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React Native v/s Xamarin: A Cross-Platform Frameworks Standoff

Last Updated May 11, 2023

React Native and Xamarin are among the top cross-platform frameworks out there. However, it can be tricky to choose one over the other. It this article we bring you a comprehensive comparison between the two technologies. We would take architecture, performance, ease of finding developers, and many other parameters into consideration. By the end of this article, you'll have a much better idea as to which framework suits your business better.

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AWS reInvent 2020 Announcements And Updates

Last Updated October 06, 2022
AWS reInvent 2020 announcments_Banner

AWS is one of the leading platforms in providing next-gen cloud-based solutions. As a proud technology partner with AWS, we at Simform have successfully created various innovative and successful cloud-centric and serverless projects. In this blog, you will learn how we have used AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, EC2, and CloudFront in the past. You will also identify what we are excited about looking forward to the future based on AWS reInvent 2020 announcements and updates.

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Flutter vs Native Technology: Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Technology

Last Updated December 21, 2022
flutter vs native technology

iOS and Android are prominent mobile application platforms that leverage their native technologies for development purposes. Swift for iOS with Xcode or Java, Kotlin with Android Studio is some of the notable examples. However, in recent times, it is abundantly clear that a cross-platform framework like Flutter has been on the rise, and it provides native performance for iOS and Android with a single-code line.

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Ember vs Svelte: Comparing Performance, Architecture And More

Last Updated November 11, 2022
Preview Ember vs Svelte

Before diving into web app development, it is essential to understand the factual differences between various frameworks that might empower the success of your web project. In this instance, if you consider frameworks such as Ember vs. Svelte, their differences are wide-ranging from development productivity, performance, application memory size, and so much more. This article talks about all the data and facts you require to identify which framework between Ember vs. Svelte will provide the best flexibility and tools for your web project.

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Svelte vs Vue- A Comparison Defining two Modern Frameworks

Last Updated March 29, 2023
Svelte vs Vue

You must have familiarity with Svelte and Vue if you often get to work with frontend developers for client-side web app development. Though Svelte is a new to the tribe, it eliminates the need to virtually represent Javascript objects and then display it in the user interface. It generates an intelligent code that interprets Javascript in the runtime and saves the extra time of loading. It builds apps with the fastest loading and incredible rendering capabilities.

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Ember vs Vue Comparison: Which is Better?

Last Updated November 11, 2022
Preview Ember vs Vue

Progress web applications (PWAs) and Single Page Applications (SPAs) are on-demand today when it comes to web apps. Amongst the framework that can be used for web app development, Ember and Vue have been growing faster than before. In this article, we will explore every crucial detail of the comparison between both the frameworks.

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10 Angular Best Practices to Adapt in 2023

Last Updated March 23, 2023
Angular Best Practices

Whether you’re engaged in building customized web apps as a project manager, a frontend developer, or a CTO, you’ve most likely employed Angular. And it’s also possible that your web-apps may be Angular-powered but may still need the Angular best practices for exceptional app performance and organized code. 

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Database Migration – What It Is, Understanding Needs, and Challenges

Last Updated April 26, 2023
Database Migration Blog post

Adopting emerging technologies have helped businesses in leveraging their overall performance. Database Migration is one of those. If you are planning a migration, what are the challenges involved during database migration? What is the need to do it? Let me walk you through the essentialities before performing database migration.

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