead of business competition.

Industry: Commercial service

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $5.8 million

30. Elementary Robotics

Elementary is a robotics startup developing easy-to-use tools for industrial automation. It builds software and hardware that uses AI, machine learning, and computer vision for intelligent automation in manufacturing and logistics. 

Elementary Robotics is built from the ground up to create assistive tools and improve the human output of repetitive tasks. It also provides data-rich insights for fast, reliable, and real-time judgments, providing lasting business value. Elementary grants robust and adaptable solutions for various industries like logistics, automotive, medical, and electronics.

Industry: Robotics, Automation

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $17.5 million

31. Finli

Finli derives its name from “financial lift’. It is a payment platform providing integrated financial solutions to neighborhood schools, studios, and enrichment programs. It allows schools and other such service providers to offload the time-consuming burden of processing payments.

Finli handles administrative tasks such as payment collection, invoicing, reconciliation, and customer management smoothly. Thus, it helps businesses to streamline their payments, increase revenue and grow. It also enables families to contribute to child expenses like tuition, camp, etc., directly with ease and transparency.

Industry: FinTech

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $2.6 million

32. Labrador Systems

Labrador is a robotics startup company building a new range of meaningful applications and robots to support people in everyday life. Their next-generation assistive robots are made to improve the quality of people’s lives and benefit huge needs of society. 

With 20 years of experience in robotics and automation, Labrador is building practical applications to address the everyday needs of people with disabilities, empowering them to live more independently. Their focus is to develop pragmatic solutions for home health and individuals with impaired mobility, chronic pain, and rehab.

Industry: Robotics

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $2 million

33. Lofty AI

Lofty AI is an AI-backed real estate investing platform that lets you invest in real estate for only $50. Within a few minutes, you can become a direct owner of liquid properties and even sell at any time without any penalties or fees.

The properties are vetted by their local investment team and flagship AI. Their platform is designed to accurately evaluate all market indicators that drive real estate appreciation, including retail trends, social media data, and more. It is also backed by blockchain technology which allows lower minimums, liquidations, and reduced risks.

Industry: Real Estate

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $5 million

34. nFlux AI

nflux AI is the world’s first intelligent video analytics platform. It is built to automate the process of learning and discovering contextual information from unstructured data in video footage. It allows users to acquire information efficiently and effectively.

NASA, the first customer of nFlux, had asked to build an astronaut assisting technology back in 2019. It was to help the crew with complex tasks and procedures in deep space missions. nFlux plans on bringing this technology to industries for empowering line operators, technicians, and other skilled workers across manufacturing and assembly lines.

Industry: Research and Analytics

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $3.1 million

35. Path

Path leverages tech to create a network of mental health and addiction treatment providers and makes it easy to find a therapist covered by your insurance. It partners with high-quality provider organizations such as behavioral health treatment hospitals, intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, psychiatrists, and peer support programs.

With a virtual first approach, the platform matches patients with precisely the right provider for their needs. It offers affordable online therapy anytime, anywhere. Path’s network provides near-instant access to specialized treatment providers as a benefit the employers can give their staff and reduce their healthcare costs.

Industry: Mental healthcare

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $5.4 million

36. Pearl

Pearl is a computer vision startup with a focus on solving challenging problems in the dental industry. It offers a suite of AI solutions to assist professionals by identifying issues earlier with higher precision and automating tasks for dental laboratories.

With proprietary computer vision technologies, it reads and interprets dental imagery. It can identify and measure dozens of dental pathologies, restorations, and anatomy in x-rays. Such detections provide robust insights to practitioners, clinicians, labs, and insurers and use them to elevate accuracy, efficiency and prescribe better treatments. It allows practitioners to spend more time focused on patients and give consistent healthcare.

Industry: Dental Healthcare

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $11 million

37. Podcorn

Podcorn is an influencer marketing platform that connects podcast influencers with brands for native advertising. As a self-service marketplace, it uses tech and data to connect brands with the right podcasters. The podcasters create authentic messages that resonate with their listeners and promote products for monetization.

As for the brands, the benefit is the discovery of relevant podcasters of all sizes. The brands can work with hundreds of podcasters that offer increasingly targeted audiences within their niche. Additionally, the platform supports various branded content such as host-read ads, topical discussions, interview segments, reviews, round-tables, and more.

Industry: Advertising

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $2.2 million

38. Singularity 6

Singularity 6 is an online game development company based in LA that develops online games for entertainment and socializing purposes. The studio is dedicated to the idea of developing games that create deeper and more meaningful experiences.

Their multiplayer games design a virtual universe for players to develop relationships with in-game characters and provide an enhanced gaming experience. It develops its technology with AI and machine learning to create rich experiences for the players.

Industry: Game Development

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $49 million

39. Socialive

Socialive is a complete video creation and live streaming SaaS platform for enterprises to efficiently capture, create, and distribute video content. It allows users to capture videos in real-time from anywhere and broadcast across all channels like social media, your website, internal and event platforms.

The platform is built for video pros and novices alike. And it has both web and mobile media that enable all organizations, teams, or individuals to create high-end, engaging content. It revolutionizes business operations through video and empowers all enterprise teams, including marketing, recruitment, learning and development, and internal or global comms.

Industry: Social Media

Founded in: 2016

40. Vantage Point

Vantage Point is an enterprise-focused, immersive training platform leveraging Virtual Reality (VR). It empowers HR with impactful training focused on sexual harassment, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Vantage Point aims to utilize technology to make the world more human. Unlike the growing number of VR companies, Vantage Point has a unique approach to enable humans to unlock their full potential and become better versions of themselves. Today, it is used by Fortune 500 companies, top law firms, startups, and more.

Industry: Human Resources, Training

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $4.2 million

41. Inspectiv

Inspectiv provides an end-to-end security solution to rapidly growing technology companies. It improves their security position in a streamlined manner, allowing them to focus on business growth and development.

The platform offers a threat and vulnerability intelligence solution designed to detect and remove bugs from applications. Its features include continuous identification of security vulnerabilities, their reporting, testing, data security, etc. Overall, Inspectiv aims to provide security assurance to its customers. 

Industry: Tech security

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $7.5 million

42. DASH Systems

DASH provides hardware and software to enable air-based precision deliveries. It allows commercial cargo to be delivered safely at distant or disaster-stricken locations quickly and efficiently. In addition, it can easily reach remote rural areas and previously inaccessible areas.

DASH’s system consists of flight management software, intelligent cargo pods for precise and soft landings, and automated aircraft cargo handling systems. Commercial packages are autonomously released from the airplane and land in a helipad-sized area. DASH also facilitates doorstep delivery of packages through on-land logistics.

Industry: Logistics

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $8 million

43. Envoy

Envoy offers Mobility as an Amenity by providing on-demand electric vehicles and EV charging for apartments, hotels, and offices. With an Android/iOS app, the platform offers technology to reserve and access electric vehicles, including cars, bicycles, scooters, and electric fleets. It also provides full-service with maintenance, customer support, driver insurance, and robust analytics.

Envoy aims to equip real estate owners and operators with an innovative way to enhance their services and the lifestyle of their tenants, guests, and members. The company also wants to ensure affordable, sustainable, and inclusive transportation options to low-income and disadvantaged communities with their car-sharing platform.

Industry: Transportation

Founded in: 2016

Funding: $12.5 million

44. harbor

harbor is a readiness platform offering a way to assess and develop preparedness for emergency and disaster management. With a vision to make every family and home ready and resilient, harbor’s app makes readiness simple and attainable for all, including the pets.

From climate change to paper cuts, harbor technology lets people create emergency plans to know exactly what to do in case of emergencies. Then, when disaster strikes, it automatically activates the emergency plan and feeds you on-demand, personalized information online and even offline. It also provides automatic risk assessments and gamifies vital aspects of home safety to make it fun and easy.

Industry: General Security

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $5 million

45. Incentify

Incentify is a SaaS technology platform focused on solving the needs of Enterprise Tax (C&I) Credits and Incentives portfolios. Incentify dramatically improves management, monetization, audit, and expansion of national and international C&L portfolios with its cloud-based solution.It creates a virtual office for the corporate tax department’s functions in C&I, other government affairs, finance, real estate, HR, and more.

In a year of commercial availability, Incentify clients moved $22b+ in C&I onto the platform for management. It resulted in 200,000+ new jobs, approximately $10B in local government impact, and more than 1M tons Co2 diverted. It shows the tremendous effect of C&I on business, government, and society as well.

Industry: FinTech

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $4.3 million

46. Orca Security

Orca Security is an innovation leader in cloud security solutions, providing instant cloud-wide, workload-deep security and compliance for Azure, AWS, and GCP. It deploys within minutes and not months because no opcode runs in your cloud environment. It operates without gaps in coverage, provides deeper visibility into the cloud environment, and has no agents’ operational costs.

Orca’s cloud-native solution provides full-stack security visibility into vulnerabilities, risky configurations, compromises, and asset discovery of the entire IaaS and PaaS. It involves no DevOps headaches and performance hits on live environments. It grows automatically with your cloud account and has no impact on your assets.

Industry: Cloud Security

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $442 million

47. Pearpop

Headquartered in LA, Pearpop is a marketplace for collaboration between creators and fans on the social media platform TikTok. It powers collaborations between hordes of artists like musicians, dancers, actors, acrobats, clowns, chefs, craftspeople, aspiring celebrities, and actual celebrities. With Pearpop, anyone with a good following can make money by doing what they love, including influencers, musical artists, and comedians. 

Currently, Pearpop only has a web-based platform. However, it plans to launch iOS and Android apps in the coming months with better features like a dashboard to track collaborations, metrics, and better notifications.

Industry: Social media and collaboration

Founded in: 2020

Funding: $16 million

48. Pod People

Pod People is the only one-stop shop for all your audio needs. It is a one-of-its-kind platform that offers audio production services, including crafting audio content strategies. It helps prepare engaging content, highlights brand values, and manages everything from concept to launch.

Pod People also offers on-demand staffing across the globe for audio production, including producers, editors, and other audio professionals. With its vast network, it connects talented audio pros with fantastic job opportunities and resources. As a result, pod People can be any industry’s go-to for the best audio creators, teams, and ideas.

Industry: Media, Staffing

Founded in: 2018

49. Thrilling

Thrilling is a premier online marketplace selling vintage and secondhand items from the best boutiques in the USA. In addition, it has a wide range of fashion items, including clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. No matter what you’re looking for, thrilling makes finding unique, high-quality vintage clothing easy and fun.

New items and stores are added daily on Thrilling, and it is also the most environmentally friendly way to shop. All the items are sold and shipped directly to customers from the boutiques themselves. Currently, Thrilling hosts over 400 stores in 100+ cities across the US.

Industry: E-commerce

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $10.7 million

50. Retina AI

Retina AI is a customer intelligence solution and analytics platform that provides customer lifetime value (CLV) metrics early in the consumer’s journey. It uses AI and next-gen algorithms to deliver data insights that pinpoint your highest-value customers. 

Retina AI empowers businesses to increase customer-level profitability by focusing on early CLV. It also helps them improve valuation and optimize business with data-driven action plans for strategy consultants. The platform also offers marketing automation tools to help send data via channels for better engagement. Some of the happy customers of Retina AI include Nestle, Dollar Shave Club, Madison Reed, and more.

Industry: Data Analytics and Insights

Founded in: 2017

Funding: $10.5 million

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The above list proves how healthy LA’s thriving startup ecosystem is. Some of these startups have raised millions of dollars in funding and are rapidly scaling their operations. In a tech hot-spot like Los Angeles, there are always immense opportunities for doing business and making money. If you’re a startup or entrepreneur in LA looking for development services for your idea, feel free to get in touch with us or leave a comment below.

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