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Red Bull sponsors more than 1500 events each year. With an average of 10,000 visitors per event, these events hold a great marketing opportunity for Redbull. To provide engaging brand experience, Redbull used Photobooths for event goers to record memories. They were using different vendors across cities making it bit difficult for them to manage transportation, installation, and troubleshooting.

Redbull wanted a custom scalable solution that can easily accommodate their event engagement needs, extend this engagement to digital channels like social, and save money in the long run.

Simform set out to build customizable photo booth technology

When you are building a solution for one of the fortune 100 companies, you are carrying it’s reputation along with you and in the solution that you are building. There is no room for compromising the quality.

You have to design the app architecture in such a way, that it can easily handle the visitors’ traffic during an ongoing event and ensures pleasant user experience.

“Simform was able to take our vision and create something that has proven itself successful”