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Interior designing takes innumerable things into account. This makes it tiresome and time consuming process. Hence, a digital platform which gives the facility to try and test the design ideas before actual implementation was the need of the hour. Decora Systems is an easy to use tool for interior designers which provides a premium experience to them so they can be confident in their choice of interiors of their space. By harnessing the power of Web and VR technology, Decora studio allows users to create virtual spaces using custom dimensions, colors, flooring, items/products offered by major companies associated with interior solutions.

Building a Prototype for Better User Reviews

Currently, the interior design market lacks in the offering of platforms where professional or non-professional user can envision design their ideas. There are few apps that help you design your space with features like coloring, adding basic furniture and 2D view but that’s pretty basic. There is a latent need of interior designing software, where anyone can design their own virtual space with premium features, ease of use and 3D rendering capabilities; whether it’s an individual room, office space, or an entire house.

‘Decora Systems’ partnered with Simform to create a unique 3D interior designing tool with VR capabilities. We started with a prototype to check the feasibility of application and see responses from interior designers. After successfully testing the prototype, we started building a full fledged web-app which is handy and easy-to-use and can run on any browser irrespective of computing and graphics power of the machine or laptop.


Virtual Reality and 3D visualization software

We built a SaaS based platform for online 3D interior designing where user can just subscribe and start using it to design interiors which includes colors, customized furniture, art-works, lightings et al. The application can also be used on ‘Kiosk’ in showrooms by retailers or manufacturers to showcase their latest design.

Apart from 3D designing and viewing, it also provides visualising infrastructure, interior designs, products and architecture in VR. The product catalogue can be easily renewed now and retailers are able to sell their ideas on the spot. More than 10000 models are created using the tool and hundreds of companies are using it to coach their employees using virtual designs of their product.

Web application for hassle-free Interior Designing

When it comes to selecting the furniture or artwork, there are millions of patterns and designs, which makes it impossible for anyone to make-up their mind just by looking at the brochures. Decora system provides the platform for professional as well as non-professional users to design everything right from floor, wall texture to fixtures in 3D using simple drag & drop tool.

Decora provides ‘Code-less’ environment to add new contents like colors, furniture items, artworks, lights, textures into the application. This provides flexibility to store owners or showrooms to add their latest designs periodically without any tech help.