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FIH: Improving the online web experience for International Hockey Federation

Category: Sports, Entertainment

Services: Headless CMS, Scalable frontend development


Reduction in time to first render from 3 to 1 second. 


Ensuring zero downtime during new deployments.


Scalable platform with the capacity to serve 100,000+ visitors concurrently.


The client had a clear vision from the inception- launch a powerful web presence before the event to be the digital companion of the viewing experience. They wanted to increase user engagement by providing a modern user experience which wasn’t possible with the current architecture as it lacked scalability and flexibility.

  1. Dynamic frontend for higher adaptability
  2. Smarter content management and publishing
  3. Handling traffic spikes with high performance
  4. Faster development to reduce time to market


Our team worked closely with the client’s tech team to deliver a fully tested, GDPR-compliant website 3 months before the World Cup event. Our solution consisted of-

  1. Modern architecture to achieve superior performance
  2. Optimizing content delivery approach through cloud
  3. DevOps engineering for improved quality delivery
  4. Automating performance testing cycle

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