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Tweets driven market intelligence solution for pharma industry

Category: Healthcare, Startup, Pharmaceuticals

Services: managed Engineering Teams, Progressive Web App, API Integration, Microservices Architecture & Development, CI/CD Implementation & Management

market intelligence solution for pharma industry


Centralized digital platform for curating information and creating concise reports.


Data retrieval mechanism to retrieve millions of tweets from 1000s of influencers.


Systems to capture the data in batches of 500 tweets every 2 hours.


A data-driven analytics platform wanted to analyze and capture millions of raw tweet data into real-time insights and time-saving analysis.

  1. Curating highly relevant Tweet data
  2. Implementing scalable microservices architecture
  3. Optimizing database performance
  4. Data security for cross-functional team


Our team used AWS Lambda, AWS RDS, Python, AWS ECS, RoR, Angular, and PostgreSQL as the key tech stack to convert the challenges mentioned above into a functional solution.

  1. Integrated API to capture data at regular intervals
  2. Optimized database for reduced response time
  3. Distinguishing Tweets from Retweets through scripts
  4. An added layer of security and role-based access in the coding environment

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