Simform Achieves AWS Service Delivery Partnership for Amazon Connect

Looking to reduce resolution time and improve customer experience? Here is how Simform, an Amazon Connect partner, can help.

November 21, 2023
3 mins read
Last Updated March 19, 2024
Amazon Connect Services

Simform Achieves AWS Service Delivery Partnership for Amazon Connect

Simform has achieved Amazon Connect Service Delivery Partnership achievement, adding to its long list of AWS expertise. This recognition highlights our expertise in leveraging Amazon Connect to deliver dependable omnichannel contact center solutions.

As one of the first delivery partners to achieve this milestone, we are excited to offer startups and enterprises our knowledge and experience for creating robust, scalable customer engagement platforms.

In this blog, we share our journey of attaining the Amazon Connect Delivery Partnership and how Simform has assisted numerous organizations in enhancing their system management.

Enhance customer interactions and support with Amazon Connect. Our team of certified AWS experts can help you streamline customer communications, ensuring secure data access and optimized infrastructure costs. Contact our team now for a free 30-minute consultation call.

Enhance your communications on AWS with Simform

As an enterprise, you often need to manage high volumes of customer queries and associated infrastructure costs. Setting up, maintaining, and tracking customer interactions in a traditional call center can be complex and costly.

Simform simplifies customer interactions, enables scalable communication, and optimizes costs using Amazon Connect expertise.

For example, consider a large-scale eCommerce marketplace with products spanning several categories. With the operations across multiple locations worldwide, it can take time to address customer queries at scale.

Our experts can help you develop a strategic roadmap and tailor Amazon Connect solutions to provide personalized customer support. This cloud-based contact centers enables you to handle customer queries at any scale and maintain uninterrupted communication.

Simform’s Amazon Connect expertise helps businesses like yours to achieve higher first-contact resolutions and enhance overall customer experience.

Our AWS-certified team has a proven track record of simplifying communications and customer support by leveraging advanced IVR capabilities, auto-call routing, and scalable capacity.

How Simform Achieved Amazon Connect Delivery Partnership?

To achieve Amazon Connect Delivery partnership, we  showcased a proven track record of successful projects leveraging Amazon Connect for our clients to gain delivery partnerships. These case studies demonstrated the tangible benefits and value that our collaboration with Amazon Connect could bring to organizations.

You can check out some of these case studies below.

#1. An ultimate all-inclusive email management solution

The client wanted to create a comprehensive email client application to enhance communications.

The challenge

While developing an email client app, the client faced the challenges of inadequate customer acquisition, service integrations, higher cloud infrastructure costs, and system maintenance.


We integrated Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex to improve the efficiency of the customer support system. This provided clients with natural language processing capabilities that ensure seamless customer interactions.

Our AWS experts used Amazon OpenSearch to provide a faster and more precise email data retrieval system. It helped our clients improve customer acquisition and retention for their business.

To reduce the cloud infrastructure costs, we helped them migrate from a physical server to Kubernetes. This streamlined data storage and ensured scalability.

Further,  we achieved cost optimization for their infrastructure by leveraging the Amazon DynamoDB database and its serverless capabilities. We employed auto-scaling groups to address peak email volumes, ensuring optimal resource management.

Our team leveraged AWS Config to improve user engagement and efficiently monitor platforms for resource optimizations.

Key results

  • Reduced the email response time by 30%
  • Decreased the cost of existing infrastructure to 14 cents/indexing/month
  • Achieved 13 million data syncs per day for the client
  • Optimized operational expenses to achieve a reduction of 25%
  • Improved the email retrieval speed by 25%
  • Achieved 82% first contact resolutions(FCR)
  • Improved customer satisfaction(CSAT) by 89%
  • Increased user engagement by 20%

#2. A bespoke one-stop solution for all car buying requirements.

The client wanted to create a platform that simplifies buying, renting, leasing, and insuring cars across 30+ brands.

Their requirement

The client needed an efficient and secure customer platform for car buying and leasing with data separation and access controls for better security.

Further, they required a system to identify eligible customers for car upgrades and generate new deals, including trade recommendations for second-hand car storing preferences and customers’ transaction history.

Additionally, they aimed to establish secure access to AWS resources through a single sign-on (SSO) and improve data retrieval systems for better customer support and engagement.

The solution

Simform’s expert team leveraged Amazon Connect expertise to design a platform that automates vital marketing tasks, including lead data tracking and nurturing them for better conversions.

We closely collaborated with clients and integrated Amazon Connect into their existing systems for comprehensive network request auditing, ensuring enhanced compliance and data security.

Further, we used AWS ECS to facilitate the quicker generation of deals and check eligible customers through container orchestrations. Our experts used Offerlogix, a recommendation engine integrated with the AWS ECS environment, to provide trade recommendations.

To facilitate data separation and secure data access control, we implemented multi-tenant solutions using Amazon DynamoDB.

Simultaneously, we streamlined AWS resource configuration management with Amazon DynamoDB and handled all price estimations and calculations through AWS Lambda functions.

Key results

  • Increased tenant onboarding efficiency by 40%
  • Detected and remediated 90% of  configuration violations for AWS resources
  • Reduced the configuration errors by 75%
  • Achieved 20% higher customer satisfaction score
  • Helped client achieve 80% rate of FCR
  • Achieved CSAT rating of 85%

Improve customer interactions and conversions with Amazon Connect Delivery Partner

Simform helps enterprises leverage Amazon Connect to enhance customer satisfaction and retention. Our certified AWS professionals ensure better communications and scalable infrastructure to store and retrieve critical customer data.

Whether you want to improve resolution time, enhance customer support, or automate critical marketing tasks, we provide Amazon Connect capabilities that meet your requirements.

With Simform’s help, you can:

  • Automate lead generation, nurturing, and other marketing tasks
  • Reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure needed for customer support systems
  • Enable faster resolution to customer queries
  • Improve customer experience and conversions

Contact us today to learn how we can help you make customer communication more responsive.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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