Accelerate Business Growth with an AWS SaaS Competency Partner

Power up growth with Simform's AWS SaaS competency expertise.

July 11, 2023
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Last Updated July 21, 2023
AWS SaaS Competency Partner

Accelerate Business Growth with an AWS SaaS Competency Partner

Welcome to our blog, where we celebrate our achievement as an AWS SaaS Competency Partner and share insights on how we accomplished this significant milestone.

As businesses unlock growth opportunities in the digital age, harnessing the power of cloud computing has become essential. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the AWS SaaS Competency Partner program, recognizing companies with exceptional expertise in delivering Software-as-a-Service solutions on the AWS platform.

In this blog, we will delve into the strategies, best practices, and key factors that accelerated  our business growth and earned us the prestigious AWS SaaS Competency Partner status.

Empowering Success: How Simform’s AWS SaaS Competency Can Help Boost Your Business

Simform’s AWS SaaS Competency represents a significant milestone for businesses aiming to accelerate growth in the SaaS landscape. It signifies our deep expertise, proven track record, and commitment to delivering exceptional SaaS solutions on AWS. Now, let’s explore why you should choose Simform for your SaaS needs.

1. Seamlessly Transition to SaaS Excellence

Accelerate your SaaS transformation with Simform. As an AWS SaaS Competency Partner, we understand the unique challenges of transitioning to a SaaS model and have honed our expertise in SaaS architecture and development. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition for businesses embracing the SaaS model.

Our team of experts understands the intricacies of migrating applications to a SaaS environment. This enables us to design scalable and flexible solutions tailored to your requirements. With our guidance, you can transform your traditional software into a powerful SaaS offering that unlocks new opportunities for growth and customer satisfaction.

2. Rapidly Deploy Your SaaS Solution to the Market

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, time-to-market is crucial for gaining a competitive edge. Simform’s AWS SaaS Competency excels in rapidly deploying your SaaS solution to the market. Leveraging the power of AWS services, we employ infrastructure automation, containerization, and serverless computing best practices to accelerate the deployment process. Our experienced team understands the importance of agility and efficiency, ensuring your SaaS solution quickly reaches  your customers. With reduced deployment timelines, we help you capitalize on market opportunities faster, enabling you to generate revenue and capture market share sooner.

3. Bolster Security Measures in Your SaaS Journey

Security is paramount in SaaS offerings, and Simform’s AWS SaaS Competency equips us to bolster your security measures. We adhere to industry-leading security practices and leverage AWS security services to safeguard your SaaS environment. From implementing robust authentication and authorization mechanisms to utilizing encryption and monitoring solutions, we ensure the protection of sensitive data and user privacy. Our expertise enables you to build customer trust, mitigate security risks, and comply with regulations, enhancing your reputation and providing a secure foundation for your SaaS business.

4. Achieve Operational Brilliance in the SaaS Landscape

With our  AWS SaaS Competency, we bring you a wealth of experience in designing highly available, scalable, and resilient SaaS architectures. By leveraging AWS services like auto-scaling, load balancing, and monitoring tools, we guarantee seamless performance even during peak usage. Our focus on optimizing performance, minimizing downtime, and efficiently managing resources empowers you to deliver a seamless user experience. Simform’s operational brilliance allows you to differentiate your SaaS offering, delight users, and establish a strong foundation for sustained business growth.

How Simform Achieved SaaS Competency

Simform’s attainment of the AWS SaaS Competency showcases our commitment to delivering innovative SaaS solutions on the AWS platform with excellence. Our journey towards this esteemed status involved a rigorous process that highlighted our technical expertise, successful customer engagements, and deep understanding of SaaS architecture.

To earn the SaaS Competency, we underwent thorough validation by AWS, demonstrating our ability to design and implement AWS infrastructure and provide hands-on software development services for SaaS applications. We showcased proficiency in addressing unique challenges such as product planning, go-to-market strategy, tenant isolation models, security, and operational efficiency in the SaaS realm.

Simform submitted compelling case studies that showcased our expertise in transforming traditional software into scalable and flexible SaaS offerings. These case studies provided concrete examples of our success in helping businesses accelerate their SaaS transformation and achieve tangible results. Here is a brief overview of the four case studies that we submitted:

1. Automotive Digital Marketing Platform

The client provides automotive dealerships with a digital marketing platform to improve their customer engagement and sales. The SaaS platform caters to digital marketing solutions for major brands like Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Honda, GMC, Land Rover, and Lexus.


  • Multi-tenancy and security: The client required a SaaS solution tosupport multiple tenants,  ensuring separate and secure data and functionality for each customer.
  • Cost reduction: The client sought ways to reduce expenses without compromising functionality.
  • S3 bucket management: Managing and organizing the client’s large amount of data in the S3 bucket was becoming difficult, hampering system efficiency.
  • API call inefficiencies: Delays and slow response times incertain API calls hindered the client’s abilityto provide timely service.


  • To resolve the first problem, our team developed a multi-tenant solution with robust security measures , includinguser authentication and authorization, data encryption, and regular security audits.
  • The second solution involved leveraging AWS compute optimization services to optimize over-provisioned AWS servers. This helped the client to reduce their server costs significantly.
  • To address the third issue, we proposed implementing lifecycle policies in the S3 bucket.
  • To address API call inefficiencies, we enhanced system performance by distributing load and renaming the API.

Key results

  • Cost decreased by 52%
  • Uptime improved to 99.9%
  • 400% increase in efficiency
  • Sales were boosted by 113%

2. Car sales platform with a lifetime warranty

We assisted a leading car sales platform, which offers users the ability to buy, rent, lease, insure, and upgrade new or used cars with lifetime warranties covering the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. The company faced the following challenges:


  • Efficient and secure multi-tenant solution
  • Auditing incoming requests for security and compliance
  • Ensuring database compliance with data protection policies
  • Ensuring AWS resource configuration compliance and security alerts
  • Error-free infrastructure management
  • Integrated remote access with existing SSO for AWS resources
  • Reliable and secure code implementation.


  • Multi-Tenancy: LeveragedAWS Lambda and DynamoDB to determine eligible customers and generate deals.
  • Security: Implemented Amazon VPC, network firewall, VPC flow log, and web application firewall for comprehensive security measures.
  • Data Protection: Utilized Amazon Aurora and AWS backup service to ensure compliance with data protection policies.
  • AWS Config: Enabled assessment, audit, and evaluation of AWS resource configurations using AWS Config.
  • Infrastructure as Code: Leveraged AWS CDK and AWS CloudFormation for efficient and consistent deployment of cloud infrastructure.
  • Access and Security: Implemented a Hub and spoke networking model using AWS native networking tools like AWS client VPN, network firewall, transit gateway, and VPC for centralized access management.

Key Results:

  • 40-50% reduction in development and staging infrastructure cost
  • Reduced the overall downtime of the system by 3X
  • Faster provisioning through Infrastructure as a code

3. On-field monitoring app for an audiovisual client

An audiovisual and conferencing solutions provider based in North America engaged Simform to develop a digital solution to monitor and optimize the activities of their sales and service staff working on-field.


  • Inefficient tracking of field technicians
  • Excessive workloads and low reliability
  • Expensive manual process
  • Managing bounce/complaints emails
  • Intermittent container issues
  • Need for a highly available infrastructure
  • Ensuring the security of the multi-tenant system


  • Eliminated communication errors between admins and field workers
  • Instant reporting without paperwork
  • Eliminated data loss and duplicate entries
  • Automated workflow processes
  • Significant time savings of 60-80%
  • Economical field worker tracking
  • Streamlined operations and improved efficiency

Key results

  • Achieved 60-80% time savings
  • Built a spike-resistant architecture
  • 20+ organizations around the United States are using the platform

4. A scalable parking and valet management system

Our client wanted to create a scalable solution to maintain a full parking and valet management system for multiple users and vendors, with a focus on multi-tenancy, security, database, and infrastructure as a code.


  • Lack of a proper system for managing parking and valet services
  • Absence of real-time data from diverse users
  • Difficulties in recording locations, scheduling, and allocating services
  • Issues with parking lot reservations and lag in bookings
  • Inability to acquire valuable insights for data-driven decisions
  • Easy infrastructure management with reduced errors
  • Management of common access and security needs
  • Reliable and secure code
  • Highly available and cost-effective infrastructure
  • Multi-tenant architecture needed


  • Mobile and web applications created for super admins, admins, clients, business users, etc
  • Three applications were developed for Android, iOS, and web platforms
  • Cloud-based tools are used for seamless user experiences
  • Users include customers, parking lot owners, super admins, enforcement workers, and more
  • Microservices-based architecture for efficient handling of integrations
  • Cloud-based Amazon RDS is used for database architecture
  • Multi-tenancy supported with data isolation and security measures
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) model implemented for each tenant
  • Tenants have their own permissions and access controls
  • AWS CloudFormation is used for automated deployment and resource provisioning
  • Infrastructure is easily replicated across tenants for a consistent and predictable setup
  • Implementation designed with security and scalability in mind
  • Provides a reliable and secure platform for multiple tenants to benefit from

Key Results

  • Reduced downtime by almost 99% with a reduction in failure rate
  • Eliminated manual process, MTTR improved 10X
  • Increased the number of managed parking spaces by 20%

Driving Business Success through Simform’s AWS SaaS Services

At Simform, we take pride in being an AWS SaaS Competency Partner and the positive impact we have had on driving business success through our AWS SaaS services. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have successfully helped numerous organizations leverage the power of AWS to transform their business models and drive exceptional results.

Our approach to driving business success revolves around understanding our client’s unique needs and goals, designing tailored SaaS solutions, and seamlessly integrating them into the AWS ecosystem.

From optimizing workflows to improving customer experiences, our AWS SaaS services empower businesses to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Whether it’s accelerating time-to-market, enhancing operational efficiency, or scaling with ease, we provide the expertise and support needed to achieve sustainable business success.

Join us on this journey of driving business success through Simform’s AWS SaaS services and experience the transformative power of cloud-based solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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