How to find the right development partner in San Francisco?

Easy steps to find the right app development partner in San Fransisco and the benefits of doing a technical partnership for your software development.

July 15, 2020
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Last Updated June 12, 2022
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How to find the right development partner in San Francisco?

San Francisco is a city grabbing attention from all around the world due to its tech market. According to a new CBRE report, San Francisco observed a 24.7% two-year tech job growth rate  and 19,947 two year tech job gain by volume between the second quarters of 2017 and 2019. 

The reason for this growth could be many. Popular among those are:

  • Easy access to talent – for instance, the pool of programmers.
  • Easy access to the ecosystem, which includes lawyers, PR, marketers, and other professionals who understand the tech-related things and can help companies faster.
  • Capital: the pool of angel and venture capital people available so entrepreneurs get a good choice for capital and making better decisions.
  • Easy access to PR, as tech press professionals live in San Francisco.

Well, if you are also lured by the above reasons and want to develop software applications, then you would probably be planning to either hire a team of developers or partner a software development company

Let me walk you through the benefits of partnering with a software development company.

Benefits of a Technical Partnership

Since you have been planning to develop software, you might have realized that working on any software would require you to have wide technical expertise. Also, if you would have worked before on any software, you have to keep in mind the fixed deadlines and the fixed budgets. You can plan to go for a  technical partner for the development of your software application. There are a lot of benefits while working with the development partner. 

Listing here a few:

  • Cost effective:

The technical expertise possessed by a software company is cheaper than hiring a full-stack development team in-house. Keeping a team of talented professionals on a contract basis, when you need them is less burdensome on your budget. Whereas, for the employees who are on a payroll basis, you might require to work with their expertise once in a while. 

  • Access to new technologies:

The development companies provide the latest industry expertise, a skilled professional team, and access to the newest technologies. You already know that the trends in the design and development of the application as well as the web change quite often. Moreover, training a new team of developers for each project is not a wise decision. But, with the help of development companies, you can get technical expertise for each project.

  • Everything at one place:

Working with a software company, you get a broad range of services at your disposal. For instance, design, development, consultation, quality assurance, etc. Since these professionals are used to working in a team, you don’t have to deal with management issues that ought to arise when people have not worked together. 

The following guide will help you in finding the right development partner. Let’s begin.

How to Find the Right Development Partner in San Francisco ?

1. Find local company based in San Francisco

You are aware that good software firms are located all around the world. But, contacting a software firm located on the other side of your world for your application requirements is not wise. Even if you are a senior software developer yourself, communicating your vision to someone in some other country with different laws and business culture could be challenging. As seen from the experience, people who try saving a few bucks by following this path end up with far less than they expected. Also, there is no recourse to save their investment.
Rather, you should find a local company for your project. Let us tell you the benefits:

  • Working with local software firms means that there are minimum communication gaps and guaranteed accountability on all deliverables. It also ensures an understanding of measurable performance standards by the company along with a true market impact. 
  • The software firm has to invest a lot of time to understand your business, objectives, expected outcomes, where all of these would truly help develop your vision into a market driver.

2. Testimonials and client references

If you have a clear idea about your ideal development partner’s persona, it should not be very difficult to find one. Well, a lot of people just search for companies online, a few seek Quora also.

Another way of finding a trustworthy partner is through client testimonials. We can all brag about our goodness, but it won’t mean much unless someone says it too. Clients are the best way to get recommendations – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Clutch and Goodfirms are the platforms where you can find useful insights about a company’s reputation. They rate companies based on multiple client reviews and present an objective picture. Also, they show the company’s experience in various sectors or fields. You can get a good idea of how that company works. 

3. Explore the case studies

Yes, exploring the company’s work will help you gain a lot of insights about your potential partner’s experience and expertise. Look for the previous case studies and dive into every little detail that would showcase how that company works, and how that company is different from other companies. 

The company’s case studies will help you know about the different challenges that the company has previously encountered. You will get to know the solutions and features that they have implemented, which includes the tests to ensure the smooth running of the application and managing the application to create great user experiences. From their case studies, you can contact their partners to learn more about how they operate their business relationships. 

4. Assessing the company’s expertise

While choosing the development partner you should know that your chosen company must have the right expertise according to your needs. It must meet the requirements of your target audience as well. Also, they should possess business expertise to help you achieve your business goals. 

As they will be responsible for the development of your software, they must possess excellent skills. But if you are looking for a long time partner, you will require them to possess proper business skills and experience in your industry. 

You can refer to the case studies to know more about the company’s expertise. 

5. Look for company’s work on professional community

To know more about a company, you should also check their profiles on professional communities like Dribble, Behance and GitHub. Many people check freelancer’s Dribble and GitHub profiles before hiring them. It is good to check a company’s profile before choosing it as a business partner. A well established presence with high ranking shows the company’s willingness to invest in open source projects. The company encourages its developers as well as designers to work for the benefit of the community, which infers that it will have a stable, long term presence on the market. Moreover, the company has provided the option to check the quality of their code.

6. Interview the developers

A sales team of the company might give you a great pitch, but the development team will only let you know whether they will be able to deliver. The sales team may know about their developers’ experience and expertise, but they won’t understand their work.

Working with the partner is not just about work. The team might be employed by the partner, but they will work for you. So, you need to know them well. Check compatibility and know them well. 

You should conduct multiple interviews to know better about the technical knowledge of the team.

So, once you shortlist the companies, ensure that you set up a meeting with the developers of that company. This will help you evaluate the right people for your software project. 

You can even visit their headquarters to know the company and its people better. 

7. Look for value that company can provide

It is seen that our choices depend on the price of the thing – be it product or the company. But here, while choosing your development partner you should look for the value that the company provides. 

Some companies might provide their services at cheaper rates but they compromise with the quality. While the ones with higher rates provide quality services. You never know exactly which one to choose. What if you choose the one with higher rates and end up getting services of poor quality? Or if you choose the one with cheaper rates turn out very well.  

You should do a thorough research – analyzing case studies, talking to the previous clients, interviewing the developers etc. 

8. Company’s culture is important

It is advisable to learn as much as possible about the company – their ethics, goals and expectations. Knowing about the company’s culture will help you in choosing a reliable software development partner. 

You should know about the values that company offers and how it behaves in the work environment. You should choose a team of dedicated and passionate professionals. They should be equally committed as you are towards achieving your objectives.

They should be able to openly share their knowledge with you to find the best solution for your software.

9. Transparency

Make sure that your business with the partner is transparent. For this communication is the key. When it comes to the development of software solutions where you and your partner should always be on the same page, good communication is essential. 

You should be able to communicate with your entire team about the details of the project. All the issues and nuances should be discussed by conducting proper meetings. The service provider should understand your view and take actions accordingly.

Also, you should make sure that there are no language barriers so that you can understand each other correctly. 

Furthermore, the rates and development procedures should be very clear to you and all the team members.

10. Security 

While looking for the company, ensure that your software idea will be secure with them. They shouldn’t be selling your project idea or won’t be using it for their own purpose. 

The most common security step taken before moving for the detailed discussion of the project is usually signing a non disclosure agreement (NDA).  

Another important document that should be included as part of security is the non competent clause (NCC). This will disallow the partner company to pursue any idea or project that is in direct competition with your idea or project. Validity of this document is for a certain period of time and will also limit the partner company to work on other projects which are competing yours. 

You should make sure that the company is ready to sign these confidentiality agreements. You can even consult a lawyer before signing one.

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The software market is flourishing and with the growing technologies it will thrive more. Ideating an application or product and bring it to life is easier than it was ever before. The above points for finding the right software development partner are well researched including our experience as a software development company. If you have any points that can be added to the blog post, they are most welcome in the comments below.

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