Top Startups in Miami To Watch Out For Your Business

Moving beyond the gorgeous beaches of Miami, here are the best startups to watch

January 18, 2022
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Last Updated February 05, 2024
top startups in Miami

Top Startups in Miami To Watch Out For Your Business

The Miami region has been booming recently for startups, especially with several new investments and ideas coming to fruition. One of the primary reasons for the incubation of several startups in Miami is the increase of venture capital funding in the city. Take an example of Softbank’s whopping $250 million investment in different Miami startups just in the year 2021.  

A total of twelve companies have benefited from Softbank’s investment, with half of them being Miami-based and others expanding operations in the US. According to Mark Volchek, the founding partner of Las Olas Venture Capital, major attractors of venture capital funding have been SaaS-based startups, especially B2B vertical SaaS and SaaS-enabled marketplaces.

Apart from such startups, Miami is also witnessing a massive surge in entrepreneurs from several industries, including crypto-based marketplaces. Take an example of Miami’s Art Basel, which indicated participation from crypto-based and NFT startups. 

As Miami sees a surge in B2B startups, knowing some of them can benefit businesses looking for reliable integrations and partnerships on SaaS-based projects. So, here are some of the top startups that you can watch out for your business in 2023.

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Top Startups in Miami

1. SmartBarrel

SmartBarrel is a startup in Miami that provides hardware and software solutions for construction service-related companies to manage laborers on site. In addition to that, the startup is at the forefront of using Internet of Things(IoT) technology solutions for remote operations management. 

SmartBarrel’s solution allows construction companies to track operations on-site in real-time through data collection and information processing. 

Industry: Construction & Architectural
Founded in: 2016
Funding: N/A

2. aXpire

aXpire is a SaaS-based fintech startup that provides custom software solutions to manage wealth, legal assets, funds, etc. It has two customizable app solutions for law firms and fund management companies like Blir and Resolvr. Apart from these applications, businesses with custom needs can leverage aXpire for various customized solutions.

Resolvr allows funding managers to manage expense allocations, AUM(Assets Under Management), NAV(Net Assets Value), and other essential insights in real-time. Also, Blir uses advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create automated bills for lawyers. As a result, law firms can efficiently manage the billable hours of their services. 

Industry: Fintech
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $20 million

3. Propzie

Propzie is a startup that provides PropTech solutions for tracking payments, repairs, and other essential activities for rental-based property owners and hospitality businesses.

In addition, its application helps in real-time tracking of rental property performance and its listing management. This solution allows properties to be listed across platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and

The centralized dashboard allows monitoring rental payments, performance, and profits across different platforms. Moreover, listings can be adjusted as per changes in the market to maximize gains. 

Industry: Real-Estate
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $280K

4. RiceApp

RiceApp is an on-demand restaurant-based startup that allows users to book orders, reserver tables, access menus, and make online payments. In addition, the app provides service access to several restaurants near the user’s locations.

Furthermore, when users reach the restaurant booked, they can activate their table accessibility by scanning a QR code. Once users scan the QR code, they can access the virtual menu on their device and order food. They can also apply for discounts and promotions through the app before making online payments. 

Industry: Food
Founded in: 2019
Funding: $70K

5. Moneta APP/API

Moneta App is a unique fintech startup that caters to the problems that exist in cash exchange between users. Due to problems in the circulation of currencies and issues with the availability of change, millions of US citizens lose valuable money by making less-informed decisions. Moneta has been helping users with online payment solutions.

Moneta also enables users to exchange cash for crypto. Users can receive money through different payment modes, including cryptocurrencies. 

Industry: FinTech
Founded in: 2021 
Funding: $55k

6. Papa

Papa is an on-demand platform for the elderly and care seekers to connect with professional caregivers. Across the US, several professional caregivers and healthcare providers are looking to help their customers with customized care services. 

Papa provides a platform for caregivers who can become Papa Pals after a proper vetting process. Further, users can easily opt for different Papa Pals based on their healthcare needs. 

Industry: Healthcare
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $241.2 million

7. Fanatiz

Fanatiz is a streaming-based startup that provides live streaming of sporting events across Latin American countries with Video-On-Demand (VOD) services.

It has developed a platform for live sports streaming, actively showcasing events across the web, iOS, Android, tvOS, Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku, and Chromecast. 

Fanatize provides streaming services across devices like tablets, desktops, smartphones, etc. In addition, it allows users to sign up for a subscription with a 7-day free trial with no need for cancellation fees. 

Industry: Media and Entertainment
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $17 million

8. Moda Design District

Modern Design District is an eCommerce startup that allows fashion designers to scale their brands worldwide. The startup provides an eCommerce platform for designers to showcase their designs and product categories to customers with excellent payment options.

In addition, users can buy from different designers directly through the platform. 

Industry: Fashion and eCommerce
Founded in: 2019
Funding: $445k

9. Gaming Frog

Gaming Frog is a startup that provides a platform for gamers to communicate, collaborate, play games and even earn cash. Users need to find a match to play on the console(PS4/Xbox One), report results on the platform to receive instant rewards in their accounts. 

In addition, gaming Frog allows users to leverage their platform to play multiplayer tournaments and take up monthly leader-board challenges. 

Industry: Gaming
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $150k

10. Bolt Mobility

Bolt Mobility is a micro-mobility startup co-founded by the famous athlete Usain Bolt. The startup is already at the forefront of creating unique transportation solutions that are sustainable, like e-scooters and others.  

It has launched several sustainable transportation and mobility products, including a “Mobility OS,” enabling users to receive navigation-based information in-app.

In addition, Bolt Mobility provides an entire fleet of e-scooters for users with enhanced functionalities such as detailed navigations, media playback, and even 4G LTE support. 

Industry: Automotive
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $40.4 million

11. SportsEdTV

SportsEdTV is an online platform for young students and upcoming sports enthusiasts to learn different types of sport. It provides free online videos for more than thirty types of sports with expert coaches and professionals catering to their respective teaching programs. 

These professionals provide online programs that include lessons on sports strategies, ways to develop strengths, maintain nutrition, achieve mental toughness, and so much more. In 2021, National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) teamed up with SportsEdTV to enhance the training capabilities of young students. 

Industry: Sports and Education
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $5.5 million

12. SmartHop

SmartHop is a startup that helps trucking companies and logistics businesses to manage their orders to maximize profits. It provides intelligent recommendations, cost-effective operational services, and back-office support through Artificial Intelligence. 

The intelligent logistics startup also offers fuel cards for small trucking companies to save more on fueling required for their trips.  Truckers can also opt for insurance and online payment options through SmartHop.  

Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $16.6 million

13. Welltrip

Welltrio is a healthcare-based travel startup that enables patients and users to choose the best care service provider based on their preferences. Users can book spas, wellness centers, and other such services from destinations across the globe at their fingertips. 

Currently, the startup is offering service bookings for countries like Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico. Not just wellness centers, but users can also book for medical procedures along with airfares, accommodations, and leisure activities. 

Industry: Healthcare and Hospitality
Founded in: 2020
Funding: N/A

14. CarJoe

Car Joe is an automotive service-based startup that helps users obtain services for an oil change, dent repairs, and paint jobs of cars at their convenience. It saves time and money for customers who otherwise would have to physically visit a mechanic, garage, or automotive repair shop. 

Apart from the oil change and dent repairs, you can also book a car wash, window tinting, vehicle transportation in case of breakdown, wheel repairs, etc. Users can also schedule the bookings according to their convenience.

Industry: Automotive
Founded in: 2019
Funding: $1 million

15. Parkotruck

Parkotruck is a startup that provides parking solutions for truckers through a digital platform. It allows truckers to find available parking spaces saving time and fuel spent on moving from one place to another.

The startup also will enable organizations and property owners with extra room to monetize them through listing their parking spaces on the platform. 

Industry: Automotive and Logistics
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $50k

16. Jushi Holdings

Jushi holding is an online platform that enables users to order from leading cannabis brands. It is a multi-state cannabis manufacturer, cultivator, and retailer which has expanded now to Europe with a provisional license in 2020.

The provisional license allows Jushi holdings to cultivate and sell medical cannabis across Portugal.

Industry: Cannabis eCommerce and Healthcare
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $307.4 million

17. 4ocean

4ocean is a startup that allows users to buy bracelets and other jewelry made from marine debris pulled out by captains and crew members. The startup is leveraging its eCommerce platform to sell jewelry and improve the condition of oceans with the one-pound promise. It is a program that promises pulling of one pound trash from the ocean each time a user buys from their platform. 

Industry: eCommerce
Founded in: 2017
Funding: N/A

18. Idea 247

Idea 247 is a financial start-up that provides business loans and funding for different organizations and customers through its platform. With its team of business advisors and financial experts, the startup is providing financial flexibility for several entities. 

It also offers business tools, financial withdrawals, and complete management of customer funds. In addition, businesses can borrow up to $250000 with a new line of credit without origination fees. 

Industry: Financial services
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $1.5 million

19. Lumu

Lumu is a cybersecurity and business intelligence startup that provides security solutions for various businesses. It gives an assessment solution that continuously monitors systems to identify compromises due to cyber attacks.

A dedicated dashboard allows clients to have centralized visibility on security compromises across networks and environments like the cloud, remote devices, IoT, etc. 

Industry: Business intelligence and Cybersecurity
Founded in: 2019
Funding: $ 7.5 million

20. Xendoo

Xendoo provides a software solution for the bookkeeping and taxation activities of businesses. It enables tracking of monthly transactions and reconciling them with the focus to save taxes.

In addition to that, Xendoo provides monthly reports, balance sheets, and profit books that help business owners obtain data-driven insights. 

Industry: Finance
Founded in: 2016
Funding: $4.7 million

21. Red Violet

Red Violet is an analytics software startup that provides insights for businesses to improve their performance and achieve organizational goals.

It offers a dynamic platform for companies with a massive database to leverage data-driven insights for obtaining business intelligence and use analytics for necessary optimizations.

Industry: Business Intelligence
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $28.5 million

22. Allvue Systems

Allvue systems provide advanced software solutions for the fund and capital management. It leverages technologies to provide investment management, data analytics, accounting, and portfolio management services.

Also, with business intelligence, companies can customize their back-office services and investor portals for enhanced operational efficiency. 

Industry: Finance
Founded in: 2019
Funding: N/A

23. Interfell

Interfell is a remote staffing startup that allows companies to post their job requirements on the platform and connect with remote developers. They can hire developers, collaborate with them and form a remote team by pre-vetting talents. The startup also provides consultancy services from a team of experts. 

Industry: Staff Management
Founded in: 2016
Funding: N/A

24. Very Big Things

Very Big Things is an AR/VR technology company that provides mobile and software solutions for different industries. For example, the startup has offered an on-demand AR/VR app for Boatsetter, the Uber of boats. 

Very Big Things has been awarded more than 18 tech awards for its innovative solutions, which have helped several healthcare businesses. For example, Very Big Things supported Banyan Medical Systems with a telehealth platform to provide remote healthcare services. 

Industry: AR/VR and Healthcare
Founded in: 2018
Funding: N/A

25. MusicPass

MusicPass is an event-based musical startup that helps people engage in concerts, dance festivals, and more with an enhanced experience. It provides cost-effective access to live music events for music lovers through partnerships with several event management companies.

In addition, MusicPass is working to develop personalized live music and dance event experience to reduce access queuing time. 

Industry: Event management
Founded in: 2021
Funding: N/A


Many startups listed here have already attracted millions in funding and are creating solutions that impact various businesses positively. It proves how the Miami startup ecosystem is flourishing with venture capital investments and entrepreneurs looking to convert their ideas into reality.

The region has seen many new startups looking to disrupt markets with innovative ideas. So, if you are an entrepreneur or a startup looking to be the next unicorn that requires excellent development services feel free to get in touch with us.

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