Simform Achieves AWS Graviton Service Delivery Partnership

January 3, 2024
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Last Updated March 18, 2024
AWS Graviton SDP

Simform Achieves AWS Graviton Service Delivery Partnership

Simform has achieved the coveted AWS Graviton Service Delivery Partnership, demonstrating our deep experience in building high-performance Arm-based applications. As one of the first APN Partners to reach this milestone, we are proud to bring our expertise in AWS Graviton processors to startups and enterprises.

Achieving this partnership validates the knowledge and capabilities our team has built around optimizing workloads for AWS Graviton’s architecture. We have proven end-to-end proficiency – from migrating existing apps to fully re-architecting new solutions that tap into the power of these next-generation EC2 instances.

In this blog, we share our journey of achieving the AWS Graviton Service Delivery Partnership and how Simform has assisted numerous organizations to attain better app performance.

Simform, an AWS AWS Graviton Service Delivery Partner, is recognized as one of the top cloud consulting companies in the industry. Our team comprises over 200 AWS experts ready to optimize your EC2 instances, reducing costs and offering higher security. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How can Simform’s AWS Graviton Service Delivery Partnership help your business?

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with over a decade of experience migrating and managing cloud environments, Simform is uniquely positioned to help businesses succeed with AWS Graviton.

Our team of over 200 AWS-certified experts has the proven knowledge and skills to optimize workloads for peak Graviton performance

Our consultative approach evaluates current architectures and provides actionable recommendations for modernizing Graviton-powered instances.

We further assist at each step – from proof-of-concept validation to implementing best practices for production launches.

Let’s explore how Simform can help you optimize instances with our AWS Graviton expertise.

#1. Cost savings

AWS Graviton instances, which use Arm-based processors, are a more cost-effective option compared to x86-based instances. With our architecture optimization expertise, Simform empowers enterprises to maximize these cost efficiencies while meeting their precise performance requirements. We balance your workload needs with cost control to protect ROI.

#2. Optimized performance

Purpose-built for scale-out workloads, Graviton delivers leadership efficiency and throughput for everything from containerized microservices to machine learning. Simform creates tailored Graviton-based solutions that align with each application and business outcome.

We draw on a deep understanding of Arm architecture to configure the ideal instance types, features, and tools.

#3. Flexible scaling

Simform builds dynamic foundations to scale confidently with AWS Graviton. By leveraging Graviton’s advantages early and effectively, we enable rapid deployment of new resources through auto-scaling while optimizing the utilization of existing capacity.

Our full-lifecycle approach ensures cost and performance stay aligned as workloads grow.

#4. Enhanced security

The incredible efficiencies unlocked by Graviton allow Simform to invest more resources into security and compliance. We build Graviton services leveraging native AWS best practices to enable encryption, access controls, and data protection. Our solutions put security at the forefront to reduce risk.

Now that we’ve discussed the optimized business outcomes and cloud success Simform helps clients achieve with AWS Graviton, let’s go behind the scenes to see how our team attained the coveted Graviton Service Delivery Partner status.

How Simform achieved AWS Graviton Service Delivery Partnership

Earning the AWS Graviton Service Delivery Partner distinction required in-depth technical review and validation by AWS solutions architects. Simform underwent rigorous assessments where we demonstrated expertise and best practices across end-to-end Graviton engagements – from workload migration methodologies to optimized architecture design to automated operational patterns.

We submitted recent Graviton client projects, which AWS evaluated based on criteria such as Arm-based performance tuning, security posture improvements, cost/efficiency impact, and production-grade reliability. This proof of client success and technical validations were the key to achieving this partnership.

Here are examples of how Simform enabled businesses with effective AWS Graviton solutions.

1. An ultimate all-inclusive email management solution

The client wanted to build an all-inclusive email management platform that offers read receipts, email sharing, and snooze.


The client faced challenges with customer acquisition due to outdated features, integration with multiple third-party libraries, high cloud infrastructure cost, and complex existing infrastructure that is difficult to maintain.


Simform’s team of experts provided feature improvements by managing configuration changes through AWS Config to improve engagement monitoring. We used Amazon OpenSearch to upgrade the search functionality, leading to faster and more precise email and data retrieval, thereby contributing to improved user acquisition.

Simform migrated to Graviton instances after analyzing the client’s workloads, reducing cloud infrastructure costs and improving performance optimization. Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) was used for high-performance data storage, while Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and AWS CloudFormation streamlined data management.

AWS Auto Scaling was deployed to optimize availability, and AWS Elastic Load Balancing was utilized to distribute load automatically and efficiently. The integration of Amazon RDS, AWS Fargate, and AWS Lambda abstracted the underlying infrastructure, easing the management of the existing complex infrastructure.

We used Amazon S3, AWS Glue, and Amazon Kinesis for data storage, cataloging, and processing, along with the orchestration of migration with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), showcasing the thoroughness of Simform’s approach. DynamoDB was strategically integrated to ensure precise cost optimization.


  • Realized a 30% reduced email response time, enhancing overall communication efficiency by leveraging Amazon DynamoDB’s streamlined data processing.
  • Reduced the cost of the existing infrastructure to 14 cents per indexing user per month
  • Syncs 13 million emails daily with the new infrastructure we designed
  • Improved application performance by 40% while maintaining cost efficiency
  • Achieved 60% less energy consumption with higher output compared to EC2 instances

2. A marketing automation and analytics platform used by auto dealership

The client wanted to create a marketing automation and analytics platform used by 1000+ auto dealership businesses.


The client sought to overcome several key challenges to enhance their marketing automation and analytics platform for auto dealerships. They aimed to develop a serverless architecture capable of efficiently managing automated backend services as and when needed.

They also wanted to create dynamic dashboards that would provide dealers with insightful metrics derived from many data sources. Specifically, they wanted to construct an analytics engine to empower over 1000 car dealerships with real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) such as lead conversion rate, time to closure, and repair orders per day.

Lastly, they also aimed to enable seamless system integrations at scale, specifically for integrating dealership platforms with prominent CRM platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce.


Simform’s team of experts designed serverless architecture using Amazon Web Services (AWS) components, including EC2. Our team implemented a Cron job for sending customized marketing emails via SES, multiple AWS Lambda functions for daily data synchronization, and Amazon API Gateway for lightweight user interface creation.

Amazon S3 was used to store customer email replies, while Amazon GuardDuty and SNS/CloudWatch were leveraged to detect attacks and manage Lambda failures. Integration with Mautic facilitated the creation of customized marketing automation platforms, and seamless integration with dealership and CRM systems ensured efficient data synchronization

We also established a  CI/CD pipeline with automated testing for reliable software updates, and we used Apache Airflow and Celery for data collection, transformation, and loading.

Tableau, with natural language processing capabilities, enabled the creation of meaningful insights from raw data sets, fulfilling the client’s ambitions for dynamic dashboards and real-time KPIs for their network of car dealerships.


  • Synced more than 1 million data daily
  • Improved application performance by 40% while maintaining cost efficiency

Achieved 60% less energy consumption with higher output compared to EC2 instances

Ensure the highest price to performance ratio with Simorm’s AWS Graviton expertise

Simform achieved an AWS Graviton Service Delivery Partnership through a chain of rigorous verification. This included verification of our deep expertise achieved through certifications and practical aptitude.

Our proven track record of delivering high-performance EC2 solutions also supercharged the AWS Graviton service delivery partnership.

This achievement adds to a series of service delivery partnerships we achieved through AWS expertise. So, Whether you want to improve cloud cost optimizations, secure workloads, or scale operations, we provide AWS Graviton capabilities that meet your requirements.

With Simform’s help, you can:

  • Achieve better optimization of infrastructure
  • Gain better price to performance
  • Improve scalability of systems
  • Ensure high-performance operations

Contact us today to learn how we can help you manage your instance costs for maximized profits.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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