Cloud Cost Optimization 101:
 9 Practical Ways to Save Money in the Cloud

The eBook provides you with detailed insights on the cloud migration and ease the burden of getting started.

This ebook goes through all the nuances of cloud cost optimization and helps you examine and find the right strategies to skillfully optimize the rising cloud bill.

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"I've really got to give credit to the teams that are working with us, Simform is not only a backbone to our team, but a backbone to our business. We can better manage business because of Simform.

We selected Simform for our financial technology visualization system that has very complex processes and 3D visualization. Of all the teams we worked with, Simform had the best service, was available for discussions, and made time to answer any questions we had."

Lenny Perkins

VP of Engineering

Dan Joldzic, 
CEO at SenTMap

What's inside the eBook

Diagnose what’s leaking the money

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Know what are key business decisions that are costing your company a fortune on the cloud front, and fill the gaps for better.

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The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Migration

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Compiled by our serverless experts

Helps you find hidden costs 

Has real-world examples

Delivers practical and actionable tips

Shares proven strategies

Helps improve ROI

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Downloaded by 800+ startup owners and decision-makers.

Unearth the hidden costs

Discover all the hidden costs and fees that didn’t catch your attention the first time around. Eliminate redundancy, and increase efficiency. 

Robust cost-optimization framework

Get our tried and tested 3-step cloud cost optimization framework to rest your cloud budget for the best possible efficiency. 

Industry examples for proven strategies 

Learn lessons from leading companies and use the knowledge to trim the fat from your cloud architecture bill.

Lessons from some of 
the most successful companies

6 Reasons to read this ebook

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Recently a lot of companies found themselves buried under high cloud usage bills. And there are multiple reasons behind it, ranging from inefficient cloud practices to hidden costs. In this ebook, we tell you all there is to know about the reasons behind high cloud costs and how to optimize them.