Dedicated Development Team

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Node.js Developers

Preview Hiring Node.js developers

With tech giants like Walmart, LinkedIn, eBay, GoDaddy, and many others adding Node.js to their tech stack and choosing it to build your server-side applications is undoubtedly a wise decision. But have you ever wondered what makes Node.js a preferred choice for 10+ years? Is it the capacity to decrease the average response time that once PayPal achieved with it or the speed and flexibility of the framework that Amazon also experienced?

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What is a Dedicated Development Team and When to Hire One?

What is a dedicated development team

The ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage Survey 2020 reveals that the American tech market is largely affected by the global talent shortage, and tech positions are among the top 10 toughest roles to fill. Only 29.4% of candidates applying for the software architect position, and 39.6% of candidates for DevOps positions completely meet the recruiters’ expectations. The bottom line is that hiring qualified developers with the required skills without overspending is almost impossible.

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