Top Startups to Watch in Dallas: A List of Next-generation Innovators

In this article, we give you a detailed analysis of the 30+ top startups in Dallas that are paving their way to become tech giants of tomorrow.

October 19, 2021
10 mins read
Last Updated February 05, 2024

Top Startups to Watch in Dallas: A List of Next-generation Innovators

Dallas has been at the center stage of several tech startups. From giants like Oculus to small-scale companies like Kendra Scott Design, all of them have one thing in common- Dallas! According to the (CompTIA), it was ranked second in the top tech town index rankings for 2020. 

This is evident from the fact that Dallas has seen a sharp increase in job postings for IT professionals between August 2019 to July 2020. One of the major reasons behind this is the cost-effectiveness for tech companies as the living expenses in Dallas are 2% lower than the national average of the US GDP. 

Not just that, venture capital investments in the region increased by 66% between 2019 to 2020, another reason that makes Dallas such an attractive option. Our list is a testament to these figures, as we introduce you to some of the hottest startups in this region out of 10,731. After all, numbers don’t lie! Let’s begin.

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Top Startups in Dallas

#1. Covered Care

Covered Care is a fintech startup that focuses on the medical financing market in the US. Covered Care has formulated a solution for US citizens who incur healthcare expenses annually with easy-to-access patient financing. 

It is a debt financing startup that leverages various technologies to ease patient financing. For example, patients who require urgent financial assistance for surgery expenses can apply for financial aid through their apps and have instant disbursal with zero paperwork.

Unlike traditional financing companies in the US, this Dallas-based startup uses analytics to identify the patient’s financial status and helps in lending money to underserved Americans. It has completed one round of financing from Fortress Investment Group.

Industry Vertical: Healthcare and Finance 

Founded Date:2020

Total Funding Value: $100 Million

#2. Veryable

Veryable is an online marketplace for the manufacturing and logistics workforce, allowing companies to connect with workers through the platform. It helps to improve working agility and flexibility. 

Businesses can post ‘Ops’ or opportunities for workers in the area with different details like the type of task, payments, and even contract period. Nearby operators or workers can bid for ‘Ops’ on the Veryable and respond with their availability. 

Businesses can browse several bids offered on the platform through advanced AI-based algorithms and choose the ones required for their operations. Then, operators get the work done and get paid for the specific task. It has completed all the seed funding rounds and also managed to get series A funding from Gigafund.

Industry Vertical: Manufacturing 

Founded Date: 2016

Total Funding Value: $45.6 Million

#3. Stack Sports

Stack Sports is a sports management startup that helps athletes, sports agencies, teams, and businesses worldwide through its SaaS-based platform. It supports volunteers, administrators, and sports organizations to engage players with innovative products and services. It uses various technology-based solutions to improve the platform experience.

Stack Sports has more than 50 million users across 35 countries. Stack Sports has provided reliable software for sports management to US Soccer Federation, Little League Baseball and Softball, and Pop Warner Little Scholars. It recently partnered with USA Lacrosse and has added another feather to an already impressive stack of clients. Also, it has been aggressively acquiring other sports companies like Affinity Sports, Sports Connect, etc. 

Industry Vertical: Sports 

Founded Date: 2016

#4. Slync.Io

Slync is a SaaS-based platform that facilitates global logistics service providers with high-end software solutions. The tech startup has developed “Logistics Orchestration” software that provides end-to-end services for Supply Chain Management (SCM). It helps to reduce the cost of various global logistic operations. 

Slync offers features like booking, monitoring, tracking, and other back-end processes. connects several systems, manages structured and unstructured datasets to automate logistics processes and improve the supply chain. 

Industry Vertical: Transportation

Founded Date: 2017

Total Funding Value: $75.9 Million

#5. Timely MD

Timely MD is a telehealth provider for students, faculty, and families associated with different universities and colleges. It is a tech startup that is focused on the healthcare of users within the higher education sector. With services expanding over 50 states and 24/7 telehealth assistance, the startup witnessed exponential growth in 2020.

It serves several educational organizations like Duke University, Emory University, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, Los Rios Community College, etc. 

Industry Vertical: Education and Telehealth Services

Founded Date: 2017

Total Funding Value: $65.7 Million

#6. Cysiv

Cysiv is a startup providing Security Operations Center (SOC) as a solution enabling threat detection and incident response to internal security within a given organization. While it manages SOC, they also provide a subscription-based approach to outsource monitoring, detecting and investigating threats.

The incubation of Cysiv took place within Trend Micro, which is a leader in cybersecurity services. It was launched as a partnership with HITRUST®- a data protection standard development and certification organization.

Industry Vertical: Cybersecurity 

Founded Date: 2018

Total Funding Value: $26 Million

#7. OneDine

OneDine is a startup empowering restaurants to serve customers through excellent sensor-based solutions. For example, hassle-free sensor-based payments are one of the possibilities offered. Similarly, OneDine’s technology solutions enable restaurants to serve customers efficiently through drive-in opportunities as well.

OneDine allows each customer to customize their profiles according to their dietary and health preferences. Algorithms used by OneDine determine the best suitable restaurants for customers as per their preferences. It has already been evaluated for a pre-money value of $90 million, making it a promising startup in 2022.

Industry Vertical: Food and Hospitality 

Founded Date: 2017

Total Funding Value: $12 Million

#8. Bestow

Bestow is an insurance-based startup that offers a platform for users to access insurance benefits quickly. It has been at the forefront of insurance services and product development for the same reimagining the entire insurance distribution paradigm. 

The fintech startup allows customers to book insurance policies through their mobile devices in no time. Apart from their B2C services, Bestow also uses APIs as a Service to enable B2B partners in the life insurance business development. 

Industry Vertical: Insurance

Founded Date: 2016

Total Funding Value: $137.5 Million

#9. AfroLandTV

AfrolandTV is a subscription-based video-on-demand streaming platform like Netflix or Disney+ that is curated with movies and TV content for African users. AfroLandTV stands among other streaming platforms catering to the African content-lean approach, which focuses on building an audience through smaller productions than costly licenses. 

Comcast NBCUniversal has selected the streaming platform for the LIFT Labs Accelerator program. It is a cohort focused on global tech startups and entrepreneurs across the media and entertainment industries. 

Industry Vertical: Entertainment 

Founded Date: 2017

Total Funding Value: $160K

#10. CourMed

CourMed is a healthcare software startup that has been helping enterprises and patients with reliable solutions. It has created cutting-edge enterprise software to offer healthcare concierge services for patients, corporations, senior citizens, and customers seeking instant healthcare product deliveries. 

CourMed has a massive network of drivers that helps with healthcare delivery services backed up by Microsoft. The startup has also partnered with several pharmaceuticals, vitamin supplement suppliers, and others to offer a wide range of product categories. 

It also leverages tracking technologies to ensure pharmaceuticals deliver products at the right time, right place with digital proof of delivery. 

Industry Vertical: Healthcare

Founded Date: 2018

#11. Dottid

Dottid is a commercial real estate SaaS-based platform that enables lease-related transactions to owners, tenants, and customers. It offers leasing and rental facilities through a SaaS-based marketplace, which helps track expiring leases and other important updates.

It has introduced Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Software as a Service platform which is one of its kind and has been adopted across several commercial properties in the US. Recently the CRE-based startup raised $4.5 million in capital funding from significant contributors like Matthew Morris, the former CEO of Stewart Title; Steven Bean, a founding partner of SitusAMC; and Kevin McManus, the former head of North America Services for SAP.

Industry Vertical: Real Estate 

Founded Date: 2018

Total Funding Value: $8.4 Million

#12. Rosy Wellness

Rosy Wellness is a Dallas-based startup working towards improving women’s awareness of sexual health through its mobile application. It focuses on offering a sexual wellness score. Through this score, women can track their sexual health and improve their decision-making for the same. 

The mobile application from Rosy Wellness is an attempt to reduce the shame and isolation around the sexual health of women. It has helped more than 30 million women with a community to discuss different problems related to sex. The app also offers a library of 100 short video lessons, tutorials, romantic stories, and more. In addition, rosy Wellness has partnered with more than 2500 healthcare providers for creating awareness of women’s sexual health.

Industry Vertical: Healthcare

Founded Date: 2018

Total Funding Value: $3.4 Million

#13. Worlds

Worlds have developed robust solutions for corporations and enterprises with powerful manifestations of Artificial Intelligence (AI). For example, the world’s SpatialSense Platform leverages real-time data from different sensors and projects them into a single 4D view that helps to create a notion of an artificial world. 

World’s SpatialSense platform provides organizations to observe, analyze and sense physical environments around them through a centralized medium. It provides four different modules such as WorldTrainer, WorldBuilder, WorldNavigator, and WorldAI for various enterprises. 

Industry Vertical: AI Automation 

Founded Date: 2018

Total Funding Value: $10 Million

#14. StackPath

Stackpath is an intelligent web service platform that offers security solutions for enterprises by leveraging collaborative intelligence to detect security threats. It has a massive clientele with one million customers, with some of them being Fortune 500 companies.

StackPath has been at the forefront of bringing computing power and enhanced security to all users. It offers security services like Web Application Firewalls and even container-based deployments. Security as a Service product from StackPath also includes SSL certificates and security policy development. 

Industry Vertical: Cybersecurity 

Founded Date: 2015

Total Funding Value: $396 Million

#15. Mercado Labs

Mercado Labs is a platform providing cloud-based solutions for logistics and supply chain management. It allows organizations to connect with different service provides vendors, suppliers, and others in the supply chain for effective operational management. 

In the age of Last-mile delivery excellence, Mercado Labs has successfully improved the first-mile experience for several logistics companies. 

Industry Vertical: Logistics 

Founded Date: 2018

Total Funding Value: $5.7 Million

#16. 3Victors

3Victors is a data analytics startup that provides BigData related solutions to travel businesses and professionals like marketers, financial analysts, airline revenue managers, and others. It has developed a platform that ingests more than 200 million flight request data generated by users worldwide daily. It also uses BigData for providing fare details to improve revenue generations and user engagement. 

Industry Vertical: Travel and BigData 

Founded Date: 2017

Total Funding Value: $3.5 Million

#17. BALANCED Media Technology

BALANCED Media Technology helps solve real-world problems by using Machine learning and human-guided interactions that empower gaming communities through data science. It is a one-of-a-kind platform that uses a crowdsourcing approach and helps solve issues with cognitive intelligence of human interaction and AI.

Industry Vertical: Data Science and Gaming 

Founded Date: 2016

Total Funding Value: $4.6 Million

#18. Cooklist

Cooklist is an app that offers various solutions ranging from cooking recipes to grocery shopping and planning. It is an application developed to let users browse through different recipes, make grocery lists, and obtain doorstep deliveries upon ordering on the same day. The startup has partnered with a major brand like Target, which enrolled Cooklist for the 13-week mentorship program. 

Cooklist helps customers order groceries across giants like Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Kroger, and many more globally. The best thing about the app is that it saves user purchases and provides recommendations inclusive of more than 1.3 million recipes accordingly.

Industry Vertical: On-demand Retail Services 

Founded Date: 2018

Total Funding Value: $2.9 Million

#19. FlyLine

FlyLine is a travel-based startup that provides innovative solutions for businesses to improve the booking experience. It offers customized APIs that help travel distributors to deliver an excellent experience regarding flight bookings, hotel bookings, and more. 

It provides a subscription-based booking system for flights, and users can get discounts up to 60% with no markups including some multi-carrier deals.

Industry Vertical: Travel

Founded Date: 2019

Total Funding Value: $175K

#20. Grata

Grata is a B2B startup that has industry expertise in offering intelligent engines to search software services and products. One of the most sophisticated and powerful private company search engines offered by Grata is Canis Major. It focuses on empowering small businesses with opportunities to find the right possibilities and services for their requirements. 

From small-time businesses to HVAC companies in a given location, Grata helps to index several businesses through its search engine. Businesses use it to look for companies with software offerings as per requirements. They can also use the same to contact them through verified information. 

Industry Vertical: B2B Search Engine Services 

Founded Date: 2016

Total Funding Value: $9.5 Million

#21. Illuma Labs

Illuma Labs offers a wide variety of solutions such as real-time voice authentication using signal processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. It analyzes voices during natural interaction and provides highly accurate real-time voice authentications to operations that require identification. 

The technology used by Illuma Labs has its origins in the research and development projects conducted by the US Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate. Its solutions have helped several organizations authenticate big data access through real-time voice recognition for enterprises dealing with industries ranging from insurance, financial services to eCommerce. 

Industry Vertical: Data Science and Machine Learning – Voice Recognition Services 

Founded Date: 2016

#22. Kanarys

Kanarys, Inc is a tech startup focused on providing solutions for changes around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion(DEI) to several organizations. The platform provides services and analytical insights to companies who need to include DEI to measure its impact on business performance. 

It enables new businesses to track performance and outcomes through data benchmarking via its SaaS-based software solutions. As a result, the platform has been a go-to solution for companies like Yum Brands, the Dallas Mavericks, and Neiman Marcus. 

Industry Vertical: SaaS – B2B Data Analytics

Founded Date: 2018

Total Funding Value: $4.6 Million

#23. ResultMaps

ResultMaps is a startup providing task and project management platforms for businesses. It amalgamates all the relative data regarding task management into a single dashboard. It is helpful for businesses as it offers real-time updates of all notifications related to a task at hand. This provides opportunities to identify issues and bottlenecks related to any particular task as well. 

Industry: Business Management and  ERP

Founded Date: 2016

#24. ServiceGanja 

ServiceGanja is a tech startup that provides software for Cannabis Dispensaries to operate at low costs, increase sales, and ensure compliance with government norms. Developed and designed by dispensary operators, ServiceGanja helps to manage the cannabis inventory easily and legally. 

Licensed entrepreneurs can use the platform to track real-time revenue, manage staff, and self-audit for complying better with the sales of cannabis. 

Industry Vertical: Retail POS – Cannabis Dispensary

Founded Date: 2020

Total Funding Value: $250K

#25. Work Shield

Work Shield offers a unique platform for HR departments and managers to manage discrimination or harassment claims within the workplace. It allows the HR managers to track every claim and investigate thoroughly. Not only for the claims regarding harassment, but the platform also enables organizations to follow an open culture in their workplaces and let employees be heard, reducing grapevine communications regarding issues that need to be discussed. 

Industry Vertical: Human Resource 

Founded Date: 2018

Total Funding Value: $4.1 Million

#26. Zabo

Zabo is a technology startup that offers customized API solutions for connecting Cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets with a few lines of code to any online financial platform. One of the most significant developments for the startup was that it was acquired by the crypto-based giant Coinbase that offers an online platform for crypto exchange. 

Industry Vertical: Cryptocurrency and Finance 

Founded Date: 2018

Total Funding Value: $3.5 Million

#27. Zirtue

Zirtue is a financial service startup that has built an application to help friends and family lend money to each other. It is a relationship-based lending platform for people to receive loans from friends and others in the community. What makes it different from other lending platforms is the trust built on bank drafts and further assurances. Zirtue ensures that both the lender and receiver have assurances through necessary digital transformation notes.

Industry Vertical: FinTech

Founded Date: 2018

Total Funding Value: $4 Million

#28. Neighborhood Goods

Neighborhood Goods is a retail business that leverages deep connections with the local community and enhances the shopping experience for all users. Unlike traditional departmental stores, Neighborhood Goods curates products as per the local community and carefully pushes them into the market through pop-up features. 

Brands can either pay a fixed fee to avail the services or even pay fewer fees by offering a share of the revenues to Neighborhood Goods. 

Industry Vertical: Retail 

Founded Date: 2017

Total Funding Value: $25.6 Million

#29. Zyston

Zyston provides companies with reliable solutions regarding strategic information security. It helps organizations to make intelligent decisions to protect critical assets. It also helps with human capital expertise for the implementation and execution of sustainable information security programs. Zyston also offers managed SOC services for several Fortune 500 companies worldwide making it a permission startup in the security industry.

Industry Vertical: Information Security

Founded Date: 2016

Total Funding Value: $5.9 Million

#30. Alto

Alto is an on-demand-ride-hailing startup that provides quality rides to users by letting them select pre-vetted drivers trained elegantly. Alto is different from other ride-hailing businesses like Uber as it focuses only on offering luxury rides with a fleet of well-maintained cars and certified drivers.

Industry Vertical: On-demand Travel 

Founded Date: 2018

Total Funding Value: $59.5 Million

#31. ProsRent

ProsRent is a one-stop-shop SaaS for all the rental equipment that construction companies, suppliers, and manufacturing service providers may need. It has created an online marketplace for rental equipment related to construction projects making users procure materials hassle-free from any aggregator. 

Industry Vertical: SaaS – Retail Marketplace 

Founded Date: 2018

#32. AlgoPear

AlgoPear is an AI-based portfolio management startup that provides a marketplace for intelligent investment recommendations through Machine Learning algorithms. It provides services for automatic trading, risk management, and enhancement of asset investments.  

Industry Vertical: Retail – Investment Services 

Founded Date: 2020

Total Funding Value: $10K


From ride-hailing applications to logistics management and stock trading, Dallas-based startups have been reinventing how businesses are operated. Some of these startups will be the next giant unicorns for the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, while others have already seen rapid growth and funding across venture capital firms. 

Exploring these startups and their offerings can be great, especially if you are looking for reliable solutions for your business. Some of the startups provide customizable solutions which can be beneficial for your operations and core business activities. If you are interested to know more, our experts are tech-savvy enthusiasts who also offer various innovative solutions. Talk to us today! 

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