Newton: An ultimate all-inclusive email management solution.

Category: Email

Services: Managed Engineering Teams, Resilience, Fault Tolerance, Cloud Architecture Design and review, Automation of Operational Tasks, Patch Management and Compliance, Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Capacity to handle 13 million emails daily
  • 98% reduction in downtime through resilient systems
  • Reduced incident resolution time by 50% with advanced data recovery system
  • 25% decrease in operational expenses with federated architecture

About Newton

Newton is a new-age email client application that works seamlessly across various platforms like macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows. It offers users many valuable features like reading receipts, sharing emails with a link, and snoozing, to name a few.


  • Newton needed more resources to maintain infrastructure, develop security protocols, and implement disaster recovery plans. 
  • Integration with multiple third-party libraries was a significant challenge in maintaining the system’s resilience.
  • High cloud infrastructure cost for operations
  • Email platform needed high resiliency for the system to ensure seamless user experience.
  • Lack of federated infrastructure design to cope with peak loads

Proposed Solution & Architecture

  • We have developed a cloud-native, federated architecture design to handle a larger volume of emails and improve its resilience towards disruptions.
  • Our team facilitated a  smooth shift from physical servers to Kubernetes.
  • We orchestrated migration with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).
  • Our team created a unified codebase for perpetual code maintenance simplicity.
  • Strategically integrated DynamoDB for precise cost optimization.
  • We employed auto-scaling groups to respond to demand shifts gracefully.
  • AWS System Manager automated incident response, leading to faster incident resolution and minimizing service disruptions.

Metrics for success

  • Newton syncs 13 million emails daily, leveraging federated architecture design ensuring a highly resilient system
  • Our team achieved a 98% reduction in downtime, improving system resilience against disruptions.
  • We reduced incident resolution time by 50%, enhancing the system’s resilience through advanced data recovery mechanisms.
  • We helped Newton realize a remarkable 25% decrease in operational expenses, driving substantial cost-efficiency improvements.

Architecture Diagram


AWS Service

  • Load balancers: We used load balancers to ensure an even distribution of requests between EC2 instances for optimal performance.
  • AWS System Manager: Our team used AWS Systems Manager for centralized automation and management, optimizing resources, security, and compliance across the AWS infrastructure.
  • SQS/ Gearman: We used Amazon SQS and Gearman to handle queuing and job distribution for service requests.
  • DynamoDB: Our experts leveraged DynamoDB to store metadata for email templates, enabling link tracking and reading receipts in Newton.
  • Amazon S3 and RDS: We use Amazon S3 to store templates and attachments, enhancing user experience and enabling public email sharing
  • SQLite storage with thrift interface: Our AWS experts used SQLite storage with a thrift interface to store email metadata for quick retrieval for up to 60 days.

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