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What do we discuss on the show?

As an engineering leader, you’re no stranger to the challenges and opportunities facing engineering leaders today. Our podcast aims to help you navigate the challenges and learn from the experiences of other engineering leaders who have been there before.

Our community comprises CTOs, VP of engineering, and other tech leaders who speak about scaling tech teams, driving innovation, and building modern architecture. With this, we aim to create a space for open and honest conversations about the challenges and opportunities facing the tech community today. 

  • Meet tech leaders, enterprises, and startups.
  • Study people, processes, and tools. 
  • Learn how to scale tech teams and build a growth culture. 
  • Study how to build Modern Architecture.
  • Understand the challenges facing tech leaders today. 
  • Stay on top of AI, Digital products & the future of tech. 

Want to be our next guest speaker?

If you’re a Tech leader, you can be a guest on the show. You’ll get an Engaged audience, Wide distribution, and Strong association to share your experience with other tech leaders.

Engaged audience

As a guest on our show, you’ll have the chance to connect with listeners from around the world, build your network, and elevate your profile within the industry. We’ve 300,000+ monthly visitors and a social reach of 100,000+.

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Simform is one of the fastest-growing tech organizations with footprints in the US, Canada, UK & India. In the last 18 months, it has grown from 600 to 1200+ highly qualified software engineers, solving the challenging problems of modern enterprises.

Wide distribution

Our podcast is available on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and 10+ other platforms, allowing our guests to share their insights with a wide and engaged audience of engineering leaders.

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Advertising & Promotions

We are on a mission to build the biggest community of Tech Leaders. Therefore, an established marketing department is dedicated to maximizing our reach and driving growth.


Through strategic outreach and partnerships with relevant publications and influencers, we to generate buzz and excitement around each episode, reaching a wider audience and increasing social proof.

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We collaborate with 20+ tech influencers and podcasts to disseminate our podcast at scale. We also use media bits from our podcasts as ads promoted in famous podcasts.