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The Fédération Internationale de Hockey, known as FIH, is the international governing body of field hockey comprising of 137 nation members.

Hockey World Cup 2018 was the biggest event in the organization’s history with over 3 million viewers in Asia alone. They wanted to launch a more powerful web presence before the event to be the digital companion of viewing experience.

Challenges and goals

We had to deliver fully tested QUALITY website in a tight timeframe of 3 months before the World Cup started on November 26th.

FIH was clear in their vision and expectations from the new website. To make the website digital companion for all things Hockey, they wanted increased user engagement, usability, discoverability, while providing modern user experience (UX).

The architecture of the website needed to be scalable, cut costs, and be flexible while following GDPR guidelines. We helped set up cloud migration and DevOps CI CD pipeline to improve deployment times.

On the front-end side the goal was to create a platform that supports different content types, widgets/components, DYNAMIC content page creation with the ability to iteratively adopt changing requirements without breaking the architecture.

“To have achieved the goal in such a condensed amount of time, with so many moving parts is a remarkable case study for anyone who is trying to pull something off like this.”