Simform Earns AWS Service Delivery Partnership For Amazon API Gateway Services

September 27, 2023
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Last Updated January 16, 2024
Amazon API Gateway Achivevement

Simform Earns AWS Service Delivery Partnership For Amazon API Gateway Services

Simform is thrilled to announce that we have recently achieved the esteemed Amazon API Gateway Delivery Partnership. This partnership marks another milestone in our ongoing commitment to aid innovation with the power of AWS.

Amazon API Gateway offers businesses a powerful platform for building, deploying, and managing APIs with minimal hassle. However, enterprises often encounter challenges in implementing Amazon API Gateway, such as integration complexities, security concerns, and performance issues. We specialize in streamlining API operations with our tailored solutions and support in scalability, cost optimization, and more.

The recognition of Amazon API Gateway Delivery Partner underscores Simform’s unmatched capabilities in providing end-to-end API solutions. In this blog, we will share how we achieved this recognition, highlighting client success stories as concrete examples of our API development and management expertise.

Experience faster API control, lower latency, and reliable performance with Simform’s Amazon API Gateway Delivery Services. Optimize your APIs for unparalleled application speed and responsiveness. Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation.

How Simform’s Amazon API Gateway partnership can help your business

As an Amazon API Gateway partner, Simform can be a valuable resource for your business. We can help you maximize the benefits of API Gateway, ensuring smooth communication and optimum application performance.

Take an example of an e-commerce application where users check product availability, place orders, and review their purchase history. API Gateway can help improve the performance of your application by caching frequently requested data. This reduces the load on your backend servers and reduces latency for customers. Moreover, it enables seamless integration with payment gateways, third-party services, and backend systems while providing valuable data through monitoring and analytics.

Here’s how we at Simform can help you maximize your API Gateway investment:

  • Efficient API management: Our team has deep expertise in AWS services and API Gateway. We can guide you in designing and implementing APIs that align with your business objectives and industry best practices.
  • Scalability and performance optimization: We implement caching and load-balancing and fine-tune configurations to ensure your APIs can efficiently handle high-traffic loads.
  • Security enhancements: Our security experts excel in implementing robust security measures like OAuth 2.0, API key management, and encryption to protect your sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Monitoring and analytics: We set up comprehensive solutions using AWS services like CloudWatch and X-Ray. This lets you gain insights into API performance, troubleshoot issues, and make data-driven improvement decisions.
  • Cost optimization: Our consultants help you optimize costs by selecting a suitable pricing model, setting up rate limiting and throttling policies, and monitoring usage patterns to identify cost-saving opportunities.
  • Developer enablement: We can create developer-friendly documentation and tooling to facilitate API adoption by internal and external teams.

You can also seamlessly integrate APIs with other AWS services for enhanced efficiency. For example, we can help you,

  • Integrate API Gateway with Lambda functions to build serverless APIs
  • Direct API requests to Amazon S3 for scalable storage and retrieval
  • Connect APIs to DynamoDB for seamless database interactions
  • Implement secure user authentication and management for APIs using Cognito

How Simform achieved the Amazon API Gateway Delivery partnership

Simform, a leading digital product engineering company, accomplished the coveted Amazon API Gateway Delivery partnership through a strategic blend of expertise and commitment. As a premier player, Simform boasts a team of versatile AWS-certified cloud experts fueling our clientele’s success.

Having achieved many AWS competencies and Service Delivery Partnerships, Simform exemplifies its dedication to following AWS best practices. Our proven track record in crafting API strategies, optimizing endpoint management, and ensuring robust security protocols has helped us earn the Amazon API Gateway Delivery Partnership. As your tech partner, we’re committed to offering the same excellence that secured our AWS partnership, ensuring your API infrastructure remains agile, resilient, and primed for growth.

Simform’s Amazon API Gateway experts have a deep understanding of:

  • API design patterns and RESTful principles
  • Endpoint configurations and routing strategies
  • Authentication and authorization mechanisms
  • Rate limiting and throttling techniques
  • Error handling and response codes

But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s explore some client success stories that reinforce our position as a trusted Amazon API Gateway service provider.

A smart data solution that empowers schools

Our client empowers educational institutions with ingenious data management and reporting solutions.


  • The client’s infrastructure was initially set up for a different cloud environment, causing compatibility concerns during migration to AWS.
  • Migration to AWS involved complex tasks such as transferring substantial data. It led to data consistency and security issues.
  • Transitioning to AWS raised concerns about application downtime and service interruptions.
  • Establishing robust security measures to safeguard sensitive data and regulate API access was imperative.
  • The client encountered difficulties maintaining different versions of APIs and ensuring smooth compatibility during updates.
  • Managing multiple backend services and data sources posed challenges, resulting in overall complexity and maintenance problems.
  • The client aimed to enhance cost efficiency by optimizing the allocation and utilization of API resources.


  • We analyzed the existing infrastructure comprehensively, identifying incompatibilities and making necessary modifications for smooth integration with AWS.
  • Ensured data consistency and integrity by implementing robust data validation mechanisms and error-handling techniques during the migration.
  • Minimized application downtime and service disruption through meticulous planning and scheduling.
  • Strengthened API endpoints with Amazon API Gateway’s authentication and authorization features.
  • Leveraged Amazon API Gateway effectively for API resource scalability and performance optimization, ensuring reliability and streamlined traffic handling.
  • Implemented efficient API versioning using Amazon API Gateway to facilitate seamless transitions and sustain compatibility.
  • Devised resourceful strategies for rate limiting and resource management through Amazon API Gateway, maximizing API utilization while controlling costs.

Key results

  • 99.9% data integrity rate during migration.
  • 75% reduction in costs and reduced reliance on third-party services.
  • 99.99% application uptime throughout the migration.
  • 60% operational cost reduction by optimizing resource allocation in API Gateway.
  • 40% reduction in API latency.

An automotive digital marketing platform

Our client provides automotive dealers with a digital marketing platform to improve customer engagement and sales.


  • The client presented us with operational challenges – multi-tenancy and security, vital requirements for their SaaS solution.
  • A solution was needed to support multiple tenants while securing their data.
    The client wanted each tenant to access their data/functionality, keeping data isolated and secure from others.
  • They also wanted to implement strong security measures such as user authentication, authorization, data encryption, and regular security audits.
  • Reducing costs without compromising functionality was necessary due to high monthly expenses.
  • Managing a large data-filled S3 bucket proved difficult and impacted system efficiency.
    System inefficiencies are seen in specific API calls, causing delays and slow responses.


  • Created a robust multi-tenant solution using Amazon API Gateway for user security, encryption, and audits to protect tenant data.
  • Optimized server provisioning with Amazon API Gateway and AWS optimization services, reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  • Leveraged AWS S3 to implement lifecycle policies to move low-demand data to cost-effective storage tiers, saving expenses while maintaining data accessibility.
  • Improved API call efficiency by optimizing load distribution through host-based routing using Amazon API Gateway. This enhanced system performance and minimized downtime.
  • Leveraged various AWS services to create an infrastructure-as-code solution.

Key results

  • 99.9% uptime; earlier, it was 95%.
  • 20% increase in customer satisfaction score.
  • 30% reduction in time to market.
  • 95% of API requests get processed on time.

Secure, scalable, and high-performant APIs on the Cloud with an Amazon API Gateway partner

When establishing secure, scalable, high-performing APIs on the Cloud, consider working with an Amazon API Gateway partner to maximize the benefits of this wonderful service. Simform is your trusted cloud technology partner, offering unmatched expertise in maintaining and managing the entire API lifecycle. Whether you need secure authentication and authorization, real-time data synchronization, or complex integrations with third-party services, we can design and build APIs that meet your requirements.

By partnering with Simform, you receive:

  • Industry-leading expertise in Amazon API Gateway implementation
  • Seamless management of the complete API lifecycle
  • Enhanced security protocols to safeguard data and transactions
  • Scalable solutions that adapt to business growth
  • Tailored guidance from API development specialists

Ready to take your API infrastructure to the next level? Partner with Simform today and experience the benefits of our Amazon API Gateway expertise.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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