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What Are Design Systems And How They Help Building Frontend Architectures

Last Updated May 26, 2023
Design systems preview

Companies struggle to deliver a consistent user experience across the frontend as they scale. Design systems have turned out to be a boon for such teams as they lend coherency to user experiences across frontends. In this article, you'll learn about the variations of design systems employed by organizations worldwide and their specific characteristics.

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How Paypal, Walmart, and Farfetch Leveraged Component Reusability to Scale Frontend

Last Updated November 03, 2022
Preview - Component reusability

Component reusability is one of the common buzzwords in application development, which decides the extent to which a component can be reused within an environment. For starters, it eliminates code duplication, helps maintain consistent structure across different frontends, improves application development efficiency, and makes code testing better.

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Composing UI to scale – How Dazn, Vonage, and SmallCase do it.

Last Updated November 03, 2022
micro frontend composition techniques preview

Micro frontend architecture presents an efficient way to scale frontend. However, frontend teams often find themselves confused as to which micro frontend composition technique to employ. In this article, we assess all three composition techniques taking examples of companies using them. Keep reading to find out which strategy is most suitable for your organization.

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How to Align Your Front-End Team Structure with Architecture

Last Updated January 16, 2024
Preview- Align frontend teams with architecture

Scaling up from a startup is a major transition for any organization. It is no secret that a company's engineering culture plays a crucial role in achieving the required scale. Companies generally follow various models/methodologies under the software development life cycle (SDLC) to modify the development culture. However, developers can get clogged in dependencies and tedious discussions with other departments without the practice of responsibility and ownership.

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Component Based Development: The Definitive Guide to Making a Scalable Frontend

Last Updated May 08, 2023
component-based development blog preview

Component-based development has become the go-to strategy for organizations worldwide looking forward to scale and streamline frontend development. It has revolutionized the perception of frontend development and provided the much needed acceleration to the process. This article walks you through all the benefits of component-based development and lays down the best practices for the strategy.

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Top 8 eCommerce UX Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

Last Updated November 03, 2022

User experience is often the differentiating factor between eCommerce businesses. While everyone is aware of the benefits of a pleasant eCommerce UX, most find it difficult to introduce the same on their online store. There are multiple facets to an awesome shopping experience and this blog is going to take through all of them. Continue reading to find out how you can improve customer satisfaction, and therefore sales, by improving the user experience.

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