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  • 40-50% reduction in development and staging infrastructure cost
  • Reduced the overall downtime of the system by 3X
  • Reduced malicious traffic by 90%

About CarSaver

CarSaver’s platform offers an all-in-one solution for buying, renting, leasing, insuring, and upgrading cars from 30+ automobile brands, including Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Volvo, and Porsche. The platform is built on AWS using secure, multi-tenant infrastructure, AWS database services, and infrastructure-as-code principles to ensure regulatory compliance and simplify management for CarSaver’s customers.

Problem Statement

  • To build an efficient and secure multi-tenant solution.
  • Checking the eligible customers for Upgrades and generating deals for them
  • Configuring a recurring process for marketing and nurturing the leads
  • Displaying suitable trades to upgrade their current vehicles
  • Generating different offers for the customers
  • Displaying proper finance amounts and calculations
  • The client wanted a trade recommendation service for trades in second-hand cars
  • For security and compliance purposes,the client wanted to audit each and every incoming request that comes into their network
  • The client wanted to ensure that the database is compliant with data protection policies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • The client wanted to ensure the configuration of the AWS resources and environment should be in compliance state, and the security team should be notified in case of violation.
  • To make infrastructure management less error-prone.
  • Remote access to AWS resources was required, and it should be integrated with their existing SSO.
  • A reliable and secure code was required.

Proposed Solution & Architecture

  • For checking eligible customers and generating deals, our team developed a system using AWS ECS as the container orchestration service. The system leveraged AWS Lambda functions to perform the necessary calculations and used DynamoDB as the database service to store customer data.
  • To display the best trades for users looking to upgrade their vehicles, our experts utilized Offerlogix, a recommendation engine integrated with the AWS ECS environment. Additionally, Amazon RDS was utilized as the data storage service for storing trade-related data.
  • To provide users with different offers, Offerlogix was used to dynamically display various deals based on user preferences and requirements.
  • For finance amount calculations, AWS Lambda functions were employed to perform the calculations and return the results to users.
  • Simform leveraged AWS WAF to implement a robust security system, protecting web applications and APIs against common web exploits and cyber threats.
  • With AWS WAF, Simform ensured protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, safeguarding the system from overwhelming traffic and potential downtime.
  • Simform configured custom AWS WAF rules and filters to allow only legitimate traffic and block malicious requests, enhancing the overall security posture.
  • AWS WAF provided real-time monitoring and alerts, allowing Simform to proactively detect and resolve security incidents.
  • Simform used AWS WAF’s customizable security policies to tailor protection based on specific application requirements and security needs.
  • With AWS WAF, Simform filtered and inspected incoming web traffic, blocking potential threats and ensuring a safe user experience.
  • Simform utilized AWS WAF’s scalability and flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs, providing a secure solution that can grow with the client’s requirements.

Metrics for Success

  • Reduced development and staging cost by 40-50%: The expenses for development and staging infrastructure were lowered by 40-50%.
  • System downtime decreased by 3X: The system is now down for 1/3 of the original duration, reducing overall downtime.
  • Faster provisioning with infrastructure as code: Using infrastructure as code allowed for faster provisioning of resources.
  • Reduced False Positives by 80%: Implementation of AWS WAF resulted in a significant reduction of false positives, minimizing the chances of legitimate traffic being blocked.
  • Reduced malicious traffic: We used AWS WAF to block 90% malicious traffic, enhancing client’s cyber defense significantly.

Architecture Diagram

AWS carsaver architecture diagram

AWS Services

  • AWS Lambda:- We ran ETL jobs on AWS Lambda to generate prospects for the client, for marketing, for nurturing these prospects, and for generating deals for the users.
  • Amazon Aurora:- Database storage solution that  we used for database compliance purposes also.
  • AWS WAF:- AWS WAF helps us to protect against common web exploits and bots that can affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.
  • Amazon CloudWatch:- We used AWS Cloudwatch to generate alarms and for application log generation and as a monitoring solution to monitor the resource utilization metrics.
  • Amazon CloudFront:- We have used Cloudfront to serve static content.
  • Amazon S3 buckets:- We used AWS S3 buckets to store configuration files and to store customer data files.
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service:- All application services run in the container service. Thus we used the Amazon Elastic Container Service for application deployment as a container orchestration tool. 
  • Elastic Load Balancing:- The AWS elastic load balancing service is used as a service load balancer.
  • AWS Auto Scaling:- The client wanted a scalable solution. So we used AWS autoscaling to scale up or down according to incoming traffic/load.
  • AWS ELasticache:- To cache sessions and common data to reduce pressure on backend databases.
  • AWS CDK & CloudFormation:- For IaC(infrastructure as a code).
  • AWS ALB:- We are using it for load balancing.
  • AWS Config:- AWS Config is a fully managed service that tracks the configuration history and configuration change notifications to use security and governance.
  • AWS client VPN:- A fully-managed remote access VPN solution we use to securely access resources within AWS.
  • AWS network firewall:- AWS Network Firewalls intrusion prevention system (IPS) provides active traffic flow inspection so we can identify and block vulnerability exploits.
  • AWS SecurityHub:- AWS Security Hub provides a comprehensive view of our security state in AWS and helps check our environment against security industry standards and best practices.

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