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Stubbs and Woottons: Omnichannel Ecommerce solution for luxury shoe brand

Category: Ecommerce, Consumer, Retail

Services: Ecommerce Development Services, Mobile Application Development Services, API Integration and System Integration



Increase in customer engagement on a global scale.


Rise in web traffic.


Uplift in sales within the first 6 months from the app launch.


With 30 years of branding in the offline market, our client wanted to shift their customer experience to the online market to attract more shoppers. This meant they would require a customized web experience that would extend the tailored customer experience to online assets.

  1. Digitize bespoke shoe designing process
  2. Attract luxury customers from around the world
  3. Integrating with existing systems
  4. Simplifying Admin operations


The goal of Simform was to ensure that they get a rich online presence that would be in line with their brand positioning and retain the luxury tag it has maintained all these years.

  1. State management for smooth experience
  2. Scalable application architecture
  3. Integration with the existing apps
  4. POS integration for easy and quick checkout

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