The Enterprise Mobile App Development
Guide: Lessons from Slack, UPS & Allscripts.

The eBook provides you with detailed insights on the cloud migration and ease the burden of getting started.

In today’s mobile-first world, app development trends are rapidly changing to cater to different users’ needs. Enterprises, especially, must stay on top of these trends to maintain their huge userbases and continue growing consistently. One way to achieve this success is by– adopting battle-tested strategies and tools that ensure minimal business disruption. This was precisely our intent while compiling this eBook. It will help you understand these development stages with precision – 

We add development capacity to tech teams. Our value isn’t limited to building teams but is equally distributed across the project lifecycle. We are a custom software development company that guarantees the successful delivery of your project.

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"I've really got to give credit to the teams that are working with us, Simform is not only a backbone to our team, but a backbone to our business. We can better manage business because of Simform.

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What's inside the eBook

5 key stages of enterprise mobile app development

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From design to deployment, learn how to achieve success at every stage of your development process.

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The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Migration

5 Reasons to read the eBook

Extend your tech team with top talent. We oversee the execution and management of your software projects with our proven processes and tech mentorship.

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Building business-oriented mobile apps for an enterprise

Picking the right deployment strategy

Understanding how top teams approach app development

Adopting the industry-standard best practices

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Downloaded by 450+ CIOs and other senior leaders.

Discover the best tools for mobile app development 

No more confusion about when to use which tool! Get a complete list of top tools you can leverage.

Deploy enterprise mobile apps like a Pro!

Build a deployment strategy for iOS and Android applications with our quick checklist and build a strong userbase.  

Test, test, test! Pick the right mobile app testing strategy.

Make your enterprise mobile app error-free, bug-free, and user-friendly with a combination of tests.

4 Reasons to read this ebook

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A complete collection of best practices and strategies that will help you create highly responsive and futuristic enterprise mobile applications. It includes lessons learned from leading organizations such as Mcdonald’s, UberEATS, eBay Motors, and others while developing applications for their businesses to help you map out your development model with more efficiency.