Top 51 Tech Startups in Austin to Watch Out For your Business

In this article, we’ll take a look at top Austin-based 51 tech startups, which have flourished in their own ways and are going to boom in the next year.

November 24, 2021
12 mins read
Last Updated February 05, 2024
Austin - Top 50 Tech Startups to Watch

Top 51 Tech Startups in Austin to Watch Out For your Business

Austin has been emerging as America’s one of the top technical hubs. So it’d be appropriate to say that Austin is always open for businesses. According to TechCrunch, “there are a growing number of tech companies – large and small – have relocated their headquarters to Austin or opened offices in the Texas capital.”

All the while, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have always been seen as a better and key area of opportunities in Austin. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 50 tech startups in Austin that are making an impact in blockchain, real estate, healthcare, cyber security, public safety, and more.

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Top 51 fastest-growing startups in Austin

1. Molecula

An Operational AI company, Molecula, enables businesses to deploy real-time analytics and AI in their apps. Its core product is FeatureBase, a feature extraction and storage technology that powers real-time analytics and machine learning applications. Additionally, it makes model-ready data accessible and reusable across the organization.

Industry: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $23.6M

2. Ontic

The first protective intelligence software company to digitally transform Fortune 500 & emerging enterprises. It helps them proactively address physical threat management and protect employees, customers, and assets. Ontic, a SaaS-based platform, collects and connects threat indicators to view potential threats while surfacing critical knowledge comprehensively.

This way, companies can assess and take action to maintain business continuity and lessen the financial impact. The company also offers strategic consulting, multidimensional education, and thought leadership for security and safety professionals.

Industry: Cyber Security
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $16.7M

3. Wheel

Recognized as healthcare technology, Wheel brings the tech infrastructure and clinicians to power virtual Care and telehealth. Wheel believes that healthcare will move forward when we amplify the impact of virtual care for more patients.

Industry: Healthcare
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $65.6M

4. CesiumAstro

CesiumAstro delivers communication systems for Satellites, UAVs, launch vehicles, and other airborne platforms. Their products are made carefully and maintain the traditional reliability that is necessary for aerospace systems. CesiumAstro provides effective hardware solutions, which do not require any added engineering to their customers. Its services enable its customers to focus on its core mission.

Industry: Satellite Communication
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $28.2M

5. Billd

Austin, Texas-based construction finance company, Billd offers material purchases at 120-day terms to the construction industry. A construction finance company partners with regional and national suppliers across the U.S. to provide project-based financing to contractors. In addition, it offers short-term financing solutions to make things easier, such as immediate payment to suppliers.

Industry: FinTech
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $90M

6. ibble

Ibble, a social media app that brings together comments to life over videos and audios. Founded three years ago, this tech startup has created a social video platform that allows its users to converse using videos.

The company has not received any startup funding as of yet. Still, the company is ready to start a social media experience in a new way and allow users to connect by messaging.

Industry: Digital Entertainment
Founded in: 2018

7. Immersed Inc.

Texas-based tech startup Immersed Inc. was founded in 2017 and is currently based in Austin. The company helps distributed teams to work in the same VR workplace to maximize productivity by providing several useful features, including telepresence, multi-screen sharing, remote whiteboarding, and portability. In addition, it allows users to monitor in VR to optimize focus, whether in solar or collaborating with a team.

The company has been massively successful in its four years of business, leading to the company gaining a total investment of $12.1M in funding from a group of fourteen different investors.

Industry: Software Virtual Reality
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $12.1M

8. Athena Security

Athena Security is an Austin-based tech startup company that helps save lives by preventing crimes like active shooter situations with AI gun Detection Software.

Founded in 2018, currently, the company’s total amount of funding is $5.6M. Headquartered in the Southern U.S., Athena Security embraces the core technology of elevated temperature detection. It uses highly accurate thermal cameras to detect temperatures and HSRP devices for fluctuations in ambient conditions.

Industry: Cyber Security
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $5.6M

9. Accelerate3D

Accelerate3D is recognized as a manufacturer of 3D printers for plastic products or components ten times faster than the standard market. It has raised a total of in-funding over two rounds, and its latest funding was on July 23, 2021, from a SEED round. So it’s better to say a fastest-growing tech startup in Austin.

An on-demand manufacturing company, Accelerate3D embraces patented technology, which makes low-run production easy for every company. The technologies used by them are large-size 3D printers, high-speed 3D printers, and advanced manufacturing.

Industry: 3D Printing
Founded on: January 8, 2018

10. Aifleet

Aifleet is a tech-powered trucking company disrupting the antiquated $800B trucking industry. The team uses AI to schedule the most efficient routes for drivers, prioritizing revenue per truck and driver experience. Their model – with 60% higher revenues per truck and 1/10th the industry attrition rate – empowers drivers to maximize earning potential (through a shared revenue model), and reduces waiting times, all while getting drivers home every weekend. The team is proving that trucking – a historically fragmented and transactional industry – can be efficient and compassionate. With $21M in Series A funding, aifleet is at an inflection point and is ready to scale. 

Industry: Transportation
Founded in: 2020
Funding: $21M

11. Bungalo

Bungalo is a tech startup in Austin, which offers simple home buying options. The company gives easier ways of the home buying experience as smooth and straightforward as it should be. The app enables users to browse and buy exclusive homes only with one tap. One-stop solution for home buying, Bungalo provides paperless options to its customers. It helps individuals own a renovated, modern home through an exclusive real estate inventory and streamlined buying process.

The company received robust funding from an investor, Amherst Holdings. In addition, the company has been given a total of $250 million in Series A funding from an investor to help propel the company’s initiative to the next level.

Industry: eCommerce
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $250M

12. Cerberus Interactive

Austin tech startup Cerberus Interactive is best known for its mobile games technology company. It’s mainly focused on re-defining the location-based games ecosystem. This mobile industry creates bold new titles with a unique marketing-first demand testing model. The company’s mission is to de-risk the “hit driven” game industry and bring gamers more recent titles to play.

The company has managed to get an outstanding amount of investment from three investors since being involved in the market in the last four years. Total investors have collectively decided to invest a figure of $2.5 million into the growing fintech business.

Industry: Marketing
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $2.5M

13. Crave Retail

Crave Retail; an Austin-based tech startup helps retailers make intelligent decisions in every fitting room. It provides a new concept of a “digitally-fitting” experience to shoppers, which leads to less consumer friction and enhances shopper engagement by analyzing and integrating data of customer behaviors.

This retail technology company raised $695K in Pre Seed from RevTech Ventures and two other investors. It empowers the digital room experience by providing on-demand product requests, personalized customer engagement, omnichannel capabilities, and instant product recommendations.

Industry: Retail Technology
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $695K

14. DocStation

DocStation is a healthcare technology startup founded in 2017 and is currently based in Austin, United States. It allows connecting payers and pharmacists to run value-based programs.

This cloud-based platform equips pharmacists with the right tools and incentives. It also aligns goals among all stakeholders that lead to better outcomes at lower costs. In addition, the startup has managed to raise a healthy amount of $3.4 million since its emergence.

Industry: Healthcare
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $3.4M

15. Eggschain

Blockchain-based healthcare technology company, Eggschain, educates, supports, and provides peace of mind to women before, during, and after the eggs-freezing procedure. The company operates at the intersection of technology, reproductive medicine, scientific research, and humanity. This tech startup enables its women to create a digital and trackable identity for their frozen eggs.

Industry: Wellness
Founded in: 2018

16. FabuLingua

The tech startup, FabuLingua is a platform for kids to learn new languages via stories and storytellers. It also allows kids to publish and monetize their creativity. Since its inception, the company has raised a total funding amount of $750K investment. This app enables global writers, illustrators, and independent publishers to publish and monetize high-quality digital children’s stories to teach kids languages.

Industry: Education Software
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $750K

17. Fieldcraft

Founded in 2017, Fieldcraft is a digital marketplace for all the ingredients from farm to food tech. First, it started by connecting buyers to specify crop growers and has become the only platform to connect the entire vertical of food production. This tech startup’s roots in agriculture gave it a unique perspective on streamlining the value-added supply chain.

Industry: Digital marketplace
Founded in: 2017

18. Gleantap

The tech startup company, Gleantap is an AI-enabled member engagement platform for the fitness industry. Founded in 2018, Gleantap uses artificial intelligence technology to understand users’ customers and engage them at the right moment to delight them.

This Austin-based tech startup has been in the fitness industry since 2017 and has managed to raise $260K in equity crowdfunding.

Industry: Artificial Intelligence
Founded on: April 24, 2018
Funding: $260K

19. Golf Scope

Established in 2017, Golf Scope is a tech startup, which has come up with an app that uses a phone camera to understand the topography and speed of a putting green. Headquartered in Austin, Golf Scope utilizes technologies like AR, VR, and ML to help users or golfers of all skill levels to enhance their game.

Industry: Augmented Reality
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $200K

20. GradJoy

GradJoy is a startup in Austin that operates in the Fintech sector and offers solutions such as student loans. It helps to save more money and be debt-free faster. The company has managed to raise $150K from one investor. This tech startup is devoted to making it easy for people to take complete control of their student debt.

Industry: FinTech
Founded in: 2019
Funding: $150K

21. Homeward

Austin-based tech startup, Homeward enables homebuyers to make all-cash offers and buy a new home before selling the old ones. This tech company is extended in regions other than Texas, like Georgia and Colorado, with plans to offer solutions to agents and homebuyers nationwide.

The company has managed a significant amount of funding of $150 million since its inception three years ago by a group of nine investors.

Industry: Real Estate
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $501M

22. KikuPal

This Austin-based tech startup company, KikuPal was founded in 2018. The company addresses the specific needs of employees going through life events such as the death of a loved one, illness, maternity, pregnancy, etc. The concept is to help employees with meals, rides, counseling, support, and tools to create better physical and psychological support systems for them and their families.

Headquartered in the Southern U.S, KikuPal provides help when it most matters to their employees via a benefits platform. This platform offers standard care and equality. It also improves the productivity, retention, and culture of the organization.

Industry: eCommerce platforms
Founded in: 2018

23. knowRX, Inc

knowRX™ Inc is an Austin-based tech startup company based on a cloud-based digital healthcare platform that addresses various encounters essential for therapeutic care. Based on Maestro ML, the machine learning technology orchestrates a circle of care unique to each patient, assisting with clinical trial engagement, improving medication adherence, conducting focused, confidential surveys, and engaging patients in daily wellness activities.

This tech startup has managed the last funding of Seed type and is growing as an online platform for the well-being of patients and physician engagement. Its user-friendly app, knowRX™, offers users or patients access to counseling, genomics data for treatment compatibility, nutritional guidance, holistic insights, clinical opportunities, and instructional videos on clinical research.

Industry: Healthcare
Founded in: 2019

24. Omaiven Health

Headquartered in Austin, Omaiven Health is a tech startup that automates healthcare and offers services like preventing people from reaching the care they need. Founded in 2018, this healthcare company has raised $120K in Pre Seed funding from two investors. It provides advanced full-stack solutions and the access that every patient deserves.

Industry: Healthcare
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $120K

25. Osano

This tech startup, Osano, is Austin-based, which provides an easy-to-use data privacy platform, which instantly helps a website become compliant with the laws such as GDPR and CCPA. Founded three years ago, Osano works to keep the users out of trouble and monitors all the vendors they share the data with. In total, the company has raised an impressive amount of $19.4 million in funding from 12 investors.

Industry: SaaS
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $19.4M

26. Rokfin

Rokfin is a blockchain tech startup company, which provides a platform for creators and content owners to bundle their offerings in a subscription. In addition, this company allows its users to monetize the content in the best way possible.

The company has received a notable amount of funding of $1.2 million in Seed funding. It offers services like watching live streams, podcasts and maximizing content monetization with tips and subscription models.

Industry: Blockchain
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $1.2M


SIERA.AI is a mobility tech startup company, which helps warehouses and factories increase the productivity of their industrial vehicle fleets. This Austin-based tech startup helps factory managers by providing mobility equipment like forklifts to enhance productivity.

The company provides computer vision IoT devices and SaaS dashboards to digitize compliance paperwork, monitor fleet health, and track driver behaviors. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, SIERA.AI has received an impressive amount of $4.5 million in funding from 3 investors.

Industry: Logistics
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $4.5M

28. Transmute

Austin-based tech startup, Transmute is a trusted data exchange platform for global trade, was founded in 2017. It enables secure critical supplier, product, and shipment data to give customers a competitive edge in the increasingly dynamic global marketplace.

The company creates trade documentation digitally that is cryptographically verifiable and traceable across a whole logistics ecosystem. Its primary approach is to combine decentralized identifier (DID), verifiable credential (VC), and blockchain technology with existing cloud-based systems to eliminate hassles of trade documents.

Industry: Logistics Software
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $3.2M

29. InKind

InKind is an Austin-based fintech startup company founded four years ago, based on the concept of “financing restaurants.” It means that the company can finance restaurants by purchasing large amounts of food and beverage credits upfront and then selling that F&B credit to consumers.

In the last four years, the company has managed to receive investment from 3 investors. As a result, the company also gained an intelligent amount since being founded has reached a total of $8.9M.

Industry: FinTech
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $8.9M

30. Ontic

Austin-based security startup Ontic Technologies was founded in 2017 and has gained an impressive amount of $16.7 million in a Series A round of funding from 4 investors. This company is all about providing protective intelligence solutions to its users. It provides a platform, which pulls data from multiple resources and streams into real-time feed and helps out security professionals.

Industry: Security
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $16.7M

31. Place Technology

Place Technology is a finance-based tech startup company, which provides a platform to serve SaaS and professional services. Founded in 2018, this company offers solutions to finance, real-time data, and everyone gets connected to make the right decisions at the right time.

Industry: Finance Software
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $5.7M

32. Workrise

Workrise was founded in 2014 and is recognized as a marketplace for on-demand services and skilled labor in the energy industry. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Workrise is a technology company developing a platform to support the energy workforce. It serves as a marketplace for services and skilled labor in the energy industry. This tech company enables the energy industry to empower contact workers in oil and gas, solar, and wind. This company has received a tremendous amount of startup funding from 21 investors since it was founded.

Industry: Energy
Founded in: 2014
Funding: $752.5M

33. FloorFound

Austin-based eCommerce startup, FloorFound founded in 2020, operates an online software platform that facilitates returns and resales of oversized products for retailers.

Since being founded, this company has increased and secured many figures in the seed round of funding. The total amount of investment that the company has received is $4.7 million from 6 investors.

Industry: eCommerce
Founded in: 2020
Funding: $4.7M

34. Interplay Learning

An IT company, Interplay Learning, specializes in virtual reality and 3D solutions. The company offers an online training platform that lets its users conduct training via 3D simulations designed for career training in heating, ventilation, and conditioning (HVAC), manufacturing, and construction codes.

The company has received a good amount of money since it was founded in 2016. A total of 12 investors have decided to back this e-learning platform, resulting in Interplay Learning receiving a total of $24.5 million in funding.

Industry: E-learning
Founded in: 2016
Funding: $24.5M

35. Literati

Founded in 2017, Literati is an Austin, Texas-based subscription book club company, which provides a unique try-before-you-buy book club service to kids under 12 years of age. In the group, the company allows kids to try the new books before purchasing them, which helps them to read more.

The company’s primary goal is to get people reading more and more. Furthermore, the Literati company has managed to gain a pretty good investment of $52 million from a total of nineteen investors.

Industry: Content Publishing
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $52M

36. Spruce

Austin, Texas-based tech startup, Spruce was founded in 2016, has developed a platform, which enables its users to receive services in their homes via a mobile app (iOS & Google Play). The company provides an easy-to-use platform that embraces hassle-free searching to find out someone to fulfill home services requirements as soon as possible. The company has got a good amount of startup funding since it was founded five years ago.

Industry: Consumer Lending
Founded in: 2016
Funding: $14.6M

37. Living Security

Edtech startup Living Security provides a human risk management solution, which has been designed and developed exclusively for CISOs, CIOs, IT Directors, Managers, etc. The company is based on a science approach, which drives user engagement and reinforces positive security behaviors across enterprises. 

At Living Security, the company believes that the end-users are the most available asset and least leveraged opportunity to prevent cybersecurity breaches in the enterprise. Based on the scientific cybersecurity approach, the company analyzes: human risk factors, a ground-breaking approach to Human risk management, and the ability to measure its effectiveness and ROI. As a result, it creates proven and lasting changes that help to prevent cybersecurity breaches for enterprises.

Industry: EdTech
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $21M

38. Diligent Robotics

Diligent Robotics is one of the examples among healthcare tech startups developing AI-powered robot assistance to collaborate and adapt to humans in everyday environments. For example, the company builds robots that assist hospital teams with routine activities focusing more on patients. Diligent Robotics develops robots with advanced technologies, mobile manipulation, social intelligence, and human-guided learning capabilities.

The company came with this unique concept in 2017 and has gained a good amount of $15.9M, achieved with 15 people.

Industry: Healthcare
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $15.9M

39. Joust

This FinTech startup, Joust (a banking platform), was founded in 2017, directly provides merchant services and business banking for the self-employed. Headquartered in Austin, this fintech startup relocated its HQ to Austin from Denver with a $2.6 million seed round. Joust offers digital banking services like same-day funding for invoices and a fully integrated merchant account for self-employed workers. It also lets users tax management, contract management, and bookkeeping services in the future.

Currently, the company has raised a total amount of funding of $11M from 7 investors.

Industry: FinTech
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $11M

40. Spot Insurance

Founded in 2017, Spot Insurance, a health insurance tech startup, is based on the concept of offering injury insurance to protect against unexpected medical expenses.

The company has received a large amount of 23.3M dollars in seed funding from 7 investors. Based in Austin, Texas, Spot Insurance is led by insurance veterans and experienced tech entrepreneurs. It allows policyholders to live, love, and celebrate life to the fullest.

Industry: Health Insurance
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $23.3M

41. Sana Benefits

Sana Benefits is an Austin-based startup company that was founded by Nathan Hackley and Will Young in 2017. This healthcare insurance tech company provides insurance health plans for small and medium-sized businesses or individuals. It also offers simplified health plan solutions, ensuring to pay an honest price and prioritizing customer service.

The company has received a good amount of $26.8M since being founded four years ago from 4 investors. This funding has allowed the company to undergo rapid growth.

Industry: Healthcare Insurance
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $26.8M

42. Overhaul

Based on a supply chain integrity technology solution, Overhaul allows shippers to connect disparate data sources into a fully transparent platform designed for the logistics industry. Founded in 2016, this tech startup company is based on intelligence-driven risk management and real-time visibility for supply chains.

Since the foundation year, the company has seen a significant amount, i.e., $64M in Series B round of funding. The combined efforts of four investors achieved this.

Industry: Logistics
Founded in: 2016
Funding: $64M

43. Living Security

Austin, Texas-based cyber security company Living Security provides a human risk management solution that has been designed and developed mainly for CISOs, CIOs, and others.

Founded in 2017, the tech startup company is based on a scientific cybersecurity approach to analyze human risk factors and a ground-breaking approach to Human Risk management.

It has gained a notable $20.3 million in a Series B round of funding from nine investors. This will help the company to achieve its goals.

Industry: Cyber Security
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $20.3M

44. Atmosphere

Established in 2018, Atmosphere is an Austin-based tech startup company, a TV streaming platform for businesses, and it is proffering 21 original and partner channels.

The platform provides a digital signage feature for businesses to run their house promotions within the content. The company has managed to gain $48.7 million in revenue in a Series B round of funding from three investors.

Industry: TV Video Streaming
Founded in: 2018
Funding: $48.7M

45. Coder

Founded in 2017, Coder (Austin based tech startup company) provides an open-source tool and enterprise platform that makes it easier to configure, secure, and scale development environments.

This tech startup provides a developer workspace platform compatible with Azure, AWS, and OpenShift. The company’s primary aim is to build the best products available for developers.

The company has raised a fund of $47.8 million from a Series B round of funding from the collective efforts of 11 investors.

Industry: Cloud Computing Software
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $47.8M

46. Shipwell

Austin-based tech startup, Shipwell is a freight trucking company, which provides businesses with automated way transport of goods and services. Founded in 2016, the company combines a marketplace for shippers to connect with freight companies and online tools to manage the shipments. The company makes money by charging freight services and fees for its freight management software platform.

This freight trucking startup has raised an impressive amount of $47 million from the collective efforts of eight investors. This has resulted in the company’s absolute growth in a limited period.

Industry: Logistics Supply Chain Management
Founded in: 2016
Funding: $47M

47. SpyCloud

This cyber security startup company, SpyCloud develops account takeover prevention and fraud investigation tools. It offers a platform to prevent user’s accounts and online fraud. The solutions provided by the company include developers solutions, including early data recovery, data cleansing, password cracking, and automated remediation. It also enables businesses to safeguard the identity of their employees, consumers, and suppliers.

Founded in 2016 in Texas, SpyCloud has gained an impressive amount of $58.5M in revenue from five investors. This helped the company’s overall rapid growth and development.

Industry: Cyber Security
Founded in: 2016
Funding: $58.5M


Established in 2017, uses the power of artificial intelligence to identify at-risk patients and recommend the best interventions for each individual. This Austin-based tech startup gives a wide array of off-the-shelf predictive models for common healthcare use cases and develops customized models to meet each organization’s specific needs.

This tech startup’s mission is to make it easy and affordable for healthcare organizations to use data science to improve outcomes and reduce costs. The company has gained an amount of $48 million in a Series B round of funding from the combined efforts of eleven investors.

Industry: Healthcare AI
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $48M

49. Fetch Package

Austin-based tech startup, Fetch Package, is a logistics company, which was founded in 2016. It provides a last-mile delivery platform, which offers direct-to-door package delivery services to residents of apartment communities.

The company provides solutions to package problems for apartment buildings by giving a last-mile delivery platform. It partners with property managers to accept all packages of local facilities and door-to-door delivery with residents. In addition, it offers services in the fields like delivery, logistics, and mobile applications.

Industry: Logistics
Founded in: 2016
Funding: $92M

50. Pensa Systems

Founded in 2016, Pensa Systems is a provider of autonomous perception systems for retail inventory visibility. This Austin-based tech startup company has developed a system, which allows drones to monitor shelves and alert retailers in real-time whenever the product is out of stock. Additionally, the company gives solutions to brands and retailers to minimize stock-outs and optimize production planning and compliance.

The company has also gained an impressive $28.2 million in a Series A round of nine investors. This way, the company has gained popularity and overall growth in a short period.

Industry: Retail AI
Founded in: 2016
Funding: $28.2M

51. ALTR

Austin-based SaaS provider ALTR simplifies and unifies data governance and security, allowing the ability to store, share, analyze, and use their data. In addition, the company provides a SaaS cloud platform, where customers can implement data governance and security in minutes rather than months.

This security software company provider also gives solutions to create progressive policies to control data access. ALTR has managed to gain a very healthy amount of startup funding from only one investor since it was founded four years ago. It resulted in the total growth and development of the company.

Industry: Security Software
Founded in: 2017
Funding: $30M


It remains to be seen how Austin has emerged as a tech hub for numerous startups and entrepreneurs. And, these Austin-based tech startups companies have positioned themselves for rapid growth and continued scaling in the future. 

Share your thoughts about Austin becoming a tech startups hub in the comment section below. 

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