Tejas is a Senior Tech Consultant at Simform excelling in mobile and server-side technologies, with extensive experience in working closely with startups and enterprises. His expertise in understanding tech has helped businesses achieve excellence over the long run.

The Best Application Modernization Practices for Your Business

Last Updated January 02, 2023
Application Modernization Practices

The ever-changing market scenario urges enterprises to undergo a 180-degree shift in their existing processes and workflows. However, even today, most enterprises have core applications that operate on an on-premises dedicated environment causing roadblocks to success, such as - reduced productivity and scope of innovation, ineffective data management, security vulnerability, etc.

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15+ Popular Companies Using Node.js in 2023

Last Updated January 02, 2023
companies use nodejs

You might have heard how Node.js apps power businesses with high speed & performance. However, what are these businesses? & which companies use node.js? Are these common questions you stumble upon while reading about Node.js? If so, this blog will help you navigate 17 of our favourite & top global companies which use Node.js in production and help you identify their challenges and results.

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Node.js vs Python: Which backend technology to choose in 2023?

Last Updated January 03, 2023
Node.js vs Python

Node.js vs Python are two of the most compared backend technologies on the web -- the first is older and more established while the latter is up and coming. Since both are very popular for web-app development, a thorough comparison is necessary before you choose one over the other. In this article, explore a comprehensive study of advantages, disadvantages, and tech similarities. And more importantly, which of the two best suits your development needs and when.

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Node.js vs PHP: A Honest Comparative Study With All The Answers

Last Updated November 11, 2022

PHP and Node.js are two of the major backend technologies that power web applications. PHP is older between the two, so it naturally has a larger community and major projects in its kitty. That said, the PHP community has started realizing a lack of relevant and updated projects. Surprisingly, this is exactly where Node.js is most successful- building a strong user base across projects meant for modern-day use cases. 

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