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AI-driven mental health support application for university students

Category: Healthcare, Education

Services: Gen AI Development, Architecture Design and Review, Managed Engineering Teams



Reduction in support access time

50 universities

implemented within the first year


MindFulMe struggled to offer personalized mental health support due to resource constraints, long waits, challenges in identifying subtle mental health issues, and diverse student needs.

  1. Shortage of mental health professionals causing delays and unmet student needs.
  2. Lack of personalized mental health support for diverse university student backgrounds.
  3. Difficulty detecting early signs of mental health issues in students.
  4. Challenges in scaling mental health support without compromising quality during peak periods.


We developed an AI-driven mental health app for university students. This application offers personalized and contextually-aware mental health support via an advanced therapy bot.

  1. Developed a React Native mobile app and admin portal for easy access.
  2. Integrated existing CPT models to train AI for better mental health responses.
  3. Utilized Amazon Bedrock for empathetic, contextually relevant emotional support./li>
  4. Built on AWS for scalable, secure architecture with efficient data management.

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