OrthoPedic Loop : A Collaborative Healthcare Platform for Surgeons

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  • Achieved 99.9% uptime for the platform.
  • 12% reduction in operational costs
  • 30% increase in active user engagement.

About OrthoPedic Loop

OrthoPedic Loop is a dedicated platform facilitating seamless communication among medical equipment manufacturers, orthopedic surgeons, and related businesses. The private platform streamlines collaboration, offering features such as online connectivity, live streaming, video calls, event hosting, polls, and networking within the Surgeon Community.


  • OrthoPedic Loop was looking to build a unified platform for surgeons, medical equipment manufacturers,  and related businesses. 
  • Surgeons faced challenges connecting online with manufacturers to source equipment for their operational requirements.
  • Further, collaboration with such manufacturers required communication through online channels, sharing surgery videos, and having live calls.
  • Creating a unified platform and resolving fragmented communication required reliable architecture.
  • The infrastructure for the platform must be able to accommodate a high amount of user-generated content and enable live streaming for collaborations of healthcare professionals
  • With data-sharing capabilities for surgeons, the platform also needed a robust and secure storage system to store patient data.
  • OrthoPedic Loop also needed a platform that is compliant with data regulations and ensures data security
  • Maintaining scalability and ensuring load-handling capabilities for the healthcare collaboration platform was challenging.

Proposed Solution & Architecture

  • Our team helped OrthoPedic Loop build a reliable platform for collaborating with surgeons and healthcare equipment manufacturers.
  • First, Simform experts leverage Route 53 for efficient domain management, ensuring seamless and reliable access to the platform.
  • Further, we ensured enhanced user experience through AWS CloudFront and low-latency content delivery on the platform.
  • Our team used Amazon S3 for secure and compliant medical data storage, ensuring compliance with major data regulations.
  • We streamlined platform deployment with AWS Elastic Beanstalk, enabling rapid releases.
  • Our team employed Amazon ECS to containerize workloads and ensure higher load-handling capabilities.
  • Further, we used Application Load Balancer(ALB) for efficient traffic distribution, ensuring the system was not overwhelmed due to intensive workloads.
  • Our team secures connections for the healthcare platform with SSL/TLS certificate management leveraging AWS Certificate Manager.
  • Lastly, to ensure platform performance is up to the expected level, we Implemented Amazon CloudWatch for continuous monitoring, enhancing system health and performance visibility.

Metrics for success

  • OrthoPedic Loop achieved 99.9% uptime for the healthcare collaboration platform.
  • It realized a 12% reduction in operational costs, demonstrating resource optimization.
  • OrthoPedic Loop improved global connectivity and collaboration through the platform, increasing active user engagement by 30%.

Arhitecture Diagram


AWS Services

  • Amazon Route 53: We used Amazon Route 53 for domain management, ensuring reliable platform access.
  • AWS CloudFront: We improved user experience by leveraging AWS CloudFront for low-latency content delivery on our platform.
  • Amazon S3: Simform experts used Amazon S3 for secure and compliant medical data storage
  • AWS Secrets Manager: We leverage AWS Secrets Manager to securely save medical data and ensure compliance with data regulations.
  • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk: AWS Elastic Beanstalk helped the Simform team streamline platform deployment, enabling rapid releases.
  • Amazon ECS: Our team used Amazon ECS based EC2 instances to containerize workloads and ensure platform scalability
  • Application Load Balancer:  We used Application Load Balancer(ALB) for efficient traffic distribution, ensuring the system was not overwhelmed due to intensive workloads.
  • ACM: Healthcare platform’s connections are secured with SSL/TLS certificates using AWS Certificate Manager.
  • Amazon CloudWatch: We leveraged Amazon CloudWatch for continuous monitoring and used insights to fine-tune platform performance.
  • AWS CloudTrail: Our team used AWS CloudTrail to ensure comprehensive log management and offer detailed insights into user activity, security monitoring, and operational troubleshooting. 
  • AWS KMA: We used AWS KMS to create and manage encryption keys, enabling the encryption of patient data at rest, thereby ensuring data security and compliance with data regulations
  • Amazon RDS: Simform experts configured RDS to handle the high amount of user-generated content, providing a scalable and manageable database solution for storing and accessing various types of data.
  • Amazon ECR: We used Amazon ECR to store, manage, and deploy Docker container images for the platform’s application components.
  • Amazon SNS: Our team configured SNS to handle live calls, sharing surgery videos, and other real-time communication needs

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