ATG: A global online auction marketplace

Category: Auction, eCommerce

Services: AWS Control Tower Implementation, Managed Governance Hub, Multi-Account Strategy, Security and Compliance Auditing, Operational Efficiency Enhancement, Resource Optimization

ATG Case Study


Reduced efforts of onboarding newer AWS accounts


Reduced manual lookups through a centralized single dashboard


Reduced database costs

About Auction Technology Group(ATG)

Auction Technology Group is a digital marketplace that allows bidders from various countries to access a selection of goods curated by trusted auctioneer experts. Auction Technology Group has expanded across the UK and US markets through numerous marketplace acquisitions.


  • Developing a comprehensive control of databases, APIs, and environments across systems
  • Needed a unified data repository for their platform
  • Ensure configuration uniformity across AWS accounts
  • Enable custom notification for each configuration change in the system
  • Required an infrastructure to handle increased traffic, transactions, and users at scale.  

Proposed solution and architecture

  • Leveraged AWS Control Tower to develop a centralized governance and management hub for comprehensive control.
  • Used AWS Control Tower CF StackSets to record config changes for all accounts.
  • Used a centralized approach coupled with reporting capabilities of AWS Control Tower to build a unified resource.
  • Configured multiple AWS accounts to enforce policies standardizing configurations chances using AWS Config.
  • Cloudwatch Rule is configured to forward notifications from local SNS Topic to Security Topic using AWS Control Tower Baseline templates.
  • Used AWS RDS, Autoscaling, AWS EKS, and AWS Lambda functions to create a scalable infrastructure.

Metrics for success

  • Reduced 30% of efforts required to onboard newer AWS accounts
  • Reduced 45% of manual lookups through a centralized single dashboard
  • Created a unified repository for all the data integrations, reducing database costs by 30%
  • Enhanced configuration management and enforced uniform policies. 

Metrics for success


AWS Services

  • AWS Config – Used AWS Config to keep track of resource configuration history, monitor changes, and ensure compliance auditing.
  • AWS Cloudwatch Rules –Used CloudWatch rules to monitor Config Compliance Change events, IAM Key Age, and Auto Scaling events.
  • AWS Control Tower – Used Control Tower for Security and Compliance, Resource Visibility, and Simplified Onboarding and Account Management.
  • AWS Simple Notification Service(SNS) – Used SNS for real-time notifications for any alerts triggered
  • AWS Simple Queue Service – Used SQS to decouple microservice to interchange data between 2 services
  • AWS Cloudformation – Used Cloudformation to provision resources in the AWS account via IaaC
  • AWS EKS – Used EKS to host the product on managed Kubernetes service which scales, shrinks, applications based on demand and requirements

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