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Modernizing an eCommerce store for a top furniture retailer

Category: Retail, eCommerce

Services: Scalable Frontend Development, Progressive Web App Development, CI/CD Implementation and Management, WebUI Automation Testing

Modernizing an eCommerce store for a top furniture retailer


Decreased loading time across all pre-cached pages.


Increase in conversion rates.

2.94 Seconds

To load PWA and enables checkout within 20 seconds.


The client, a custom-made furniture retailer with more than $100 million in revenue, didn’t want to lose on performance and speed for their eCommerce storefront. They wanted to:

  1. Adopting PWA for better lead conversion
  2. Minimizing bounce rates and optimizing speed performance
  3. Tapping the potential of mobile web users
  4. Native app-like store experience


Our team worked on providing solutions to combat performance issues and provided PWA architecture to increase app accessibility.

  1. Modeling app architecture to improve app performance
  2. Reusable component-driven design
  3. Browser-side caching for maximum performance
  4. Minimizing the critical production errors

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