How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Remote Angular Developer?

Looking to hire an Angular developer for your projects? What will be the cost? Which is the best way to engage? Find all the answers here.

December 30, 2021
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Last Updated July 28, 2022
Angular Developer cost

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Remote Angular Developer?

If deciding on a Javascript framework like Angular for building your web application was time-consuming, hiring a developer does not get any better. No framework is perfect, and Angular is not an exception. It comes along with many benefits, but there are some limitations to it that you must be aware of while hiring an Angular developer. 

To handle this nitty-gritty effectively, you need an Angular developer with a specific skill set to make your project a big success. However, several aspects other than skills influence the overall cost of hiring Angular developers.

In this article, we will discover significant factors that influence the cost of hiring an Angular developer and the average price you will have to pay.

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Factors that affect cost of hiring remote Angular developer

A standard Angular developer has a specific skill set, usually costing a specific, predictable, and fixed amount. However, these skill sets and time of engagement also depend on the app’s size and its complexity of features. This brings us to the point that hiring an Angular developer has more variables than one can imagine, which we’ll discuss in the following sections.

Scale of projects

Developing an application has several aspects of being considered, including scale, type, methodology, and more. However, the scale of the project will be different for each organization and use case which impacts the cost of hiring remote Angular developers.

Small-scale projects

A small-scale project will have basic features taking less time and effort for development than medium or enterprise-level projects. 

For example, a simple feature like user profile creation is much like a web form that users submit on a website where input data is captured and stored. Further, the same information is visible to users on their profiles.

Here no complex integrations reduce the cost as you may not need an entire team of developers. So, hiring an Angular developer for a small-scale app is the cheapest because maintenance is less, and the features to be developed are simple and fewer. 

Medium-scale project

Small-scale apps may need higher operational features with customized APIs and more third-party integrations than small-scale ones. This also influences the variations in costs of hiring remote Angular developers. 

Take an example of integrating a chatbot for your web application. You will need customized APIs for integrations and trigger functions to automatically activate chatbot services. Building such functionality is complex and requires a team of multiple developers, making it costly than a small-scale project. 

Enterprise-grade projects

Building an enterprise-level app may require extensive features, advanced integrations, and complex management tools, leading to higher hiring costs. In addition, enterprises need highly functional features with secure access across the organization, which is why you need more than just one team of developers. 

Enterprise-grade projects may need a development team, QA team, testing teams, and often these teams work in a DevOps environment. So, you need several developers with advanced knowledge and experience working within the DevOps culture, increasing the cost compared to medium or small-scale projects.

Complexity of features

An application may be simple or complex based on the kind and amount of features it requires. Therefore, the cost of hiring an Angular developer varies based on this factor too. For example, simple features and basic functions like login/signup, notifications, etc., may need less development time and basic skills.  

On the other hand, complex features like Geo-tagging, real-time data processing, and AI-based functions may require more time and intense coding skills for development.

For instance, an angular developer with the knowledge of using async pipes can reduce memory leaks for your application. The higher the Angular expertise, the higher is the cost of hiring. 

A simple app like Single Page Application or SPA can take about 380-900 development hours. So, if you hire a developer with basic skills at about $25 per hour, the total cost of hiring will be around $9500 to $22500. At the same time, complex apps can take around 550 to 1300 development hours. 

Thus, the cost of hiring Angular developers could be anywhere between $16500 and $39000, considering the average cost of hiring a full stack developer to be $30 per hour.  

Skills required

Angular developers’ skillset is the backbone of hiring decisions and directly impacts the overall cost of hiring Angular developers. In addition, extensive knowledge of the Angular framework and skills to optimize app development can offer value to your projects. So, here are some skills related to Angular that you can seek while hiring.

Architecture- Angular developers must know different modules and components associated with the framework. It is embedded with MVC at its core but works well with an MVVM architecture which enables two-way binding between View and ViewModel. Developers with these skills can improve the performance of your application and build an enhanced user experience. 

Templates- Knowledge of templates can be a great addition to the basic skill sets while evaluating Angular developers.

Apart from the templates, developers’ acquaintance with third-party libraries like Angular Material, ng-bootstrap, etc., can be an added advantage and help you build an excellent user interface. 

Typescript Excellence- Angular is built on Typescript, a superset of Javascript. Given this fact, even a JavaScript developer can handle TypeScript coding to some extent in some instances. Hence, it is essential to identify if the developer has experience with both languages or at least one of them. 

Build Tools- There are several Angular build tools like Angular CLI, Angular Schematics, Webpack, Angular Material, etc. Knowledge of these tools is essential to create custom services, components, and modules for your app. 

Engagement model

There are many flexible hiring models that you can explore, like the time-based (hourly/monthly), fixed price, and dedicated models. In addition to that, you can also engage remote Angular developers in different ways like dedicated-based, offshore-based, or even freelance-based depending on the business needs. 

A fixed engagement model ensures no hidden costs, and everything is fixed right from the start through an agreement. In contrast, a dedicated team model is best when your technical requirements and project scope are not specified.

Fixed Price Model Dedicated Model
Clients only provide business requirements for a fixed price model Clients have their say in everything from what number of developers needed to what skills they need to have and a complete outline of the development process
Cost and deadline of product delivery is fixed before the development begins It is a flexible model where you can adjust the cost and product delivery as per specific business needs
Once the agreement is signed entire responsibility of project development and execution falls on the service provider The requirement of the projects and other aspects of development are communicated regularly with the client
A project manager oversees the entire project without the need for client consultations A team of experts works as an extended team of the client’s organization for a continuous development approach
Checking on the development of the project and ensuring compliance becomes difficult Due to the constant development approach and constant coordination, tracking the projected growth and compliance is easy.

You can engage with developers geographically by choosing between nearshore, onshore and offshore developers. Nearshore developers are from locations within your time zones. 

Although offshore developers may be cost-effective for your app development, they are from different time zones, making it difficult to collaborate without proper tools. Apart from that, you can always choose to hire in-house developers if you wish to create a development team.

Average cost of hiring Angular developer

When it comes to the average cost of hiring, you will have to consider the aspects like experience and location from where the developers will be hired or sourced. Let’s discuss some of those factors,

Experience-based Cost

There are three different levels of experienced developers that you can hire,

  • Junior developer
  • Mid-level developer
  • Senior developer

Junior developers- Fresh graduates or beginners with 0 to 3 years of experience in Angular development. They are expected to have basic knowledge of the framework with troubleshooting and debugging skills.

Entry-level frontend developers should know major database concepts like SQL, stored procs, and schema designs. Understanding the software development lifecycle and test-driven development is an added advantage.

Mid-level developers- Developers with a basic knowledge of Angular and experience of 4 to 6 years. They have enough expertise in optimizing app performance, integrating third-party services, and building custom features.

Mid-level developers need to have enough knowledge of system architecture or to lead a software team for development projects. Full-stack development abilities are a bonus while hiring a remote mid-level developer.

They should have experience collaborating with designers and other developers to build human-centric applications. In addition, mid-level remote developers with knowledge of project management tools can help your organization manage projects in the long run.

Finally, the ability to leverage open-source frameworks for continuous integration and deployments across platforms is another significant benefit of hiring a mid-level remote developer.

Senior-level developers- Senior frontend developers have expertise in Angular, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, and responsive web design. They should have average experience working with Angular technologies for more than seven years. Senior developers can provide leadership qualities in developing quality codes and guide other team members to continually improve the services.

They should be well-versed in SCSS, RxJS, Adobe Analytics, and Cordova, with at least 3+ years of experience working with Agile development methodologies. In addition, experience with cloud services like Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud is also desirable for senior developers.

Location-based cost

When it comes to the cost of hiring Angular developers, location plays an important role. Developers at different geographic locations have different costs of hiring. For example, In North America, the price of hiring a senior-level angular developer can go up to $157,440 per year, and at the same time, in Asia, it can be up to $9,533.

Asia offers highly skilled Angular talents at reduced costs compared to other geographical locations. On the other hand, India offers the cheapest opportunity for hiring developers with different levels of experience.

The best part about hiring Indian developers is not the cost but their ability to provide solutions with minimum resources. At the same time, Israel and some Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore also offer promising Angular talents.

Developer hiring cost in Asia

North America
The United States, Canada, and Mexico are the other most popular markets to find the top 1% Angular developers for your business needs.

Hiringg cost of Angular Developer in North America

West Europe
Western Europe has a reputation for offering one of the finest talents in the world for Angular development. Countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden have been at the forefront of building Angular-based apps.

Cost of hiring Angular developer in Europe

Australia is also a top-notch market to hire Angular developers, but prices can be a little overwhelming. The local developers charge between $38,400 and $90,931 depending on the developer experience required and the apps’ complexity.

Eastern Europe
Eastern European countries offer the cheapest Angular developers. Offshore developers from countries like Ukraine and Poland are great alternatives to countries hiring Angular developers is costlier.

The average cost of hiring an Angular developer in Ukraine is within the range of $9120 and $42,000 per year. And, Polish developers may charge anywhere between $17,280 and $53,208.

Freelancers vs. dedicated developers: Which one is practical?

The cost of hiring a remote Angular developer can vary depending on whether you hire a freelancer or a dedicated developer. If you are looking for a project with a limited scope, and a predefined budget, freelance developers are the best choice.

You can engage them through a bond that defines the total engagement time, project requirements, and scope. Such hiring flexibility is the reason why freelance developers are in high demand.

However, there are some drawbacks to hiring a freelancer, like the quality of work. For example, a freelancer may be working with several other clients; hence the output quality may be subpar.

Apart from the quality, you don’t have any control over the productivity and need to spend enough resources for better collaborations.

Hiring a dedicated development team may seem costly but can offer more perks than freelancers. A dedicated team of Angular developers offers flexibility that does not limit the scope of your project.

Such developers are primarily engaged through a software development company, and the weight of execution rests on their shoulders.

What you achieve with a dedicated team are experienced developers that offer superior quality, higher productivity, and the ability to scale your applications. So, hiring a dedicated development team is far more practical than individual freelance developers.

Finding a freelancer is easy with Upwork,, or even Linkedin platforms. At the same time, you can find the best software company to hire dedicated remote Angular developers from GoodFirms or Clutch. The cost of hiring dedicated remote developers from such software companies is between $25/hour and $49/hour.


Hiring a remote Angular developer is just one step towards developing your next application, which is why doing it right is a wise choice. Many staff augmentation services, freelancers, and firms offer dedicated Angular development teams. 

However, choosing the right resource can be tedious and often confusing. In addition to that, the decision to hire a remote Angular developer depends upon your organization’s specific requirements and the type of engagement model you are suitable for. So, before you decide on hiring Angular developers and how; there should be an answer ready to questions like,

  • Why do you need to hire a remote Angular developer?
  • What level of experience should the Angular developer possess to build your project?
  • What is the scale and size of the application you want to build?

Answering these frequently asked questions will help you gauge the development cost, including the right developer’s hiring expenses. If you are still wondering how to hire remote Angular developers or a dedicated Angular team for your projects at affordable rates, get in touch with us today.

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