AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Best Practices: 
IT Costs Saving Learning From 10+ Real-life Examples

The eBook provides you with detailed insights on the cloud migration and ease the burden of getting started.

This ebook focuses on reducing the billing of AWS cloud costs. It includes over and underprovisioning of resources, cost ownership, automation needs, and many other things related to optimizing cloud costs. In addition, we've included practical tips and practices that help organizations reduce their overall AWS billing.  

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"Auto Scaling gives us an automated way to scale storage and compute capacity. That helps us because our load varies from tournament to tournament...We are also very happy with ‘one-click’ deployment of our whole infrastructure saving a lot of time and money."

Lenny Perkins

VP of Engineering

Vinay Mhetre, 
Technology Manager, FIH

What's inside the eBook

Few blunders to avoid when optimizing cloud costs!

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Read about the typical blunders individuals make while trying to save money on the AWS cloud and how they could prevent you from achieving your cloud goals.

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The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Migration

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Learn to align business KPIs with the overall cloud costs

Importance of right-sizing resources for different kinds of workloads

Uncover the hidden costs and how to mitigate them

Learn to leverage managed services and tailored migration strategy

Get insights about the costs associated with cloud services with examples

Cloud value framework with examples and best practices to follow

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Downloaded by 250+ CTOs and other senior leaders.

Insights on pricing models & examples

Learn straight from the examples and pricing models that may help you make the right decision. 

Best practices to optimize cloud infrastructure costs

Learn AWS cloud optimization best practices so that you can  immediately save money! 

Some more tips on AWS cloud cost optimization!

At the end of the ebook, we've added small tips to help you save more money on AWS, so take a look! 

6 Reasons to read this ebook

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This ebook is a comprehensive guide for CTOs and business leaders to optimize AWS cloud costs. It introduces readers to potential mistakes that prevent companies from making the most out of their cloud platforms, including practical tips, examples, and best practices.