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Remote (Work From Home) Survey 2021: 82% US-based Companies Offer Permanent WFH

Trending March 12, 2021
Last Updated September 07, 2021

Remote working is no longer a luxury but the need of the art as far as workplaces are concerned. Many big organizations have taken the decision to allow remote working as a permanent mode of working. The question is, where do the employer as well as the employee go from here on? Let's find out that with our detailed survey on remote working that has amazing insights.

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How Emerging Technologies are Helping Fintech Grow in Boston

Trending December 18, 2020
Last Updated August 24, 2021

Boston is considered one the premier cities of the world. It is gradually becoming one of the leading fintech hubs of the worlds and some of the upcoming technology trends have a key role to play in it. While the city's rich history with financial institutions and the world-class infrastructure built up a solid foundation, numerous technological breakthroughs acted as catalysts.

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Exploring Multifaceted Growth of Energy Tech in Houston

Trending October 23, 2020
Last Updated August 24, 2021

Houston, best known for its oil and gas industry, has recently observed a growth in energy tech. It’s become a breeding ground for many tech startups working to rediscover the energy industry with technology. The number of R&D centers in Houston is near to a score, where overall corporate research centers are double that number. 

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How Tech is Shaping the Logistics Industry in Chicago

Trending September 3, 2020
Last Updated August 31, 2021
Shaping Logistics Industry Chicago

Chicago is a well established global shipping hub. The city houses plenty of logistic giants that move goods around the world. However, the dawn of new technologies in the field of logistics has stirred up things in this city. The emergence of new players and rapid modernization of the logistics industry has opened up a world of possibilities for Chicago. Keep reading to find out what the future may look like for logistics industry in the city.

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Atlanta’s Leading Tech Deals and Startups so far in 2020

Trending August 7, 2020
Last Updated August 24, 2021

Atlanta, the capital of the southeastern state, Georgia, is now a hub for more than 13,000 technology companies. Atlanta is emerging as tech utopia in 2020. Every day, the startup ecosystem of the city is booming. It has increased the possibilities of dynamic job profiles and a growing number of software ventures. It has given a new hope to southern states and its people to stay in Atlanta. while already getting the benefits of staying in Silicon Valley and Seattle. 

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Tech Stack of 5 Popular Billion Dollar Companies

Trending July 24, 2020
Last Updated August 27, 2021
Tech Stack

We live in a time of constant disruptive innovations. Today, there must be a startup somewhere in the world working constantly to solve an underlying problem in the market. Innovation and technology are the core that helps companies solve actual problems. For example, companies like Netflix, Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb served the users with a ...

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Top Technology Trends for 2020 in Numbers [Infographic]

Trending January 27, 2020
Last Updated September 07, 2021
Technology trends for 2020

When the world moved on from landline telephones to cellphones, Nokia was at the forefront of this revolution. Who doesn’t remember the popular game ‘Snake’ or their vibrating ringtones? However, this industry Goliath pressed something of a self-destruct button when it refused to adopt the then-emerging touchscreen technology.

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