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Highly modular micro-frontend solution for IT assets and service management

Category: ISV, Cyber Security, Networking, Agency

Services: Frontend development, Application Modernization, UX Design, CI/CD Implementation & Management

micro-frontend solution for IT assets


Micro-frontends so that 30+ teams across geographies can collaborate and work together.


Shared cross-platform component library and interactive design system.


An on-demand flexible team of up to 50 devs and down as needed.


The client had an IT automation platform and wanted to discover, manage and secure its enterprise infrastructure.

  1. Having consistency throughout the platform
  2. Modernizing legacy enterprise solution
  3. Pixel-perfect design solution
  4. Scalable frontend architecture


Our team provided micro frontend solutions to structure the working of the entire team around the principles and achieved consistent design language using component-driven development.

  1. Trunk-based development
  2. Adopting code analyzing tools
  3. Performance measurement reports
  4. Minimizing the critical production errors

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