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Mobility is the greatest asset in the food truck business, where your ability to make profits directly leans on your ability to be consistently present at crowd pouring locations. The unique nature of Food Truck Business attracts thousands of food entrepreneurs to enter the industry each year.

However, as the industry grows and attracts new food entrepreneurs, the venture comes with its own set of challenges, ranging from searching for locations, acquiring permits, contacting owners, etc. To streamline this process, FoodTruckSpaces is using tech to connect Food truck owners with property owners, the two entities of the food truck industry.


Closing the gap between Food Truck Entrepreneurs and Space Owners

The age-old practice of renting spaces requires Food Entrepreneurs to search for opportunities from the internet, newspapers, or billboards manually. Moreso, finding properties, contacting property owners, and managing burdensome paper regulations; leveraging business opportunities in the food industry comes with its unique set of challenges.

Since the entire process was mainly manual, FTS wanted to develop a tech solution, which can act as an automated directory between event organizers, property owners, and food entrepreneurs.