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UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are two technical concepts, gaining more popularity in the public eye. Both terms are highly used in app developing and designing purposes today. With the advancement in technology, UI/UX Design in mobile app development nowadays gained a spotlight and has become a human-approach widely used in the techno industry. Although both share the skill set and tools for the same knowledge base, there is a lot of difference. Yes, UX and UI are not the same.

UX and UI Design are essential for mobile application development, especially for those that look uninteresting and have low performance in different aspects. No doubt, there are several online tools for designing that are so easy to use that even a novice business owner or a marketer without an IT background can use. But when it comes to a well-functioned virtual framework, a clear understanding of UX/UI design is necessary. After all, they shape up the mobile app’s overall appearance and make it attractive enough to grab the user’s eyeballs at once. 

In addition to the mobile app appearance, another reason to carry forward UX/UI for app development is to create a simplified interface that helps you earn more points in the broader customer base. So, now you have a clear-cut understanding of why UI/UX design is necessary. So, why not take a deep dive into the sea of UX/UI to know more about them?

Here we’ll discuss the factors in brief which are involved in successful mobile app development.

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What is the User Interface (UI) Design & User Experience (UX) Design?

User Experience (UX)

User experience (UX), as the name suggests, focuses on enhancing the overall app experience of the users. It works on improving the two factors; the user’s app-accessibility & interactivity. Not only this, UX design increases the product credibility score. All this is accomplished by encompassing the personal feelings and emotions of a user. 

When the app is in its developing stage, then it is tested by the testers for feedback. If any issue occurs during testing, then the tester resolves it, providing practical solutions. Such testing helps in discovering the app, i.e., user-friendly and simple to use. In simple words, we can say that UX is the key to your mobile applications’ success. 

But what’s a good UX design?

A good UX design in the mobile app is determined by-

  • Knowing the average time the user spends on your website.
  • Check if the app is good enough to meet the needs of the user.
  • Prefer the research on competitive analysis while coming up with an impressive UX design.
  • A good UX design understands the significance of apps to the business processes. 
  • It also understands the context that the user focuses on an app. 

User Interface (UI)

We all generally think that User Interface (UI) is all about the navigation menus, screen size, or other aesthetic elements of an app. But it is not just limited to this extent. User Interface is much more than that. UI focuses on the overall presentation and performance of the app while interacting with the user. Therefore, several call-to-action and navigation buttons are implemented for the smooth flow of the app. 

Using UI design in your app is not a piece of cake. Yes. It requires a lot of developers’ experience as they can work intricately on every function and feature of the app.

But what’s a good User Interface (UI) design?

  • A good UI design app is easy to understand by its language and visuals.
  • It also informs the user about the ongoing activities on the app. 
  • It should be consistent as it enables the users to trace usage patterns.
  • A good UI design makes using the app an enjoyable experience. 

Quick Difference b/w UI & UX?

The below-listed points show that UX and UI are two different concepts. Take a look-

  1. UX design deals with identifying the issues and resolving them with solutions. On the other hand, UI design is all about creating quality and interactive interfaces that the end-user has with its products and services. 
  2. UI is the foremost step of the product development process, which is then followed by UI. It maps out the app’s essential elements, whereas UI fills it with the quality interactive elements. 
  3. UX design can be used for several products or services, whereas UI is specific to a few digital products.
  4. UX focuses on project management and analysis, whereas UI focuses on technical components to create design components for the finished products. 

Crucial Aspects of UI/UX Design in Mobile App Development that Work Wonders

If you own a business app and want to direct organic traffic to your platform, it must maintain a balance between UI and UX. So, hit the right nail on the head for the engaging app experience. Before you kick-off your journey or strategize for a perfect UI/UX design in mobile app development, it is essential to consider the below-listed aspects. All these aspects will help you to build a user-friendly and simple mobile app for your business. 

1. Use Standardized Elements

We recommend you to use standardized app design elements for a top-notch user experience. When a user gets a familiar feel, they will spend a long minute on your app to earn maximum benefits. Clearly saying, you can use the following elements.

  • Color: It is a standard app element that a developer or businessman must focus on increasing the familiarity with the app and make it attractive at the same time.
Standardized Elements - Colors
With the best color choice, users will find your app unique and easy to use. Totally exceptional!
  • Font: When it comes to creating a great impression on the user or client, it is essential to focus on your app’s font style. We suggest you to avoid using the big letters in your app content.
UI/UX Design Mobile App - Fonts
  • Not only this, but you should also prefer using not more than three sizes of the font size. Such font tips will help you achieve business goals and provide the user with an unusual experience. 
  • Buttons/Icons/Symbols: An interactive mobile app design is a core of your business success. Right? To attract users to visit your app, consider creating a conceptual design. 
UI/UX Design Mobile App - Symbols
  • It will also help the user interact with products or services easily and increase familiarity with the app. 
  • Illustrations: Ensure the illustrations on your app are appropriately implemented. It will increase the chance of making the app successful. 
  • Navigation: One of the essential standard elements to focus on in the mobile app development stage. For easier navigation through the app, you should arrange the app’s content systematically. 
Standardized Elements - Navigation
  • It will increase the usability score of your app and hence, make more users like your application.
  • Brand Design: A simple brand design will help the user engaged with your app.
Standardized Elements - Brand Design
  • An application with a lot of clutter in brand design can put the users away from your app.

2. Prioritize Speed

Prioritizing speed while developing your mobile app straightly points towards the thought that you value your users’ time. Even 86 percent of marketers believe improvements in speed for mobile sites and apps are helping drive increases in their customer satisfaction scores. This statistic is enough to give you a reason why it is essential to focus on your app’s speed. 

The slow loading speed of an app will bring a lesser number of users to your platform. Therefore, a marketer and developer should create a perfect mobile design that can load in the blink of the eyes.

3. Focusing More on User-Centric Design

A user-centric design incorporates several features and elements, including a touchscreen that complements the app design. According to the tech giant Apple, maintaining a 44-pixel square of space to a button is important to make the app easy to use. A user-centric design will help you to create a brand image. Not only this, but it will also improve its online presence, bring more visitors to your app, and generate more revenue for your business. So, you can say that achieving your business goals and objectives has become facile with user-centric design app design.

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Final Thoughts

It is necessary to follow proper UI/UX strategies to make an app successful. A better UI/UX app design will catch the audience’s attention and improve the overall user experience of using apps. This blog post has described everything about the importance of UI/UX design in mobile app development. We hope you find this blog post perfect enough to make your app interactive and engaging. 

In case you have any queries, feel free to write it all in the comment section. We would be happy to resolve your queries. We hope you find this blog helpful.

Ravi Sharma, CEO of Webomaze

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