CI/CD Helped our Client Achieve 500 Weekly Commits on an Auction Platform in Less than Two Months: Here’s how

CI_CD helped our client Achieve 500 Weekly Commits

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What’s inside the ebook

This eBook explores how we built an auction platform for our client with the help of a CI/CD pipeline. It discusses the challenges we faced and solutions we came up with to deliver a fully-functional application.


Security was the priority!

To ensure all the transactions were handled safely, we had to create a 100% secure pipeline.

By combining testing and automation, we introduced a fool-proof solution enabling our client to provide the best customer experience.

A 360-degree set of best practices

From monitoring the pipeline to code reviews, we chose every process by considering our client’s expectations and requirements.

This step helped achieve and maintain the agility needed for the hour.


Scalability: The ultimate goal!

For a platform – expecting thousands of multiple simultaneous actions – on-demand scaling was not an option but a necessity.

We came up with a custom solution for our client, leveraging modern technologies to keep the application always up and running.

Achieving maximum ROI

We wanted our client to get the best possible return on investment, and we offered several options to reduce the spending and deliver the project at a lower cost.

From leveraging automation to keeping tabs on our resource utilization, we required holistic control over the process.


6 Reasons to read this ebook

Organizations these days are keen on adopting the CI/CD pipeline into their ecosystem due to the flexibility and agility it offers. This eBook helps them determine ways to implement the CI/CD pipeline to build a scalable and secure platform without burning a hole in the client’s pockets.

Discover the entire use case of a CI/CD pipeline

detailed information

Detailed information on business implications


Advantages of Kubernetes and Containers

Step-by-step implementation approach


Insights shared by our developers


Includes a complete list of tools

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