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Proximity-driven IoT solution to measure employee happiness and job satisfaction

Category: Manufacturing, Electronics

Services: IoT Development, Mobile App Development, Enterprise App Development, Snapshot Testing

IoT solution to measure employee happiness


Improvement in logging sensor data via the Cloud and IoT.


Increase in quality by conducting snapshot and manual testing.


Availability of services irrespective of the timezone.


One agency’s client planned to build an Employee Happiness solution for its South-East Asian campuses and wanted to design, build and implement an automated employee happiness solution.

  1. Utilize IoT for employee feedback
  2. Working with cross-functional teams
  3. Build and monitor effective employee welfare solution


To build this state-of-the-art solution, our engineering team chose AWS IoT, React Native, Appium, and AWS SQS to ensure all aspects of development are taken care of.

  1. Storing millions of raw sensors records in Cloud
  2. Working in sync with implementation partner
  3. Generate meaningful campaigns for varying need
  4. Analytics with filters to measure campaigns’ success

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