Strategy for App Modernization on the AWS Cloud

Strategy for App Modernization

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What’s inside the ebook

This ebook is a definitive guide for application modernization on AWS. It’s a practical handbook for decision-makers who want to learn how to modernize applications using Containers and Serverless technology. It discusses case examples, migration processes, the need for modernization, and recommended AWS services.


Introduction to AWS application modernization

See how Serverless and Containers are transforming the landscape of legacy applications.

The impact of Containers on development practices!

Get down to the nitty-gritty of how Containers are transforming development environments. Learn about the AWS Container Services, with use cases and examples!


Serverless- the next big thing for AWS application modernization!

Here you’ll read about the benefits of AWS Serverless technologies for modernizing your application.

Migrate applications & workloads with AWS!

Get a clear picture of which path is best for your migration needs.


4 Reasons to read this ebook

AWS Application modernization is inevitable to drive digital transformation across the organization. Yet, if you’re probably wondering why we need to modernize apps at this scale to transform the digital landscape, this ebook has the answer for you.

Well, of course, cloud migration is the first step to transforming legacy systems. Next, however, you’ll need strategies, technologies, and practices that transform applications into modernized software, including rewriting the architecture, containerizing the applications, and leveraging serverless technologies to ensure scalability, resource utilization, flexibility, and high-end systems availability.

This ebook guarantees that you acquire a holistic understanding of technologies that can help you transform legacy application development approaches into modern app development and how you can empower your teams to deliver application features at a much faster pace!

right software testing partner Introduction to AWS application modernization

Containerizing applications the right way

Understanding migration process

Using the right migration strategy

You’re in good hands!


Vinay Mhetre,
Former Digital Product Owner, FIH

“Auto Scaling gives us an automated way to scale storage and compute capacity. That helps us because our load varies from tournament to tournament…We are also very happy with ‘one-click’ deployment of our whole infrastructure saving a lot of time and money.”

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