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The overall luxury market has grown by 20% since 2017, to an estimated $1.35 trillion globally with shoe being the fastest growing product category in personal luxury goods market.

Stubbs & Wootton is a luxury shoe brand making handmade loafers for more than 30 years. Their retail stores, mostly located in downtown posh areas have customers from Kanye West to other notable celebrities. They wanted to extend this luxury presence to online and digital world to attract more shoppers. Crafting handmade customized shoes sets them apart from others. The biggest goal for us was to seamlessly continue this tailored customer experience to online assets.

Replicating physical luxury store experience to the digital

The battle to retain exclusivity and personal relationships with customers grows many fold when they buy from an online store. You need to craft features like browsing products, advanced filters options, checkout experience, user account management, return and refund mechanism, and loyalty programs by addressing the needs of the high-end customers.

“Simform has been a phenomenal partner with vast experience in e-commerce space and breadth of technical expertise-- exactly what we needed to launch our online presence”


In the end, Stubbs & Wootton got a rich online presence in-line with the brand’s overall look, feel, and positioning. We also built an iPad app running in Kiosk mode to take customized orders by applying various combinations of fabrics, motifs, and monograms based on the customer's preferences.

This resulted in an increased awareness of the brand amongst luxury customers around the world. Noticeable rise in web traffic & the average value of purchases, and a significant uplift in sales was achieved within the first 6 months of launch.