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A complete one-stop solution for all your car buying requirements

Category: eCommerce
Services: Managed Engineering Teams, DevOps,Cloud Architecture Design, and

  • 12% more accounts created
  • 10% increase in leads
  • 3% increase in conversion rate

About CarSaver

CarSaver is a solution where the users can quickly and easily buy, rent, lease, insure and upgrade all new and second-hand carsof their choice. CarSaver has tie-ups with all the leading car brands. The company’s USP is its lifetime warranty that covers engine, transmission and drivetrain.


  • Checking the eligible customers for Upgrade and generating deals for them
  • Configuring a recurring process for marketing and nurturing the leads
  • Displaying suitable trades to upgrade their current vehicles
  • Generating different offers for the customers
  • Displaying proper finance amount and calculations
  • The client wanted a trade recommendation service for trades in second hand cars
  • For security and compliance purposes clients wanted to audit each and every incoming request that comes into their network
  • Client wanted to ensure database is compliant with data protection policies to ensure compliance for regulatory requirements
  • The client wanted to ensure configuration of the AWS resources and environment should be in compliance state and the security team should be notified in case of violation.
  • To make infrastructure management less error prone.
  • Remote access of AWS resources was required and it should be integrated with their existing SSO.
  • A reliable and secure code was required


  • To check the eligible customers for upgrade and to generate best deals for them, we run ETL jobs on AWS Lambda with DynamoDB as a database service.
  • The client wanted us to build a system for marketing and nurturing leads. We used third-party tools like Iterable for marketing and voile for customer management.
  • The client wanted that the users who wished to upgrade their current vehicles should be shown the best trades. We used offerlogix to display the offers and Amazon RDS to store the data.
  • The client wanted the users to get different offers. We used offerlogix for this purpose and the tool now displays the different deals available to the user.
  • We use the AWS Lambda function to calculate the finance amount and return the calculations.
  • We used aws lambda which analyzed the data and returned recommendations.
  • We built a monitoring system to monitor every incoming request using Amazon VPC cloud, network firewall and VPC flow log. For mitigating application layer attacks we used a web application firewall.
  • For the database we have used Amazon Aurora and AWS backup service to ensure data protection compliance is followed.
  • Our Devops team has set up AWS Config that enables the client to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of the client’s AWS resources and environment.
  • Our Devops experts have used the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) for defining cloud infrastructure as code with modern programming languages and deploying it through AWS CloudFormation.
  • To efficiently manage common access and security requirements, we have implemented Hub and spoke a networking model using AWS native networking tools such as AWS client VPN , network firewall, transit gateway, VPC etc.
  • Our Devops engineers used SonarQube to automate code analysis and review. The tool also helps the developers identify potential security vulnerabilities in the code, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Architecture Overview

car buying requirements

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