Top 30 Tech Companies in Houston Defining the City’s Tech Scene

From Fortune 500 companies to exciting startups, here's a list of Houston's top tech companies turning the city into a hotbed of innovation.

February 1, 2022
11 mins read
Last Updated February 05, 2024
tech companies in houston

Top 30 Tech Companies in Houston Defining the City’s Tech Scene

While Houston is a major hub for the energy, aerospace, and defense sector, the city’s tech scene has been going through a significant transformation over the past few years. Following suit of the major tech cities in the USA, Houston has also become a hotbed for tech innovation.

The abundance of research facilities and rich exploration history of the city has paved the way for it to become one of the largest tech communities. What’s more, Houston’s southern hospitality and decadent cuisine are also attracting the tech world’s top talents! Apart from hosting companies like Microsoft and HP, Houston can boast of various enterprises that build innovative technology solutions for other sectors like healthcare, fintech, telecommunications, etc.

With an impressive cluster of companies of all sizes, we have curated a list of top 30 tech companies in Houston that are shaping the city’s diverse tech landscape.

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Top tech companies in Houston

1. Oceaneering

Oceaneering is a global oilfield provider of IT solutions and engineered services and products focusing on deepwater applications for the offshore oil and gas industry. Their creative solutions enable companies to manage complex subsea challenges as well as to adapt to a range of environments underwater, on land, and in space.

Oceaneering’s innovative and efficient solutions help de-risk operational systems safely, increase reliability, lower costs and satisfy customer needs worldwide. Moreover, with its applied technology expertise, the company also serves other industries such as aerospace, government and defense, renewable energy, scientific research, and more.

Industry: Engineering and IT solutions

Founded in: 1964

Funding: N/A

2. Acclara Solutions

Acclara provides revenue cycle management solutions to hospitals, clinics, physician practices, and health systems. It helps the healthcare systems recover more revenue quickly and manage the inherent complexities of revenue cycles with their fintech solutions. The company also simplifies the operational, technical, and process challenges that revenue cycle environments face today. Their services include Patient Financial Responsibility, Insurance Reimbursement, Conversion Assistance, reporting, and data analytics. 

Acclara’s solutions enable health systems to minimize claims denials and achieve outstanding financial results. Thus, hospitals can focus on patient experience, reinvest their revenue into patient care, and build brand loyalty.

Industry: IT solutions, Healthcare

Founded in: 2005

Funding: N/A

3. Fiserv

Fiserv is an industry-leading technology solutions provider to various organizations to meet their fintech and payments needs. It delivers innovative solutions for payments, processing services, merchants and global eCommerce, risk and compliance, customer and channel management, and insights and optimization. 

Fiserv’s clients include financial and fintech institutions, governments, corporates, merchants, and consumers worldwide. With the latest technologies, Fiserv helps its clients move and manage faster and more efficiently. As a result, organizations can keep up with consumer demands, quicker tempo of today’s financial markets, and achieve the desired business goals. Today, Fiserv has nearly 10,000 financial institution clients and 6 million merchant locations globally.

Industry: Fintech

Founded in: 1984

Funding: N/A

4. AvidXchange

AvidXchnage is a leading software development company automating the invoice and payment processes for middle-market businesses. The company’s innovative solutions include invoice automation, bill payment automation, purchase order automation, and utility bill management softwares.

It improves visibility and increases efficiency for companies with AP (accounts payable) automation. As a result, it has freed businesses from the paperwork and transformed bill payment for the banking industry, healthcare, construction, hospitality, real estate, technology, and more. Distinguished as a global fintech unicorn, AvidXchnage has helped more than 7,000 North American companies cut costs and has a network of more than 700,000 suppliers.

Industry: Fintech

Founded in: 2000

Funding: $1.1 billion

5. HP Enterprise

HP Enterprise was formed as part of splitting the Hewlett-Packard company in 2015. HPE is now a multinational IT firm focused on providing cloud, networking, containerization software, consulting, support, and other IT services. HPE is the largest tech company in Houston, delivering intelligent and efficient technology solutions for businesses in various industries.

HPE’s approach is centered around cloud platforms, edge-to-cloud, and AI to help companies accelerate their operations and unlock value from all of their data everywhere. With decades of consistent experience across all clouds and edges, HPE innovates to help companies develop new business models, engage in unique ways, and enhance the customer experience to surpass their competitors.

Industry: IT

Founded in: 2015

Funding: N/A

6. Crown Castle

Crown Castle is a provider of communications infrastructure and networks in the USA. It owns, operates, and leases towers and infrastructure required for wireless communications. It also works closely with wireless carriers, broadband providers, tech companies, government, and businesses to build solutions to meet the unique connectivity needs of its clients. Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, and the US government are its top clients.

Overall, the company aims to improve public spaces and create safer, better-connected communities to advance their access to education and technology. It is also establishing the infrastructure and 5G fibers network for transition to a 5G world, and eventually 6G.

Industry: Telecommunications 

Founded in: 1994

Funding: $92.8 million

7. Cambay Consulting

Cambay Consulting is an IT firm helping businesses transform digitally by delivering the right services spanning people, processes, and technology. It provides a wide range of solutions such as software development, cloud migration, app modernization, engineering design services, infrastructure management, customer service, analytics, and more. 

It also specializes in providing staff augmentation services by assembling and managing dedicated teams of highly skilled technical professionals. Catering to customers in various industries, Cambay helps them with disruption, delivering high performance, and driving seamless transformation.

Industry: Tech services 

Founded in: 2012

Funding: N/A

8. Entelligence

Entelligence IT is a consulting services company that helps the world’s leading tech enterprises sell, manage and deliver their most valuable IT services to their most important customers. Their services range from design and development to solution management. Some specific services include data storage and warehousing, legacy systems migration, consulting, systems integration, security assessment, network design, and more. 

With a focus on streamlining sales and customer service operations for their clients, Entelligence helps its customers embrace technology in an innovative, logical fashion. Its clients are some of the largest cloud service providers and enterprise IT vendors. It has served companies such as Continental Airlines, Duke Energy, Compaq, Equiva, and more.

Industry: IT services

Founded in: 1997

Funding: N/A

9. Schrill Technologies

Schrill Technologies provides end-to-end business solutions to companies by leveraging technology. With an approach of combining IT innovation and an organization’s current IT assets, it tailors unique solutions for dynamic environments where business and technology strategies converge.

Schrill works with large global enterprises and new generation technology companies to build new products and services that help them achieve their tech goals with faster ROI and reduced time-to-market. Its services include application development, maintenance, Schrill Managed Services, consulting, staffing, re-engineering services, offshore services, QA, hardware design and verification, and ERP.

Industry: IT services 

Founded in: 2007

Funding: N/A

10. ABGi USA

ABGi USA is a leading tax credit and incentives firm headquartered in Houston. With professional tax credit and deduction expertise of over 35 years, they specialize in maximizing the R&D tax credit for companies. Thus, they help companies capitalize on federal regulations to optimize their tax credit incentives for innovation, research, and development.

They cater to industries including engineering, software, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, electrical, food and agriculture, automotive, chemicals, and more. And through their international offices, they serve companies across the globe, making them one of the largest global networks in tax credit optimization.

Industry: Financial services

Founded in: 1985

Funding: N/A

11. iland

Iland is a cloud service provider focused on simplifying every step of the cloud journey from planning to protection. Their cloud platform lays the foundation for a complete cloud transformation with proven technology, giving companies the true competitive advantage they need. The iland cloud platform is designed to meet growing businesses’ performance, resiliency, and security requirements. 

The cloud platform also supports all iland services, including production hosting, disaster recovery, backup services, migration, security, and more. Additionally, iland also has a dedicated team of experts available to consult individual industries or requirements and 24/7/365 support for all aspects of cloud deployment.

Industry: Cloud services

Founded in: 1995

Funding: N/A

12. Adapt2 Solutions

Adapt2 Solutions is a leading AI-enabled operations software provider. Their solutions are designed to help energy market participants, including retailers, traders, asset managers, utility and renewable energy companies. They help streamline their operations, contract management, and all other needs for using, producing, and maximizing energy assets.

Backed with the latest technologies including, big data, AI, and machine learning capabilities, all Adapt2 solutions are built on a single cloud platform. It includes Adapt2 B2B (bid-to-bill) solution for power trading and settlements, Adapt2 T2T (trade-to-tag) for power scheduling, and Adapt2 Green, a renewable-centric solution.

Industry: Software

Founded in: 2008

Funding: N/A

13. American InfoSource

American InfoSource is a process and software engineering company offering technology, talent, and data analytics services to support operations and IT functions in the financial services sector. It delivers high-quality, low-cost solutions to help companies maximize business performance. In addition, their suite of services helps manage economic uncertainties, regulatory pressures, and market complexities.

American InfoSource specializes in data integration, analytics, technology, loan servicing, legal support, and business process outsourcing services. It serves various industries, including automotive finance, banking, mortgage, consumer credit, legal, and telecommunications.

Industry: Fintech

Founded in: 2000

Funding: N/A

14. Transtreme

Founded by a team of technology experts and healthcare professionals, Transtreme offers healthcare services by employing FDA-approved, state-of-the-art equipment and tools. Their services include annual health assessments, Chronic Care Management, Telemedicine, Patient Care Coordination, counseling, Mobile Patient Testing, scheduling support, and more.

To drive innovation and deliver high-quality healthcare services that patients deserve, Transtreme partners with physicians, medical networks, and payors. In addition, they work with clinicians and clients who share their quest for quality and value increased quality of care and cost-containment.

Industry: Healthcare

Founded in: 2007

Funding: N/A

15. Graylog

Graylog provides log management software and platform making data more efficient and secure. The Graylog solution collects, stores, indexes, searches, and analyzes log messages and machine data from IT infrastructures and applications. It enables companies to improve IT operations, compliance, efficiency, and security while reducing costs.

Graylog has deployed more than 50,000 installations globally. And their centralized log management system also enables speed, scale, and real-time analysis of terabytes of machine data. The company provides solutions to the government, fintech, education, telecom, healthcare industries, and more.

Industry: Software

Founded in: 2009

Funding: $27.4 million

16. SmartVault

SmartVault provides online document storage delivering secure file sharing, storage, and management solutions for accountants and businesses. The platform is designed to solve the unique workflow and security needs of bookkeepers and the industries they serve. It also creates a seamless user experience and integration for scanning, attaching, and finding documents within other familiar applications.

In 2016, Reckon Limited, a leading technology solutions provider for businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers based in Sydney, acquired SmartVault. Thus, it complemented both the companies’ product and market strategies and was dedicated to providing solutions that increased accounting efficiencies. 

Industry: Software

Founded in: 2007

Funding: $8.2 million

17. Enroute Systems

Enroute Systems provides IT services and solutions with a team highly skilled in different areas of IT and business practices. Their major offerings include data engineering, software development, and quality engineering services. Moreover, they focus on becoming long-term technology partners for their clients and making them happy and successful.

Enroute’s significant clients come from energy and healthcare industries, and others include adtech, fintech, and more. They have served companies like Halliburton, Comcast, Marathon Oil, and more.

Industry: IT services

Founded in: 2005

Funding: N/A

18. Enuit

Enuit provides enterprise trade and risk management solutions worldwide for energy and commodity trading companies. Their award-winning solutions include ETRM/CTRM (energy and commodity trading, transaction, and risk management software) and ENTRADE. These solutions help companies track their transactions, logistics, and supply chain throughout the entire deal lifecycle. 

Enuit provides multi-commodity support with expertise in Crude, LNG, NGLs, Power, Natural Gas, Agriculture, Metals, and Refined Products. Enuit also offers other services such as training, consulting, product implementation, project management, custom development, support, and more.

Industry: Software and IT services

Founded in: 2008

Funding: N/A

19. Pulse Staffing

As a leading medical and administrative personnel provider based in Houston, Pulse has provided staffing for hospitals, clinics, insurance, and business clients for the past 25 years. It specializes in nursing, allied health, and administrative back-office personnel for local and remote medical assignments. 

Pulse strives to gain a deep understanding of their partners’ operational goals and challenges to provide the professionals that suit each facility or practice’s unique needs. For instance, their executive search division places medical professionals, middle and top-level management, and IT professionals nationwide.

Industry: Healthcare staffing

Founded in: 1988

Funding: N/A

20. M7 Services

M7 Services is an IT services provider specialized to meet the needs of hotels, hoteliers, and hospitality management companies with a full suite of managed technology solutions. With their deep understanding of the hospitality industry and the latest technologies, M7 services numerous companies across the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean.

They also provide access to a 24x7x365 help desk staffed by internal employees and project teams that are skilled with major property management systems, PoS systems, and other core systems across all branded, boutique, and independent hotels. With industry-leading tools and consulting, M7 helps design, manage and implement all technology requirements for new hotels and remodel projects.

Industry: Hospitality

Founded in: 2010

Funding: N/A

21. Kastech Software Solutions Group

Kastech is a leading IT solutions and services provider based in Houston, offering various software services with special reference to ERP and Oracle’s PeopleSoft. Their other services include ERP, IT staffing, cloud and data migrations, application managed services, administration, support, analytics, and development services. It aims to provide cost-effective, high-quality, and reliable IT solutions leveraging its experienced resources.

Kastech assists companies with digital transformation and serves as a strategic partner in various industry verticals. With offices in 6 countries serving clients from 14 countries, it has worked with Fortune 500 companies and mid to large-scale public sector agencies.

Industry: IT services

Founded in: 2007

Funding: N/A

22. Flextek Resources

FlexTek provides comprehensive resources and IT services to companies both domestic and international. It provides operations, accounting, finance, and IT professionals in various industries specializing in energy, environmental, oil and gas, construction, and logistics. Moreover, it also provides RPO (Recruitment process outsourcing) services with the necessary staff, technology, and methodology required. Apart from staffing, their IT services portfolio includes consulting, project management, and complex environment implementations using next-gen IT solutions.

Industry: IT and staffing services

Founded in: 2008

Funding: N/A

23. Centre Technologies

Centre Technologies is an IT services provider headquartered in Houston, focusing on mid-sized businesses. Their team of experts and certified consultants assess, design, deploy and support innovative IT solutions for businesses. It helps organizations harness the power of technology to improve operational efficiency, enhance collaboration and exceed their business goals.

Centre’s services include managed IT services, cloud, backup and disaster recovery, security, compliance service, consulting, and staff augmentation. The company serves private equity and venture capital firms, public sector and government, energy, oil and gas, financial, and manufacturing businesses.

Industry: IT services

Founded in: 2005

Funding: $18.1 million

24. Onit

Onit is a leading Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solutions provider, transforming how legal departments operate. But their services are not limited to the legal industry. Onit helps other departments and businesses in various industries improve processes, create intelligent operations, and make informed decisions. 

Apart from LegalOps, Onit offers solutions for contact management, Aptitude platform ( for workflow automation), and Precedent, their AI platform. It also partners with businesses to build enterprise-wide custom software solutions that are easy to use, quickly implemented, and help build better organizations.

Industry: Enterprise software

Founded in: 2011

Funding: $216.6 million

25. Bluware

Bluware is a software development, consulting, and data management services provider with a significant focus on the energy sector. It helps the energy industry explore the full value of subsurface data with expertise in data science, ML, numerical modeling, computational physics, scientific visualization, and geoscience.

Bluware helps geoscientists deliver faster and informed decisions about the subsurface by increasing E&P (exploration and production) workflow productivity through deep learning and cloud solutions. Thus, it helps companies capitalize on innovative software solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, compliant with operational needs, and help make better decisions to improve business.

Industry: Software

Founded in: 1987

Funding: N/A

26. Innovapptive

Innovapptive is a global leader in providing the modern Connected Worker Platform (CWP) and a suite of pre-packaged software solutions to help companies bring their frontline workforce, back office, and assets together.

CWP digitally fuels collaboration between the entire frontline workforce, executives, and back offices to improve operational efficiency and minimize plant outages. Thus, the platform enhances the life of the frontline workforce while also uplifting the revenue margins of the businesses. Innovapptive also offers innovative maintenance and operations solutions to companies. And the company serves some of the largest brands in the world with offices in multiple locations, including Australia, the Netherlands, and India.

Industry: Enterprise software

Founded in: 2012

Funding: $23.5 million

27. Stemmons

Stemmons Enterprise is a software development firm that develops dynamic enterprise software solutions to help businesses attain agility, operational excellence, and management goals. It provides an entire functionality suite to organizations that implement their software. The suit contains tools and systems that provide a clear picture of the organization’s people, property, processes, data, workflows, and activities. It is visible to every member of the organization so it connects them and allows them to work in a unified environment. Stemmons mainly caters to hospitality, commercial, residential and corporate real estate.

Industry: Enterprise software

Founded in: 2013

Funding: N/A

28. Buurst

Buurst, formerly known as SoftNAS, builds high-performing data storage technologies for the cloud and edge. By making data affordable, it helps companies save high costs by not double billing cloud storage. Buurst optimizes cloud storage decisions for companies across all major cloud platforms, from migration to granular monitoring and management to storage tiering for cost performance. It ensures superior performance, protection, and optimization of business-critical data. 

Buurst works with various tech partners to help clients migrate and store business data in the cloud. It has served companies such as Netflix, Disney, Halliburton, Coca-Cola, and others that leverage Azure and AWS cloud infrastructure.

Industry: Data storage and IT

Founded in: 2012

Funding: $35 million

29. P97 Networks

P97 Networks is a platform that provides cloud-based mobile e-commerce and digital marketing solutions for convenience retail stores, marketers, and fuel companies. It enhances their ability to attract and retain customers with technology that securely connects millions of individual mobile devices and cars with identity and geolocation-based softwares. As a result, consumers have a better mobile shopping experience, personalized digital offers for in-store purchases, and options for lower fuel prices.

Overall, the platform aims to bridge the gap between convenience stores and gas stations. Its innovative technology allows them to reach customers with various payment options and real-time engagement. It also provides insightful information about customers’ activity, mobile analytics, and platform growth.

Industry: Retail

Founded in: 2012

Funding: $69 million

30. Innowatts

Innowatts offers an AI-powered SaaS platform for energy retailers, utilities, and grid operators worldwide. This platform provides them with data needed to be more proactive, predictive, and connected with their ratepayers and customers. It also helps them manage their grids, grid reliability, customer relationships, profitability, and sustainability goals in a digitalized manner. 

Innowatts uses AI to unlock meter-level data, uses best-in-class machine learning, and has learned from millions of meters from around the world. Their suite of solutions includes core analytics, load forecasting, grid edge management, load scheduling, risk management, pricing management, product management, and smart engagement.

Industry: Energy and Utilities

Founded in: 2013

Funding: $24.2 million

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Wrap Up

A closer look at Houston’s tech scene reveals it is not just the “energy capital of the world” anymore. Recently dubbed as the “Silicon Bayou”, Houston is emerging as a tech hotspot because of the growing number of tech startups and companies creating industry-leading technology solutions.

If you’re considering tapping into innovation with technology for your business, look no further. Simform is a leading software development company in Houston building high-quality, intelligent softwares for customers in various industries. To know more, get in touch with us today!

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