3Birds: A marketing automation and 360 analytics platform for auto dealerships

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  • 1 million data daily syncs on the platform
  • 3% higher conversion rates for car dealerships
  • 4/5 Average car dealership customer ratings /strong>

About 3Birds

3Birds is a marketing automation and 360-degree analytics platform for auto dealership management. The platform provides data insights into car dealership engagements, enabling dealers to segment audiences, target specific demographics, and improve ROI.


  • 3Birds wanted to create a 360-degree platform with advanced analytics for better dealership management
  • It wanted to create dynamic dashboards that provide insightful metrics to dealers sourcing data across different channels.
  • 3Birds needed an analytics engine to help 1000+ car dealerships get real-time information like lead conversion rate, time to closure, repair orders per day, etc.
  • It wanted to enhance customer segmentation and enrich data through integration with CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce.


  • Used AWS Glue to automate ETL operations to facilitate enriched data analytics
  • Created a dynamic dashboard for car dealerships using Amazon QuickSight for better data visualizations.
  • Built an analytics engine using Amazon Kinesis to facilitate data ingestion, processing, and analysis of the data streaming from different sources.
  • Cron’s job was implemented on EC2 to send customized marketing emails through Simple Email Service (SES).
  • Used multiple AWS Lambda functions to sync 1 million data daily in real-time.
  • Integrated Amazon API Gateway as a webhook and created lightweight user interfaces.
  • Amazon S3 bucket was used for storing customer replies to promotional emails.
  • Leveraged Amazon GuardDuty to detect and protect against attacks in AWS. SNS and CloudWatch were used to alert Lambda failures.

Metrics for Success

  • Achieved 1 million data daily syncs on the platform
  • Improved the conversion rates for car dealerships by 3%
  • Average car dealership customer ratings are 4/5

Architecture Overview


AWS Services used

  • Amazon QuickSight: We used Amazon QuickSight to facilitate data visualization on the dashboard for car dealerships.
  • Amazon Kinesis: We leveraged Amazon Kinesis for data ingestion, processing, and analysis of information sourced from different sources.
  • AWS Lambda: We used AWS Lambda functions to sync data in real-time across sources.
  • Amazon EC2: We leveraged Amazon EC2 with SES to enable clients to send customized emails to customers.
  • Amazon GuardDuty: We used GuardDuty to block attacks on AWS and secure analytics platforms from data leakages.
  • AWS CloudWatch: We checked for AWS Lambda function failure leveraging AWS CloudWatch.
  • Amazon API Gateway:  We created a lightweight user interface for car dealerships to track data using Amazon API Gateway as a webhook.

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