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The live concert industry will experience significant growth during the next few years, aiming $31 billion by 2022 and 1 billion attendees in a single year. No matter how big the number is, one major problem persisted in engaging this massive amount of attendees in a network-strapped area.

In 2014, Tomorrowland sat a new standard by introducing a ‘friend’-ing device festival bands, to help people stay in touch and engage with all their friends during the music festival.

However, WayPoint wanted to take the engagement technology to the new level. It wanted to build, an open platform to organize, manage and attend the music festival all the while engaging the users pre, post and during the same. It wanted to offer real time messaging with friends without any internet connectivity, ability to get directions to a friend or any POI using compass with distance to walk, and festival information at fingertips including schedule and artist info.

Optimizing existing code base for better scalability and performance


From MVP to full
grown product

Client approached us with their product development needs and under progress code written by the previous development team. After proper assessment, we didn’t find the code healthy enough to proceed with further development as it did not follow any standard architecture patterns like MVC/MVVM, or support auto layout and storyboarding as per iOS coding standards.

We decided to optimize the code first to make it scalable before adding any new functionalities. Later we followed monthly sprint approach and agile development method to deliver the product in phases.