3Birds: A marketing automation and analytics platform used by auto dealership

Category: Automobile/SaaS

Services: Managed Engineering Teams, Cloud Architecture Design and review, AWS Graviton migration, Price per performance optimization.

  • 1 million data daily syncs
  • 40% better price/performance
  • 25% better computing performance

About 3Birds

3Birds is a popular marketing automation and analytics platform used by 1000+ auto dealerships. It was founded to solve the challenges of automobile dealers, such as dealing with overlapping solutions, changing customer behavior, and difficulty tracking customer journeys. 3Birds is a data-driven platform that offers a highly personalized customer experience.


  • 3Birds wanted to create a serverless architecture to manage the automated backend services as and when needed. 
  • It wanted to create dynamic dashboards that provide insightful metrics to dealers from the data coming from various sources.
  • It wanted to build an analytics engine to help 1000+ car dealerships get real-time KPIs like lead conversion rate, time to closure, repair orders per day, etc. 
  • It also wanted to utilize system integrations at scale for integrating dealership platforms to major CRM platforms like Hubspot and Salesforce.


  • Cron job was implemented in EC2 to invoke Simple Email Service(SES) for sending customized marketing emails.
  • Multiple AWS Laambda functions were used to sync 1 million data daily
  • Amazon API Gateway was integrated as a webhook, which facilitates the creation of lightweight user interfaces.
  • Amazon S3 bucket was used for storing customer replies to promotional emails
  • Leveraged Amazon GuardDuty to detect attacks and protected AWS. SNS & CloudWatch alerted Lambda failures.
  • Used Mautic to create customized marketing automation platforms.
  • Dealership and customer relationship management(CRM) systems were seamlessly integrated to sync customer data on vehicles, services, and lease plans. 
  • Set up a CI/CD pipeline that includes automated testing to frequently and reliably deliver software updates.
  • Used Apache Airflow and Celery to collect, transform, and load data from different sources.
  • Data was queried using natural language processing in Tableau to create meaningful insights from the raw data sets. 

Metrics for success

  • Synced more than 1 million data daily
  • Improved application performance by 40% while maintaining cost efficiency
  • 60% less energy consumption with higher output compared to EC2 instances.

Arhitecture Diagram

3birds architecture diagram

AWS Services

  • AWS Graviton: Graviton offers a better price-to-performance ratio than X86-based EC2 instances. 
  • AWS Lambda: A serverless compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the underlying compute resources for you.
  • Amazon EC2: A web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud, designed to simplify web-scale computing.
  • Amazon GuardDuty: A threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior to protect your AWS accounts and environments.
  • AWS CloudWatch: A monitoring service for AWS resources and applications that helps you collect and track metrics, collect and monitor log files, set alarms, and automatically react to changes in your AWS resources.
  • Amazon API Gateway: A fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale.
  • Amazon SNS: A web service that coordinates and manages the delivery or sending of messages to subscribing endpoints or clients.

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