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Category: Security

Services: AWS Control Tower Implementation, Managed Governance Hub, Multi-Account Strategy, Security and Compliance Auditing, Operational Efficiency Enhancement and Resource Optimization



Cut new AWS account provisioning time by 25%


Sustained 95%+ compliance


Achieved 30% fewer security incidents


  • Existing AWS Account structure within a shared organization poses security challenges.
  • Potential need to modify security attributes and account ownership affecting other projects within the structure.
  • Concerns regarding the suitability of the current AWS setup for future UI projects.


  • Simform restructured Abacode’s AWS accounts for efficiency.
  • Introduced a dedicated Management Account for foundational control.
  • Management Account oversees Control Tower, User Single Sign-On (SSO), and billing consolidation.
  • Created two Organizational Units (OUs): Abacode-Security and Abacode-Sandbox
  • Abacode-Security for audit/security(log) accounts.
  • Abacode-Sandbox for dev/stage/prod environments.
  • OUs facilitate software development and potential future developmental environments.
  • This solution streamlines AWS account management, bolsters security, and enables scalability.

Metrics for success

  • Expedited Deployment: We successfully reduced the provisioning time for new AWS accounts by 25%, accomplishing an average deployment time of 5 days, significantly enhancing efficiency.
  • Compliance Excellence: Our diligent efforts resulted in consistently maintaining a compliance score of 95% or higher across all AWS accounts managed by Control Tower, ensuring top-notch security and governance.
  • Enhanced Security: Through the implementation of AWS Control Tower’s advanced security controls, we achieved a remarkable 30% reduction in security incidents compared to the previous year, bolstering cybersecurity.
  • Cost Efficiency: Our resource optimization and meticulous cost governance within AWS Control Tower led to a substantial 20% reduction in AWS operational costs, optimizing budget allocation.
  • Scalability: We successfully scaled the number of AWS accounts managed by Control Tower by 20% per year, seamlessly accommodating Abacode’s impressive organizational growth.
  • Operational Excellence: Our commitment to automation and process refinement within AWS Control Tower resulted in a commendable 30% reduction in manual operational tasks, elevating operational efficiency to new heights.

Architecture Diagram

Abacode control tower

AWS Services

  • AWS Organization:We have used this in our management account for centralized AWS account management and governance.
  • AWS SSO: We implemented AWS SSO in our management account to enable seamless single sign-on across AWS accounts and applications.
  • AWS Control Tower:Simform utilized AWS Control Tower within our management account to establish secure and compliant multi-account environments..
  • AWS IAM:IAM was employed across both management and other accounts for efficient management of user identities, roles, and permissions.
  • AWS Config:Our management account featured AWS Config for continuous resource configuration monitoring, ensuring ongoing compliance.
  • AWS Lambda:We harnessed Lambda for serverless function execution and event-driven computing, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.
  • API Gateway:Simform utilized API Gateway to create, publish, and manage APIs for applications, streamlining connectivity.
  • Amazon S3:We employed Amazon S3 for robust data storage and retrieval, delivering scalable, durable, and highly available object storage solutions.
  • AWS CodePipeline: CodePipeline automated the building, testing, and deployment of applications, optimizing our development processes.
  • AWS Glue: We have used this for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) service for data integration and transformation tasks.

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