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iResult: Transformative big data and analytics solution for school districts

Category: Education, ISV

Services: Data Analytics and Consulting, DevOps Engineering, Cloud Migration Services, Microservices Architecture & Development

iResult Case Study


Faster data processing.


Cost-cutting using microservices and CDD architecture.


Secured data management.

About iResult

While edu-tech companies have dramatically improved learning in the classroom, District Administrators, Principals and the Board Leadership lack solutions that can give them a single point of access to the multiple systems they already use. The Big Data solution developed by iResult brings out the potential of education management systems that help a school to determine a range of indicators about teacher, student, and school resource’s performance.


Within the growing educational industry, iResult envisioned creating a single database for teachers and administrators to transform how school districts were managed. The challenge was redesigning the entire application to process millions of data every minute – swiftly and efficiently.

  1. Architect a scalable and optimized solution
  2. Migration by keeping performance intact
  3. Define good implementation and DevOps practices
  4. Updating the data to run dynamic queries


Simform offered a full-stack development solution to build a SaaS-based big data and analytics solution that provides data-based insights.

  1. Well-architectured framework for a scalable solution
  2. Data warehousing followed by microservices architecture
  3. Implement the best DevOps and CI/CD pipeline
  4. ETL processing to generate dynamic reports

Architecture Overview

iResult Architecture

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