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How to Find Software Development Partner? Step-by-Step Guide

Software Development February 16, 2023
Last Updated March 13, 2024
How To Find Software Development Partner

Software development outsourcing has become the need of the art in today’s day and age. However, finding the right software development partner that suits your needs is the biggest challenge. This article provides an in-depth guide to finding a software development partner by discussing its prerequisites and steps to evaluate the right company.

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Lift and Shift vs. Refactoring vs. Rewriting: Prioritize Modernization Efforts

Last Updated January 20, 2023
Lift and Shift vs. Refactoring vs. Rewriting

Migrating the applications to the cloud is often the first step for any organization in embracing modernization to achieve the desired growth. While some go for a lift and shift model, others zero down to refactoring or rewriting. So what makes the best approach for modernizing your apps? Let's understand them to get the crux of the discussion to differentiate better.

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6 Success Stories Where Application Modernization Helped Reduce Tech Debt

Last Updated January 25, 2023
Application modernization for tech debt reduction

Application modernization helps in reducing technical debt and improving system efficiency. However, modernizing the app has challenges of re-engineering broken elements in code, restructuring the app, and costs. Overcoming these challenges and reducing tech debt requires the right strategy. So, here are six successful modernization examples with unique strategies to reduce tech debt.

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Application Modernization Benefits – Exploring the Future of Legacy Systems

Last Updated December 06, 2022
Application Modernization Benefits

Transforming monolithic systems with new features and services that align with the current market trends improves processes and business productivity. So, it is no surprise that modernizing applications is becoming a top priority for enterprises across the globe. In fact, around 80% of legacy applications will be modernized in the next five years.

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