The Enterprise Guide to Continuous Application Modernization: From Legacy to Cutting-Edge

Continuous Application Modernization Guide

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What’s inside the ebook

This eBook unveils a continuous and pragmatic approach to application modernization. Gain insights on project initiation, portfolio management, and everything in between.

Select Right Apps

Select the right apps to modernize

Save your application from slipping into legacy. Learn to categorize your applications and know which applications need your attention.

Know the factors to cover in the consideration stage

Have user-centricity at the heart of development and move forward with employee and stockholder buy-in. Learn how to minimize costs and risks to improve the performance, reliability, and scalability of critical applications.

Factors For Consideration Stage
Planning Prioritization Application Redevelopment

Plan & prioritize for effective re-development

Choose the modernization approach wisely and invest in the right technology. Measure the right metrics and mitigate the risks. Learn to establish a solid transition plan that identifies affected applications, required resources, timeframe, and custom integration.

Revamp & optimize the key elements of an application

Select the right architectural style and address the infrastructure pain points to be future-ready. Modernize the data to unlock the data potential and drive revenue. Learn to improve the scalability of your application with an effective CI/CD pipeline and achieve a high-quality end product with a QA process.

Application Key Elements Optimization

Master the art of modernized portfolio management

Employ monitoring and observability to ensure optimum software performance and use pre-defined metrics to determine what’s working and what’s not. Adopt the best project-management approach to improve team efficiency and morale.

6 Reasons to read this ebook

Outdated applications can be a nightmare for enterprises, leading to issues like poor performance, costly maintenance, weak security, incompatibility, and more.

If you want to reduce costs, strengthen security, and enrich the overall customer experience – modernizing your applications would be the best choice.

This eBook offers valuable insights into the modernization journey, from categorization to portfolio management, paving the way for future profitability from the modernized solution.

Know which applications to modernize

Tips for choosing the best approach, tools, and techniques

Determine transition requirements

Risk evaluation

Discover effective mitigation strategies

Pricing breakdown

Understand the use of metrics and KPIs

benefits of outsourcing

Unlock the data potential

You’re in good hands!

CTO At Enterprise

CTO at Enterprise

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