Building Enterprise Data Pipeline: How Billion-dollar Companies Leverage AWS Data Engineering Tools?

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What’s inside the ebook

This ebook is a practical, step-by-step guide on how to build a data engineering pipeline in the cloud. You’ll learn about best tools and lessons from companies like Netflix, Paytm, Samsung, and more.

benefits of data engineering pipeline

Benefits of a data engineering pipeline

Learn what a data engineering pipeline is and how it can help increase business revenue. Get valuable insights for successful builds and improved flexibility.

A stage-by-stage account of data pipeline creation

Know how to build every stage of a data engineering pipeline methodically. Understand each stage’s importance and its role in the data pipeline as a whole.

stages of data engineering pipeline
tools for data engineering pipeline

Tools for an efficient build

Learn all about the right AWS tools and best practices to build each stage of your data pipeline.

Lessons from leading data-savvy organizations

Learn valuable lessons with examples from how tech-enabled companies like Netflix, Paytm, and Samsung built their data pipelines.

lessons from data savvy organizations
solutions to data engineering pipeline challenges

Solutions to data pipeline implementation challenges

Discover the tried and tested solutions by our experts to the various challenges you will face during implementation.

Lessons from leading companies that
leverage data engineering

lessons from leading data savvy organizations

6 Reasons to read this ebook

Because it is not just a theoretical discussion! By the end of reading this ebook, you will be able to plan and build a robust data engineering architecture in the cloud that serves the need of your organization. As we walk you through the journey of crafting a successful data engineering pipeline, this ebook will also help you overcome the hurdles you may face with:

Actionable and proven insights by experts

Architecture for different stages for a clear path

All-inclusive overview of pipeline stages

Lessons from real-world examples

Question to ask before you start

Data pipeline trends to leverage

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