Gen AI’s Potential for Businesses: Kickstart Innovation with AWS and Simform

Gen AI AWS For Businesses

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What’s inside the eBook

Generative AI is revolutionizing business operations across industries. And AWS is leading the charge with a comprehensive suite of AI services, from pre-trained models to customizable solutions, empowering businesses to utilize the full potential of generative AI at scale. So we’ve written this eBook for CTOs, IT leaders, project managers, and business strategists aiming to harness the power of generative AI on AWS. Discover how the insights from this guide can drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and optimize business functions.

Impacts And Opportunities

Impacts and opportunities

Understand the transformative impacts of generative AI on business economics and the importance of high-quality data. Learn about the growing trend of investing in Gen AI and how it can reshape business operations.

AWS-powered gen AI use cases

Explore how to bring generative AI use cases to life on AWS Cloud. Dive into practical applications such as data insights, personalized marketing, customer service enhancements, and more

AWS Gen AI Use Cases
Gen AI Driven Business Functions

Gen AI-driven business functions

See how generative AI can revolutionize various business functions. Gain insights into its role in customer support, marketing, sales, product development, IT operations, and supply chain management.

Roadmap for adoption

Equip your organization with a roadmap for adopting generative AI on AWS. Learn about readiness assessments, operating models, pilot projects, and integrating AI into your overall strategy.

Roadmap For Adoption
Simform Gen AI AWS Approach

Simform’s approach

Discover Simform’s AWS-powered project delivery approach for generative AI. Learn how Simform helps businesses implement innovative and scalable AI solutions on AWS Cloud.

6 Reasons to read this eBook

This eBook offers comprehensive insights and practical guidance for adopting generative AI on AWS. Find answers to many of your questions, from how to assess your readiness for AI adoption to how to implement pilot projects, from selecting the right foundation models to curating quality data, and more.

Strategic insights

High-impact use cases

Practical implementation steps

Scalable solutions


Enhanced customer service

Hands on guidance

Why Simform?

With our bespoke generative AI solutions, you can accelerate workflows, empower users, and improve operational ROI. Our AI specialists deploy fine-tuned FMs for your business use case while maintaining high data governance, quality, and security standards.

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