A Comprehensive Guide to Building an Efficient Test Strategy for Software

Guide to Building an Efficient Test Strategy for Software

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What’s inside the ebook

In the fast-paced development environments of Agile and DevOps, finding a place for the traditional test strategy document can be challenging. This eBook provides insights on building a better test strategy tailored to reinforce and improve the testing efforts in modern development methodologies.


The problem with the traditional test strategy

Find out the drawbacks of the traditional test strategy document and why it is inefficient for development approaches today.

Advantages of building a better, modern test strategy

Learn how a modern and unified test strategy document fits with contemporary software development methods due to its benefits.


Key components of an effective test strategy

Develop a systematic approach to writing an effective test strategy document by clearly defining its critical components.

Best practices to draft a fail-proof test strategy

Get to know the best practices you can follow to document a fail-proof strategy that works in unison with your software development project.

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6 Reasons to read this ebook

This eBook serves as a guide to crafting a test strategy document that is evolved and adaptable to the modern software development styles such as Agile, DevOps, and more. It also focuses on the necessity of a modern test strategy and re-examines the overall approach to building test strategies.

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Helps you design a successful test strategy

Strengthens your software testing efforts

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Increased ROI

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