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Headless e-commerce solution to build bespoke online storefronts for businesses of any kind

Category: eCommerce, ISV

Services: Ecommerce Development Services, Headless CMS/Ecommerce Development, Scalable Frontend Development, API Integration and System Integration

headless ecommerce solution Simform


Improvement in scalability.


Support and maintenance.


Increase in SEO traffic.


The client’s headless eCommerce platform allows companies to decouple their frontend and database for easy customization of storefronts. They needed a managed engineering team to migrate a 14-year-old legacy home improvement marketplace built on .Net to a headless eCommerce platform.

  1. Careful migration without affecting daily operations
  2. Integration with internal and external systems
  3. Seamlessly migrate product data and configurations
  4. Follow latest eCommerce platform building approach


The initial step for our engineering team was to integrate with the existing backend and DevOps teams. It helped us understand the development methodologies each organization followed. Thereafter, we employed a component-driven frontend approach to migrate the platform.

  1. Utilizing GraphQL as middleware between frontend and DBs
  2. Enhanced server-side rendering for making it SEO friendly
  3. Improved PIM (product information management) to easily manage info
  4. Optimize price and offers across all products categories

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