Top Programming Languages of 2024: A Compilation of Key Statistics

Need to decide which programming language to choose for your next development project? Here's a survey that shows which language developers prefer in 2024.

May 30, 2022
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Last Updated February 01, 2024
Top Programming Languages

Top Programming Languages of 2024: A Compilation of Key Statistics

With constant changes in the software development trends, the popularity of programming languages also undergoes significant changes. Keeping this in mind, we undertook an in-depth analysis of key technologies (consisting of 24 technologies in total) with users in 162 countries worldwide to provide a definitive source of information for the developer fraternity. By employing extensive findings from Google Search, we have compiled this report that highlights the most used programming language in 2023. Let’s check it out.

Key takeaways:

1. Java tops the list of most googled technologies. It includes 22.4% of the total search results and appears in 1 in every 5 searches. It is followed by Python and Javascript with 21.01% and 14.27% respectively.

2. Java tops the list of most googled technologies in 80 out of 162 countries worldwide and has a market share of over 50% in these countries.

Global tech trends

3. Over 65% of the total searches in ‘the most googled technology’ category consist of Java, Python, and Javascript. On the other hand, Bash language is the least Googled technology with only 3650 average monthly searches globally.

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Technology Table

To make it easier for the readers to refer to these statistics of programming languages, we are adding this world map highlighting the most popular programming language/s in each of the 162 countries. For a detailed overview of popular languages in every continent, refer to the following sections.

World map

Top Googled technology among continents-

1. Python dominates the list of most searched languages in North America and Asia and takes up 20% and 22% shares respectively of the total searches.

2. Java takes the first position in the most searched languages list in Australia, Africa, South America, and Europe.
Continents merged

Python becomes the ‘go-to language’ for North America

It is no surprise that the USA tops all charts providing the highest search volume for Javascript, Java, and C/C++.

North America Python searches

1. Javascript appears in every 3 out of 20 searches in the USA.

North America javascript
2. The total number of searches for Java in the USA exceeds the combined searches for Java in North America.

USA java searches
3. The USA contributes to 60% of the total searches for C/C++ in the entire continent.
USA C++ searches

Developers in Asia choose Python to be their preferred language

Python is the most popular language across Asian countries and includes 22.03% of the total number of searches.

Asia Python searches

1. Javascript has become the third most popular language in Asia taking 15% of the total search volume for all programming languages.

Technology used in Asia

2. With 35% of the total searches for Python, India has the highest number of searches for Python in Asia.

India Highest searches of Python

3. Python and Typescript enjoy equal popularity (21%) among all the programming languages in Singapore.

Popularity of Python and Typescript

4. The Philippines has a higher search volume for C/C++ than South Korea and Japan combined.

Asia C++ searches

Java continues to be one of the leading programming languages in South Africa

Nigeria leads the way with over 15% of the total search volume for Java in Africa.

Africa highest search volume

1. Java is the most popular language and appears in every 1 in 5 searches (20.03%) across African countries.

Africa tech trends

Uber and Airbnb are among the 10100 companies reported to include Java in their tech stacks.

South America chooses Java over other programming languages

Brazil tops the list of South American countries in Google searches for Java.

South America Java search volume

1. The total number of searches for all programming languages in Brazil exceeds the sum of searches of the entire continent of South America.

Brazil total searches

Instagram and Slack reportedly include Javascript in their tech stacks.

Python and Java are the most used programming language in Europe

Poland maintains the highest search volume for Java among European countries.

Europe Java highest searches

1. Every 1 in 10 searches for C/C++ appears in Europe.

Europe C++ searches

2. 11 out of 44 countries in Europe hold the same search volume for Python and Java.

3. Poland features the highest number of SQL searches in Europe in comparison to all the countries.

Poland SQL searches

4. Similarly, Poland contributes to half of all the Java searches in Europe.
Poland Java total searches

The Australian developer community makes Java its first-choice

Similar to Europe, Java and Python are preferred languages for countries in the Australian continent with Australia leading in Java.

Java Australia searches

1. At 36%, Java and Python are the two most popular technologies in Australia as well.

Australia Java + Python

Python is also widely used by tech giants like IBM, Intel, NASA, Pixar, and Netflix.


After carefully analyzing the enormous data available, we have put forth this survey for our readers. However, this data is subject to change over time due to changes in technological trends and user preferences. Therefore, we recommend verifying the data with relevant sources when using it in the near future.

To conclude, we hope this data gives you the necessary insights into the popularity of technologies in 2024. If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas about this survey, feel free to connect with us.

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